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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


Current Music: "YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND"

breathtakingly beautiful. one would imagine it would be hard to feel depressed looking at such a wondrous sight but little do we know. I am happy for you that- this, is the path you will take to toil for the rest of your days. Indeed you are blessed. by the way, is this a sunset or sunrise? sometimes its hard to tell. regardless--supberb capture, Gabbi.

ooooh, you're here at last, we were so very concerned!
it's a sunrise, wic dear: that is the east side of the
coast, and the pic was taken from Ravello (by the way,
on the pic my house is about where the G of GRUMPINESS
lies)...but let's give up with my funnying around, and
let me seriously ask you how things are at present with
your problem: did docs come to a decision and tell you
what to do? I'm very anxious about that, wic - please
keep in touch with me as often as you can and let me
know, OK?...huggy hugs!

I hope you read my update on our seashore.

Hugs back to you, Mr. Grumpy! lol.

I'll do now, Mrs. Happy! lol.