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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


Current Music: "YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND"

allow me to add a VERY IMPORTANT NAME, sakuo 先生: as you have maybe
already noticed, we are not reading from wicapis 様 since lots,
and I must say that I'm VERY VERY CONCERNED about her silence...lately,
I've read on our_seashore a short post from b_oki
speaking about some surgery she seemed to have to go through, and this
makes me even more concerned!...I hope we will ALL be able to shout out
loud our 万歳 the soonest, FOR our dearest Wic and, more than all, WITH Wic!

Ouan sensei.
You are true.
I went to those two site that belong to Wicapis san and b_oki san.
It is clear that their achievements are drastically declined in May.
I am in very anxiety about it.
I hope their early recovery and wish to shout together


Most grateful for your friendship

YOU are just too much. I treasure our friendship, Gabbi. By the way, what I find so remarkable about this picture is the presence of mist. As you are aware I am very fond of pictures with mists fog and haze, it adds to the mystery and it allows the viewer to imagine a continiuum to the initial scenery forming and collapsing. I don't know if I make sense to you.

maybe, if I said the impermanence of it all...

Re: Most grateful for your friendship

yes, you make sense, and very clear - although
with a misty speech, LOL!...I'm so glad to read
your SPIRIT untouched and funnying as usual!