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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


Current Music: "YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND"

ma che bellezza e che bellissima notizia!!! non sai quanto sono contenta e felice per te! un ABBRACCIONE fortissimo!!!!!

much love and hugs to you!

thank you for sharing your Beauty that is around you and within you!

i'm glad you have a new teaching job in a better and closer school. wonderful news. i'm celebrating all good things that bring us light in our times of darkness!

may you have a first beautiful weekend of the summer :)

Re: much love and hugs to you!


Solo questo...


Re: Solo questo...


ho ricevuto il tuo sms. NO! non ho cambiato un bel niente sul photobucket!! adesso vado a controllare, aspetta un attimo..

ehi...non lascia entrare neanche ME sul MIO,

uffa, adesso non potevo entrare neanch'io... ma ho risolto, ecco il nuovo password: ceconetta

carino, ne? :)

ih ih ih!

Very glad to hear your darkness is lifting :-)

thanks dear...sorry, I haven't commented your beautiful
and interesting later posts, but I was not in a good
mood along these months - better now, glad to read you!

Mes felicitations!!! :)))

...quelle surprise, Madame - merci mille, bienvenue à mes pages et
...j'ai des surprises aussi, pour toi: un JAMAIS ESSAYÉ AVANT gilding à
gum ammoniac qui semble avoir son charme, bien qu'on ne puisse pas le
brunir mais seulement polir au coton et vieillir au bitume - oh, rien de
si excellent, un Sonnet de Shakespeare en bâtarde anglaise fin XVIème
siècle...et je soupçonne t'avoir de quelque façon "copié" le motif du
décor de la lettrine, malheureusement - je n'en avais aucune intention,
j'ai réalisé que mon GARGOYLE ressemblait trop à celui de ton BESTIAIRE
seulement après l'avoir achevé...conditionnements! sorry sorry sorry...

I could understand your wish to cry Banzai to the sky in eary morning.
Your soul has passed through long darkness of night and
reached at the happiest break of sun light.
You have really poetic charcter, so your emotion sometime is elecvated to the extream high level then fall to the lowest level of hell.
It is very natural things.
Watch your Amarfi, land criff is so high that the sea is so deep.
You,poet is elevated to up emotion,so drop to the maximum desperate.


your Words are always so clearly expressive, sakuo 先生:
let me sincerely say 「ご馳走様」 by the deepest inner room
of my heart...and please join me in this glorious dawn,
smiling and thanking the Kami for all this together with
your poor 学生, to shout out loud our 「万歳、万歳、万歳!」


what a good news, dear!
i'm SO glad :))

thanks, allina dear...you can't imagine how glad I AM! (^_^)

Thank you also for your beautiful art. I'm reading you always. And sorry if I don't always comment you.
I'm here :-)

...DA DA DA!...

When I read this post I actually physically felt happy. 'All things come to those who wait'.
My wife and daughter have just returned from a holiday in Italy (to see their Zia Tina in Caserta)and visited Minori. What a wonderful home you have and how fantastic that you will be able to enjoy the rest of the coast's beauty whilst driving to work.
As we say in Australia - Good on ya! (good for you)

oh GRUMPHT! :((( why didn't you come too? I would be VERY glad to meet and you here...DON'T DARE miss next time! I suppose Zia Tina is yelling at you all the same...NE? (^_^)

breathtakingly beautiful. one would imagine it would be hard to feel depressed looking at such a wondrous sight but little do we know. I am happy for you that- this, is the path you will take to toil for the rest of your days. Indeed you are blessed. by the way, is this a sunset or sunrise? sometimes its hard to tell. regardless--supberb capture, Gabbi.

ooooh, you're here at last, we were so very concerned!
it's a sunrise, wic dear: that is the east side of the
coast, and the pic was taken from Ravello (by the way,
on the pic my house is about where the G of GRUMPINESS
lies)...but let's give up with my funnying around, and
let me seriously ask you how things are at present with
your problem: did docs come to a decision and tell you
what to do? I'm very anxious about that, wic - please
keep in touch with me as often as you can and let me
know, OK?...huggy hugs!