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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


umigiri mamoru
kangae o

softly, a sea fog shelters my thoughts


...this is what you could see of my house last late evening, about 20:00 - a slow, light-greyblue, teary-wet, misty-mooded
low wadding cloud mounting from the sea up to the hills...believe me, this is the VERY FIRST TIME in my whole life I've seen
such a thing: that's why, luckily having with me my camera, I hurried to take some images...here for you to get amazed and
enjoy - yes, even in some "paese del sole", even in the full of a springtime, we can be taken back to our MISTY PAST of nice
memories and calm sad moments, when we happened to sit and DESIRE a soft fog to come cover and protect and shelter our
mind, our soul from that struggling life outside...

(see more in the comments' page)

...I'm very glad and grateful to add, some days later, a version of my 俳句 coming by my excellent Maestro and Friend
sakuo3903, for which I used one of the images that you'll find inside the comments' page....:



umi no kiri
yasashiku tsutsumu
waga omoi

sea fog, softly hugging my thoughts

(this text © nakamura sakuo sensei - 中村作雄先生)


e' irreale...ma questa primavera e' davvero STRANA! non so come da voi, ma noi abbiamo avuto tutto il mese di piogge continue!

avresti dovuto vedere qui ieri sera, fifinette...irreale
davvero, sembrava l'atmosfera di una di quelle fiabe TV
polacche con bellissime marionette...sai?, o magari un
FAIRY MOVIE ben fatto...ti immagini, da qui, vedere
tutto questo? era assolutamente UNICO!

ti credo!
(ma preferisco le mie montagne carniche))))

beh, anche a me piace di più il mio mare pulito...ma questo MERITAVA un commento!