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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


umigiri mamoru
kangae o

softly, a sea fog shelters my thoughts


...this is what you could see of my house last late evening, about 20:00 - a slow, light-greyblue, teary-wet, misty-mooded
low wadding cloud mounting from the sea up to the hills...believe me, this is the VERY FIRST TIME in my whole life I've seen
such a thing: that's why, luckily having with me my camera, I hurried to take some images...here for you to get amazed and
enjoy - yes, even in some "paese del sole", even in the full of a springtime, we can be taken back to our MISTY PAST of nice
memories and calm sad moments, when we happened to sit and DESIRE a soft fog to come cover and protect and shelter our
mind, our soul from that struggling life outside...

(see more in the comments' page)

...I'm very glad and grateful to add, some days later, a version of my 俳句 coming by my excellent Maestro and Friend
sakuo3903, for which I used one of the images that you'll find inside the comments' page....:



umi no kiri
yasashiku tsutsumu
waga omoi

sea fog, softly hugging my thoughts

(this text © nakamura sakuo sensei - 中村作雄先生)


here you are "the show"...east to west, the whole town getting PACKED in this
unreal, unique, antique-like mantle - and, in the last pic, the cleanness of
sky above Ravello, pure like early morning's fresh waters...:










yeah, isn't it?

e' irreale...ma questa primavera e' davvero STRANA! non so come da voi, ma noi abbiamo avuto tutto il mese di piogge continue!

avresti dovuto vedere qui ieri sera, fifinette...irreale
davvero, sembrava l'atmosfera di una di quelle fiabe TV
polacche con bellissime marionette...sai?, o magari un
FAIRY MOVIE ben fatto...ti immagini, da qui, vedere
tutto questo? era assolutamente UNICO!

ti credo!
(ma preferisco le mie montagne carniche))))

beh, anche a me piace di più il mio mare pulito...ma questo MERITAVA un commento!

oh wow; that's amazingly beautiful. i'm from a mountainous region and we sometimes get fog in the snowy season which is more grey and white, but also soft looking. i've never seen a misty view like this before! how lovely.

I'm not accustomed to fog instead, this is one of the rare
coastlines not being "affected" by mists - or at least I've
never seen such one in my whole life here, and I'm not a child
for sure...! (°ç°) but I must say that it was magical and so
very INSIDE CUDDLING, if you understand what I mean...NE!

i think i know what you mean! it's a very comforting feeling, right...and also surreal - like time is standing still?

yes, like everything stopping - the world suspending
its breath for a while and PHYSICALLY FEELING itself...

these pictures (and especially the first one) are very very beautiful!

i always love the fog and agree with you that it is a shelter from the world -- a calm for the soul.

I don't love particularly fogs...but I need to say
that for once I felt like a "hill's elf", rather
than the LEMON TASTING OGRE I use to be...LOL!

you are sooooo funny! you lemon tasting ogre!!!

well, i'm glad you experienced a newness in being a 'hill's elf'....a mighty handsome elf instead of an ogre!!!!!



Mi piace molto lo stile dei tuoi haiku:
anche questo è semplice e struggente,
veramente ben riuscito


hai per caso abbandonato il progetto
del tuo "haiku book"? ;-)

complimentONE, andy, grazie...sono un "istintivo",
come sai, per cui è più "dono" che bravura - quanto
al libro, i miei grattacapi mi hanno impedito per
un pezzo di pensarci adeguatamente...ma INTENDO
riprendere il progetto al meglio ed al più presto!

Aspetto news! Con LULU è semplice...



Really poetic scene.
Fumiko san said incredible what smart Brush work it is!
Kamome san is superior to Japanese Syodou-ka.

Thank you for nice image and poem.


many thanks, sakuo sensei...too kind of
Fumiko Sama as well, I'm just a poor
illustrator of my inner world - and I'm
very glad to realize that it is correct,
as for the grammar!


You are right at grammer as well as being poetic.
If I rearrange the haiku,it will be as follow.

umi no kiri
yasashiku tsutsumu
waga omoi

sea fog
softly hug
my thought


thanks, sakuo sensei! allow me to add
your version to my post above then,
and come see the change!


Thank you Ouan sensei for your quick responce.
At your site I saw my haiku with plasuer.
I am now in my native town where I will show slide show at my Budhist Temple
that belong to same Budhist sect as Issa.
In my slide show I will introduce you as my best friend on Internet.
I will report you those things later.


always too kind of you, sakuo sensei: let
me express you the same consideration as
a friend and a Maestro - I keep on waiting
for your reports,


gorgeous images! as a lover of fog I even love it more!

I could use some fog to shelter and protect my thoughts too.

ciao wic - sorry for this late reply, been out and busy
for some days...I can imagine your reaction to the fog's
pics, I knew how much you love fog! :-D