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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...love - and a SOLID dose of "mediterranean diet": a new clean warm spring sun, repeated showers of
no-chlore clean fresh water (straight from the hill above), half a kilogram of good fertile hearth (from the
feet of the most beautiful lemon tree up above the garden), and three days of patience, sweat, "DAMN!s",
hands dirty up to the elbows...AAATCHOOOO!!!...and my neverending fluuuOOOOTTCHOOO!!!...
some of you friends will remember my grumpiest mood six months ago, when my green little elder brothers
caught a bad illness in a very unexpected and unusual way: the OIDIO, a vine parasite, had reduced them all
there to die...then, patience, spring, diet - and rythmical periodical constant sprays of the most ancient and
common medication known around here, sulphur alternate with verdigris once a week (I mean, for instance,
monday > friday, two coffespoonful in a 1.1/2 lt. water, mixed in a spray-bottle of glass-cleansing...obviously,
emptied!) all along the end of this past horrible winter - and this time I won't repeat my too often said word,
"presumption", for I'M TOTALLY PROUD OF MYSELF...here they are:






(them both, for you to compare)



I like to add a photo of these last two, my "micro-zen garden": please come sit herein and enjoy!


PS, one more mini-comment...be quite sure that EVERY bonsai gardener will SHAMELESSLY LIE if you naïvely ask
him "how old are your plants?" - I can only say that I have my ULMUS since 1978, and it was already far more than
adult (been told then that it was about 60 years old...as well as my MOMIJI, sharing my life since 1980, which knocked
at my balcony around his 40s - can't say much about the CRYPTOMERIA, which seems to be the youngest one...with
me since 1998, but I'd say it is a NICELY AGED SIGNORINA, ne?


The arching roots are especially nice.

yes, aren't they? that really gives the
sensation of...dunno, maybe one of those
shores seen in movies, with plants all
around the beach...

love is more than magic :)


I AGREE!...they KNOW what I feel!

E' una vera gioia rivedere i tuoi bonsai! :-)))

anche per me, andy...non sai quanto ci ho
sofferto, a vederli malati e DESERTIFICATI...!

gabbiano, you are a very lucky man to have these beauties in your presence!

i can see the love and pride is mutual :D

thank you for sharing your world :)

thank YOU for sharing with me, bette!
I will add a little rockin'chair - or
maybe a stone seat - under the maple
for you Kentucky Lady to come and sit
and have good tea, chat and relax...

i would love that very much :)

perhaps a chamomile tea with your freshly-squeezed lemons :)



me li ricordo! un caro saluto a tutti quanti:)))

(^_^) ciao ciao!

a beauty indeed!

Ma'am, you're MUTE & MISSING since centuries...you just
KINDLY ADMIT us to read your precious "daily lines", but
we can SO RARELY have the privilege of speaking with you...

Hello dear Kamome sama,
what a nice treat! I love plants, to say nothing of bonsai art. I think you did a good job - the plants look healthy and happy bathing in the sun. Considering the background it's understandable - I would feel the same.
All of them are just beautiful, butI like the maple tree particularly for it's painted leaves. I planted Japanese Full Moon Aureum maple this Fall. It is still very small, its buds are opening at the moment I am writing. I want it big, certainly, for my garden, and for my Ikebana needs.
Good luck, Kamome sama! Let everything and everybody be WELL!

ciao, vash sama, welcome back! it's a true pleasure
and big compliment to hear these words from you, who
are SUCH a specialist and competent one with plants:
I'm even more proud now of the RE-BIRTHING results!

I am not "SUCH a specialist", thank you. But I just love plants, most of them, if not all. Well, some of them more than others.
Your bonsai responded to love and care. Life of plants is such a good metaphor for human life, the only thing - they are better stoics.

I agree!

Ouan sensei!!
Are they your BONSAI!!!
I was surprised very much!?!?!!!


yes, sakuo 先生, these are TODAY those small ones you
could see in my first photos to the house...after so
much of stress, cares and concernings, I must say that
they seem to be fairly back to life, NE?



If you truly lover of Bonsai, you should have Pine tree that is the King of Bonsai.

Those links will lead you to Bonsai dream.

Let me see all of your Bonsai.



...THIS is my WHOLE FOREST, sakuo sensei! and I long
since years to find a good pine tree to add there...