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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
spring night souvenirs

...how often I can't withstand my so many unjustified, silly and out-of-time sudden-born wishes - no, "desires"
is far more correct : here's one, quickestly "blossomed" as I was making some order at home, WRECKED
in my oldEST things...a white photo-copier paper sheet, stolen don't remember where, along one of my past
rainy winter working days (oh, must be CENTURIES ago!...) with the simplest and most childish drawing you
all could ever imagine - although I remember it as a real life moment: well, briefly - a haiku (this one too, silly,
easy, wrong and/or whatever) jumped off my mind by itself - so I hope you'll forgive me once more the extreme
presumption (and fun) of posting EVEN SUCH THINGS on my LJ:


「haru getsumi ・ umi o kiite mo ・ kanzen na」

watching the moon,
listening to the sea,


"yomoon" - BIC pen on extra strong copy paper, size A4 - around 1987

(ps: I "invented" the expression GETSUMI on the model of HANAMI, 「花見」...)


no, non ti perdono! l'immaggine non si vede!

ma come, non si vede?!?...eccola!

adesso si! :)

beh, per quel che vale...non è certo un granché, giusto
una VOGLIA IMPROVVISA - però a me piaceva quando l'ho
fatto (e me n'ero addirittura scordato!) e devo dire
che mi piace anche oggi...

hey you...this is really neat. i love losing myself in all the detail. the scene makes me want to be there ;-) thanks for sharing a bit of your sweet past. always nice to look at the art we did moons ago. i might share some old stuff, too.

I agree, bette - at such a point of reciprocal
"confidence" (allow me to use the LATIN word to
express what I mean) I'd say it right and USEFUL,
for we all could (and SHOULD, imho) know/learn
some more of our SIMILAR ONES.....ne?

Molto carino! L'haiku è molto buono (imho)... :-))

beh, come dicevo a Lerochka, tengo molto a questo
foglietto - ma per l'haiku, mmmh...penso si renda
meglio in giapponese: MAA MAA......

Lovely drawing--like b_oki, I love all the details.

I admit I've always been having a PENCHANT for the total
accuracy and attention to details of many among the most
important cartoonists (especially the BIG NAMES of the
Argentina, France and Italy's "schools")...and with my
GIFTED HAND I've been trying billions times to get to
some parallel result - unfortunately, no great exploits!

I love the haiku, drawing, and all the rest. BRAVO!!

thanks...just a little thing, stefan, and I must confess
that my "literate Mr.Hide" keeps on nagging me with his


Ciao Gab!
Non ricordavo questa tua passione!Sono bellissimi!
Come stai?
Un bacione,Aiko!

Re: ciao!

toh, CHI si vede!...qual buon vento ti riporta
a CASA MIA (dove, fra l'altro, te sto ancora a
aspettà...) ? penso che tu ti riferisca ai miei
bonsai - devi aver postato qui per sbaglio, NE?

Re: ciao!

Hai ragione, una domenica pomeriggio devo venire a trovarti!
Non sono capitata per sbaglio: la mia metà ricordava degli haiku che componi e voleva l'indirizzo per passarlo a un amico interessato;recuparo l'url, l'ho salvato tra i miei blog preferiti!