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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
oil & watercolour

longest silence and absence, I know...due to a bad flu, overdone by such a bad weather carrying bad will and grumpy
mood - WHAT an Easter time, we'd better say "merry Xmas"!...but I thank the Kami for I can't endure in a too long time
inactivity, so here you are my last (and, to my "mean" eyes, SERIOUSLY little worth this time) "newborn" works...little
to say as well, I'll just keep waiting for your comments:


(STORMY NIGHT CLOUDS - oil on rough handwoven canvas, cms. 48 x 71)


「haru yofuke ・ kettou tsuzuku ・ kaze to mado」

full of a spring night – windows duelling with wind.


(CLIFFS AND WAVES - watercolours on Amalfi handmade paper, cms 21 x 33)


「ooshike no ・ mado o akeru ya ・ hira te uchi」

seastorm slaps my face, as I open the window.

(ps: OBVIOUSLY, as usual, thanks to the kindest corrections by sakuo3903 先生)

Buon pro!

...honestly, to me seem that the flu and bad weather have done MUCH good to you!! ;-D Sono entrambi BELLISSIMI! Il primo lavoro è decisamente il mio preferito... amo le sue tonalità e il loro fondersi continuamente l'una nell'altra... well done! :-)

seastorm slaps my face, as I open the window

però questo è il mio haiku preferito...

gradzie, AddreaaaaAAATCHOOO!...baledidziode,
dod de bozzo biù di guesdo foddudo daso ghe
zembra uda fondana sgassadaaaAAATCHOOOOOO!!!

What Beauty!!!! Bravo.....hope you are feeling better


bwell, jozhi zabaaaAAATCHOOO!...dangs for dhe
gomblimend, bud dhis dabned floo is dribing
be grazy zinge a fordnighd...GRUUUUND! (:-§

Awww......feel better...;-)

is slowly coming back - and you friends are taking
me back to good mood and humour, NE!

awesome haiku and paintings!! Thank you for sharing!

awesome comment as well, my friend! the two ku still need
their usual and NECESSARY corrections (ah, Saint Sakuo!)
and my hand seems FLOODED like outside and RESTRAINED like
my endless uncomfy sneezes, LOL! thanks thanks thanks!

Very much love "windows duelling with winds"--what a great line.

And I really liked your second painting very much! The first is beautiful as well, but the second I looked at for a long time.

it was a lucky ILLUMINATION to write that line,
I admit - after all, totally real: my windows
were RAGINGLY FIGHTING that night... (^_^)

fortissimi haiku e stupendi quadri! che colori...ma lo sapevo gia' che sei un genio:)

seeeeeh....così mi rimane soltanto il ROSSO,
quello in faccia - che URAGANO di complimenti!


pecchato che non possa fare altro che complimenti per te...GRUNT!

no?!?...che peccaaaAAAATCHOOO!to...

ih ih ih! (^_^)

gorgeous mountains of a raging night sky and a raging day sea with beautiful words in between.

really RAGING, bette dear! you're here at last,
I was concening about - as well as I suppose all
LJ friends were - are you ok? DRUM US BACK a few
lines in reply, LOL!

I particularly like the second one!

yes, tsikori, of the two I too have a peculiar feeling
with the 2nd, it was really born in a stormy moment and
I was REALLY STRONGLY slapped by a bad wind...and by my
window, right on the nose!!!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

O, merci encore...mais ça depend de ma récente
très mauvaise humeur...et de cette terrible

Wow, both works are spectacular! And different. They differ so much from what I saw here before.
I hope by this time you have forgotten about the nasty flu, Kamome san. Spring is for joy, and I wish you a lot of it.

mmmmh...maa maaaaAAAATTCHOOOOO! desu, ne...
yes, I FELT different...and I also wanted to
CHECK myself back in time: such a long time
since I only have been brushing only kanji,
and my colours were crying from their boxes...
thanks for the spring-wishes, have my own ones!


Ouan sensei
Those are very good haiga and haiku.
Very wonderful Sumi-e brush work!
A little correct.



I believe 大しけの will become the one of best haiku in your life.


too kind of you, sakuo 先生...as you can see above,
I IMMEDIATELY corrected both the KU and images after
your Magistral suggestions - thank you again!

dear kamome, these are beautiful, and I especially love the second one. It smells of the sea and I can almost hear the sound... Thank you for sharing.

I KNEW you would like this one!...and say what you said,
LOL! glad to offer you a sea-pleasure by the times!...