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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...I'm sorry for deleting all your kindest previous replies and comments to this entry: I just realized how these two things were
born like twins, in my mind, to be seen/read in sequence and maybe compared in their peculiar "growth-through-movement"...
I moved therefore the whole previous one to its original place, in order to create the right sequence with its naturally related
"following step":



「tanpopo ha ・ watashi no yume no ・ tsubasa kana」

dandelion, amazing wings to my dreams

yes, something springy: dandelions are fully flowering at my door, they don't matter the coldest wind - they only
know the cleanest sunlight we're having since a whole week, and their bright yellow seems to invite Spring to hurry
towards me, and me to hurry towards Her...so, a little haiku was suddenly born - oh, I also need to thank by deepest
heart the unknown author of this splendid photograph, such a lucky web "trouvaille", which I'd be totally glad to gift
Him/Her back now - and pleased even more if He/She liked my presumptuous "additions"...


...and more - more and more springy, although my mood isn't still all that breezy...



「eda odori ・ sono kage kabe de ・ harukaze ni」

dance of a branch, its shade on a wall through the spring breeze



Un haiku BELLSSSIMO! E il photo-haiga è assolutamente stupendo... delicatissimo!


...ehm, volevo dire "bellissimo"...

Re: typo!

grazie...e una di queste volte qualcuno mi AGGREDIRA'
per via delle foto PRESE E RIFATTE dal web - oh, però,
non possono poi lamentarcisi tanto, i risultati mi
sembrano almeno decenti...NE?

wow! another great photo you have found!

what treats, gabbiano - this beautiful combination with your beautiful, dancing calligraphy and lovely haiku.

well, bette dear...after posting these two latest, I scrolled back my LJ
(rarely done before) and LAZYed around, watching reading valueing all my
previous similar things - ugh!, HOW they look far and childish today!...
I realized I wasn't enjoying anything but (sometimes) my Words, still
seeming to be the only worthy part of all that PSEUDO-PICTORIAL RUBBISH:
I suppose this growth to be the most important thing I owe to you all,
for your interaction and presence sounds to my mind and heart the REAL
reason for I NAG myself over and over to do better and better - GRAZIE!

did YOU write this on the wall? lol! Just kidding. This one is truly stunning and very orignal.

naaah...the wall is not mine, LOL! thanks for the kind
comment - and for your PRECIOUS PRESENCE: it's weeks that
your "political fervor" doesn't allow us to speak to you
nor to reply, GRUNT!...what's on with ya, ole Ma'am?

:-( - wicapis   Expand  

ma che SUPER bellezza...sei stradotato dal Buondio, tu!

...ma io non faccio altro che cucire insieme dei pezzi: quelli
che trovo, e qualche STRACCETTO mio - e riesco soltanto a fare
dei vestiti da Arlecchino...GRAZIE lo stesso, però: se non fosse
per il vostro supporto, avrei già chiuso da tempo la SARTORIA!


my lovely shadows ))

your "shadows" go'round with many more wings than mine,
allina dear!...I'd like to ask you for the permission to
use (but NOT UNNAMED, and respecting your © copyright!)
one or two of your pics...may I?

Lovely--shadows can be so beautiful. Nice that you have harukaze!

oh well...it wasn't all that BREEZY lately, NE!
we're experiencing one more COLDEST pre-spring
time this year...but by the times the kami of
weather gets a pause, and it's all a glory of
sun and nature...

WOW!!!! JUST WOW!!!!

oh well...such an enthhusiastic comment coming
by SUCH a measured aesthete is FAR more than a
simple compliment - and this obliges me never
to be "less than that"...sure, Choshi 様, you
know well how to PUSH AND NAG your "patients"!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

totally glad to lend you my poor wings, Doc!...you
know that "the colourful part" of these works aren't
mine tho - I was very lucky to find these SPLENDID
backgrounds to my little Words, unlucky as they were
brushed with such a rough and coarse hand...!

Oh wonderful poem series!
Your spring mind is well appealing to my mind.
The combination of picture and Shyo are pretty good.
I wish to give you 100 points, but there is only one
minus that is in last Shyodou.

The second line,,,
その影 is correct but you wrote みの影。
Please correct it, soon is better.
Forgive me to point out a little thing.


oh, you're the most welcome, sakuo sensei!...thanks LOTS for the
observation, I hadn't realized my mistake - and, more than that,
I gifted that page, so that for my first time I had to correct
on a digital image because I couldn't do it on the original:
anyway, it seems to me that the image is still readable enough
and not all that bad...thanks as well for the TOO KIND NOTE,
"100 POINTS"....WOW! you make me feel a good student, ne!


Re: 100% recovery - (Anonymous)   Expand  
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

ben, merci, yulya, mais...il n'y a RIEN d'orange, ici!