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yorukamome [userpic]
a little thought for Furutani「古谷」先生and sakuo「作雄」先生...



...I can finally add these images, after italian and japanese Post Offices have rightly
accomplished their work: I wanted to express my gratitude in a personal way with
these two little thoughts - the first one to Sakuo Sensei for his friendship and his
endless kindness with this poor goofy student and soi-disant haijin, the second one
to Furutani Sensei, who by extreme courtesy created my seal, and sent me as a
Christmas present one of his precious writing/printings...I wrote two of my haiku,
added some words to thank them both, mounted the shodou papers on two crude
silk scarves, at all similar to the one you could see in my previous post, and lastly
on two wooden boards...
...I hope you will comfort me by saying they are done in at least acceptable way:
you know, it's truly shameful to "invade" someone else's domain, more than all in
my case, for these Persons are two absolute MAESTRI in it...



i really LOVE the marriage of elements - cloth fiber and paper fiber....AND to top it off.....WOOD!!!

these maestros are both loving and giving to share their knowledge with you. i'm sure they will love these these gifts of your deep appreciation :)))

may i ask what kind of adhesive you used? pretty please :)))

...very ACUTE question, bette!, I realize how you must have been facing
the same BIG PROBLEM sometimes: well, I first thought to normal paper
glues (I mean those simplest COCOINE white ones), which are not "invasive"
and don't impregnate the materials for they have a creamy consistance...
but I had to give up with them, because they become crystal-like solid
and the fabric wouldn't stay so soft and touchy - then I made my GREATEST
mistake when trying the sylicon-like gun-warmed glue...horror!, the gluey
thread CURLED the silk for it was too hot, when I tried to quickly press
it into a larger stain! so I moved to the BOSTIK-type glue (you know, that
nutbrown one used for leathers and shoes), BUT!!!...: you MUSTN'T squeeze
it into fabric, just lay many flat threads on both surfaces and WAIT some
10/15 mins until it isn't (it doesn't SEEM to be) any more sticky and humid,
then press first kindly, then heavily the two surfaces trying to respect at
your best the SOFTNESS of their natural move and nature...VOILA'!

super! che BELLEZZA!!! penso che loro sono sracontenti)))

beh...sinceramente, lO SPERO PROPRIO! come dicevo nel post, non è
facile - anzi, può sembrare una VERA PRESUNZIONE - il "misurarsi"
con Maestri VERI nella loro stessa arte...sono ancora impaurito
da quello che sarà il loro giudizio: benchè amici e così sempre
GIAPPONESEMENTE cortesi, se ho fatto qualche guaio avranno di
sicuro la bellissima chiarezza di dirmelo...aldilà del dono in sé!


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

welcome once again, pilgrim 様, always so very kind
of you...I try to express my best, always not so much
to my eyes - to say the real truth!

Truly a classic, Maestro

classic! truly a classic, Gabi. How come you never send me anything with Japanese writing? I want one, I can pay for it. I want one that has just one word in it...BELIEVE! A horizontal plaque. Let me know how much it will cost. I still have your present sitting here at home, together with Lera's and Andrea's. Will ship it off in Spring okay? Also, did U receive my post card yet? All of the recipients have received theirs but you. lemme know.

What I love about your caligraphy is the strokes, it has a natural flow to it.

truly a COMPLIMENT, ma'am!

I will send you something the soonest, dear wic - and my
closest friends don't need to ask any question about any
matter of mean money - it's my absolute pleasure to know
my poor things hanging somewhere under their always too
INDULGENT eyes...NE! I'm just some upset because our Post
Services haven't delivered your card yet!

Furutani Sensei,

who is that? how come I don't see this person on LJ?

Furutani Sensei is NOT a LJ member, to my knowledge:
he's a senior friend and collegue of Sakuo Sensei's,
a Maestro in carving stones and seals, as well as an
excellent shodousya himself!

Ultimamente arrivo sempre tardi sul tuo LJ... non posso farci nulla: in questo periodo sto maturando una "certa" repulsione per il Pc. I tuoi lavori sono assolutamente magnifici. La scelta del materiale impiegato gioca un ruolo importante, secondo me... le foto che hai fatto donano (in some way...) una luce particolare a questi lavori che a vederli dal vivo devono essere veramente superbi... bravo Fernando! ;-)))

grazie, andy...ho dovuto scattare le foto appoggiando
i due lavori sul pavimento, perchè non avevo spazio
abbastanza per NON CIRCONDARLI di altri oggetti...e
così il cotto delle mattonelle mi ha SPARATO indietro
il flash, maledizione!


Lovely, just lovely. I do enjoy your calligraphy very much--both European and Japanese!

LOVELY, JUST LOVELY, your replies, Yume Sama...I'm
feeling so very TICKLED in my presumption, LOL!


Great stuff, if you can trust this beginner and his mind!

I am sure your teachers will love your generous gifts.

thanks, TBT, but - c'mon, you'r certainly NOT a beginner!
I loved lots (and allow me now to try my version) your
"PINE & BONSAI"!....:


bonsai ga ・ matsu mo no you ni ・ naedoko ka?

bonsai and pine tree
were they both born
by the same seed?

I know very very little of kanji brush technique, and am illiterate there as well, so my remarks can probably not be of much help. But these are lovely pieces, very lively and exuberant, maybe even a bit exotic.

Have you tried flour or rice-flour paste? of course if you are working on vellum it probably won't work, but that would be for mounting paper on cloth. I would also try acrylic medium or gel as an adhesive, which might hold on to a vellum if it were rough (but I have heard of thick acrylic peeling off of very smooth vellum). Those acrylic media and gessos can remain somewhat flexible on cloth.

ciao, mary, welcome back - very glad to read you again herein,
and too kind of you both for your compliments and suggestions:
I agree with the peeling effect, that I unfortunately could see
by myself - but for vellum, let ME give you a suggestion, a lil'
trick: I use, to "glue" it on the background, a simple colourless
MASKING FLUID - you know, the one we use with watercolors,
to mask part of the sheet...it's sticky enough, easy to take away,
and it won't imbue the surface, so that the worst effect is a light
pale yellow "stain", when peeled off (if you need to!)...
as for gesso, well - you know our scribes' BIGGEST secret is our own
composition, and I'm very proud of how I reached to mix one of mine,
some elastic and gluey as well, but it is only gluey for the thinnest
metal layers!, so in order not to risk with any other medium, I keep
closest to my trusty fluid, ne!

big meeting

Thanks Ouan and your fellows for sharing fine conversation.
I and Furutani must say great thanks to all of you.
Ouan's works are glittering on our walls in Japan.
And our quest coming our home all are surprised it's
fresh beauty.
I belive it happens in internet world and miracle of
our time.


Re: big meeting

my deepest bows and thanks to YOU BOTH, sakuo 殿, furutani 殿:
I couldn't be any deeperly honoured than this way...and your
honoured guests must be very good and tolerant Persons, as to
consider my little essays worthy enough to be watched a second
time - and the same will I say to both of you 先生: because a
true friend passes over every mistake that his beloved friend
might ever do......ne?


Dear Kamome san, I can see elegance in your work even if cannot read it.
I've got your letter and I'm very happy for you indeed. I couldn't use reply button for some reason. My congratulations! On the top of everything, how lovely to observe this interaction of minds and souls through art!

I would like to share with you a less than perfect video my daughter e-mailed me, asking who is the boy with this outstanding voice. I couldn't tell her. Actually nobody I could ask knows. There is a lot of beauty in this humble and strong anonymous singer. I hope you'll enjoy it.


ciao, vash 様, welcome back!...and thanks more for your so
kind comment on friendship's entertwinings in Art & Heart:
I agree, and LJ has been playing such an important role in
making this interaction grow and improve!...as for the name
of that lovely group, you should read the comments, they say
the name and quarrel whether the main voice is a baritone or
a bass...LOL!