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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...it all began with the ugly yellow box of an elegant wallet I was gifted for Xmas - and that's all what I was
able to "give birth" to, along these bad times: sincerely, I'm realizing more and more (and more than all NOW)
that it's not a too well done work: I understand by myself the reasons, not too much time left to achieve the
two works to send to London - not accuracy neither novelties, only four old haikus that I wrote back in time,
one for each season, simply repeated and badly written here...yes, the level is LOW LOW LOW, although the
work was hard and often seriously binding for my fingers (I made it all by myself, the sewing the cutting the
leather covering etc)...oh well, briefly, I hope you friends can find in such a strange object some "curiosity
pleasure" at least - anyway, here you are the final outcome of my depressing attempts: I named it, like that
next-to-come book of mine, 「俳句の一年・HAIKU NO ICHINEN」, "haiku for one year".


BOX: cms 4 x 14 x 11;
INSIDE COVER: plain silk, deep brown; Amalfi watercolor ivory paper 100% cotton, 340 g/mq;
OUTSIDE COVER: thin suede leather, nut brown;
OUTSIDE LACE: violet suede leather, crossed thru an ancient samurai's helmet clasp;


BOOKLET: Fabriano 80% cotton deep green paper 260 g/mq, Amalfi handmade light ivory paper 60 g/mq;
BOOKLET TIE: natural corn straw;


FABRIC SUPPORT: pure cotton and rough silk in two different beige colour tones, cms 12 x 54;
VELLUM: ram, appr. end XIX century, each one sized cms 6.01 x 9.02;
INKS: japanese and chinese originals;
BRUSHES: japanese originals - swan, marten;

SEALS: these last ones deserve a special comment - the biggest one was carved expressly for
me by a friend of Sakuo Sensei's, Furutani Sensei, who is a real Maestro of this Art: it shows,
written with the chinese-like reverse order and in the original "tensho" style, the two kanji for
「鴎庵・OU AN」 (SEAGULL ・ HERMITAGE); I myself carved years ago the second one with the
「鴎・OU」 and the two small lozenges: these last ones show my full name's capitals 「FLDP」
and the Amalfi's symbol 「the Malta cross」as they appear in the ancient monograms/seals
of my mother's family.

夜かもめ ・ 鴎庵


I think it is a gorgeous ensemble. Nicely done. I like the history of the violet lace tie. How unique that YOU put all these elements together. Please do not make any apologies for anything. It is a wonderful piece :)

Re: Splendid!

thank you, bette...friends are made for encouraging, NE?


Wonderful work

What's wonderful work!
Those are the treasure of hand craft as well as full of poet soul.
I have never seen such high quality work.
I believe no one can do same achievement in the world.
Congratulation Ouan sensei,
yokatsuta ne!!


Re: Wonderful work

grazie, sakuo sensei...but photographs are "traitors": by my
point of view, there are so very many particulars that I could
care far better - I know it is because of my bad mood, and you
know as well that I'm not trying any "captatio benevolentiæ" by
my friends...the original idea was good, I admit, the result is
very less worthy instead, although it appears so good...thanks
again anyway, and please keep on waiting: I have some little
thing ready for you and furutani sensei too!

Your brushes used marten fur and swan down? That is so romantic....

I love the fabric on the inside, and to me, the calligraphy is lovely.

yes - as a splendid gift, I was sent years ago by my japanese
friend and nihongo teacher Zumi Sensei a complete set of shodou
brushes and original inks...thank you, dear!

pazzesco!!! BRAVO!!!

...sempre esageratONA...ne!

great work!

I like it very much :)
it looks great on photo but I think it's far more beautiful "alive" - I like to feel such things by own fingers... it must be amazing feeling :)
no matter the haikus are old - you know, poetry is like a good wine :)

Re: great work!

thanks, allina dear - although I think that photos often betray
our "imaginative side"...how many times have you been longing for
something you wanted so much, and that showed itself not ALL THAT
NICE when you got it?...I can understand what you say about the

I am speechless...

non ho parole... sei tornato in gran forma!

Re: I am speechless...

GRUMPHT...solo le mani, e manco tanto,
andy - ma sai che COSA BELLA poteva
venirne fuori, da un'ideuzza così,
in "altri tempi!?...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thanks, doc...oh well, I know that many people steal
MY name for the most different activities: restaurants,
farms, swimming pools, motels and so on, GRUNT!...
...but I don't care, the ONLY ORIGINAL ONE is this funny
pseudo-japanese writing true floods of words here into,
and I would lie if I said I'm not TOTALLY PLEASED by my
dear friends' comments on my work...thanks lots, I'm afraid
I will have to produce BILLIONS of these poor things to
be as kind as to PLEASE BACK the above mentioned friends,

Hands of gold I should say...

I have to admit, dear Kamome san, that I've never seen anything of the kind, and I am very impressed with both the concept of the project and the exquisitness of your work. And all this exquisitness rightly holds what - poetry. How lovely!
I like the colors, and how different textures were put together, and energetic writing - everything is most tasteful.

Re: Hands of gold I should say...

well, this is often one of my main problems and self-questions...am I
doing something worthy, or this "funny creation" is - let's say "nice"
ONLY in my mind?...although your comments always take me to new ones,
even more daring and venturesome - so VERY MANY MANY THANKS, NE!

Not only professionally and beautifully,
it very much it would be desirable to take
it in hands, to touch. Very cosy thing!

oh, you're not the only one...and sure TOUCHING objects
and feeling them in our hands is very different: you can't
imagine WHAT a care and attention I had to pay to such
delicate items!...thanks, dear KC: you're always mostly

Forgive, I not all read -
for me translation from English on Russian
- the certain problem :(

well, tell me what language shall I write
(NOT russian, unfortunately!) and I will
try if I can...but I'm glad as well,
because the sense is clear!


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

j'en suis orgueilleux: pour de tels BEAUX YEUX, je
n'avais autre chance que de réaliser un bel objet!

I would love to be able to see and feel this. I didn't know that anybody did this type of work - and with such passion and care!
It must be a labour of love, but one that you can't help but do...

no matter what path or choice is our specific one,
neither if it is "in Art" or any else interest...
thanks for saying that, it gives way to very deep
thoughts and makes easier to me to clear my mind
about both the work itself and the mood I was in
when I first conceived its creation...you see? as
I told you, your attention is an ABSOLUTE NEED!

Lovely craftmanship.
The box is beautiful.
I too have a seal that was carved for me and I love to use it.
The ink is so tacky.
I've always wondered how one can carve such a delicate and detailed seal.
That is an art in and of itself. It's like a stone.
I've missed seeing your work and reading your words.

mcdc3s (Maralena) formerly (fiftydecembers)

hi, "50D", welcome back to these pages!
thanks for your reply - and YES, allow
me to say that the chinese red ink for
seals ALWAYS MAKES ME MAD because of
the longEST time it takes to dry!!!

Please do not allow your suffering, pain, doubt and low mood color or cloud your vision of the beauty that you have created.....such a labor of love.

Thank you for contacting me. I don't get to Lj much these days due to my own writing projects.

Domo Arigato gozaimas



ciao, Choshi 様, and thanks for your support...oh yes, you're
right! although I don't dare saying "beauty" of my own works,
I need to admit that it is too often too easy to get so far
from the real NAVEL TIE that keeps us to "create and share"
our things...damn, so easy to forget Beauty!



beauty, Yes, so easy to forget!

but now you remembered, so keep that remembrance close to your heart