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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
HUYU NO KAZE ・ 「冬の風」

I have little to say - or better, I could say lots, but I'm not in the right mood, as you can read and
easily imagine by the folio below: I'm here just to post something and to tell friends that I'm still
alive...nothing but a little (yes, and big sized) work I have achieved thru this last week, sort of
previous training to one of the two I'm sending to this year's SSI Lay Members Day Exhibition in
London - yes, I decided that one of them will be a shodou, although not all that big...oh well,
comments are open, and friends welcome, LOL!


「冬の風」・ fuyu no kaze ・ winter wind

...adding two days later one more, smaller but same-mooded shodou:



umigumo ni
mihari kamome ha
fuyu no koe

watchful gulls through the seaclouds, voice of this winter

(NdH: "mihari" would better be literally translated as "GUARDIAN, SENTINEL", which IS one specific role in a
gulls flock's social organization...I truly loved the idea and image of such a minimal and extreme attention,
"WATCHFULNESS" - like a RON'IN ("wave-man") samurai left alone on that misty cliff and paying his closest
"senses' attention" to the world around him...deep mind clearness and total self-defense.)

かもめ筆 ・ 鴎庵


absolutely beautiful, yorukamome.
as beautiful as your heart.

bow and hug,


GRAZIE, bette, always extremely kind (and soothing)
of you...but I love to be a pleasure to my friends'
eyes and heart, whenever my "art" and I are able to
reach such a peak of glory...LOL!

You and your art are most definitely a pleasure to my eyes and my heart :)

Grazie :)

un stile assolutamente nuovo per me! proprio brillante!!!

beh, anche per me, devo dire...credo nasca dal mio cattivo umore!
grazie del complimento, comunque: sai, non credevo potesse piacere...

a me piace TANTISSIMO! perche e' tutto stranamente femminile, senza angoli, tutto come un flusso continuo...uno cosi l'avrei VOLENTIERI messo nella mia camera, per guardarlo prima di andare a dormire...

ho capito...devo farne uno anche per te!

non osererei mai chiedere...sono timida, lo sai...dimmi cosa vuoi per questo!))))))))))))))))))))))))))) HEY-HO!)



such graceful strokes from a gentle heart. It's always a treat to our soul to see your work.

winter wind says it all for me. Danke.

...graceful and gentle heart YOUR ONE - few Words, but
enough to good friends' ears to understand...thanks, wic!

solo ora vedo il tuo post... molto bello! Lo stile mi sembra nuovo... molto "fresco" (perdona la mia ignoranza se nel comunicare il mio apprezzamento mi sono lasciato andare a qualche licenza/fesseria...) ;-)

piantala di dire QUESTE fesserie, andy...anche il
TUO post, appena visto, è davvero molto buono!

the form of the characters and flow of your brush are very beautiful in both pieces. i really like the second one... your newest! and the haiku is lovely.

I OWE YOU this last one, and my brush is very
aggressive with its owner, lately...

Ooooo.....aggressive you say? i am picturing you all smeared in sumi-e ink!

keep a close eye on that brush :)))


ma come cavolo riesci a scrivergli, i haiku cosu belli? non ho MAI visto uno NON BELLO dei tuoi...sei un grande haijin (beh, almeno per me!)

per quanto riguarda l'immaggine: sai che la prima mi piae sempre di piu? :-)))

troppo buona, e comunque devo QUESTO haiku
a te e a bette...sì, anche a me piace più
l'altro, ma sai com'è - fatto e postato,
è tutt'uno! (;-D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I feel SQUEEZED, skreeeek...
...and such an explosion of compliments, you leave me speechless!
but first allow me to repeat my healing thoughts to your sister:
as you know, I'm thru a bad funk too lately, I myself wonder HOW
could I achieve these little things - well, I should be in London
on april the 26th, if everything goes its right way...and when are
YOU coming back to our PATRIA DEL VINO?

「冬の風」・ fuyu no kaze ・ winter wind
This is very good, perfect!! with dashing power!!

corrected haiku

umi no kumo
miharu kamome ya
fuyu no koe

Shyo is very good, very powerful!!


thanks, sakuo sensei!, I'm so very glad to hear
that my YABO brush can reach by the times some
cleverness - I hope you will like as well one
little thought that I dare send to you and to
Furutani Sensei by your hands...NE!

You are very disciplined, Gabbi

classic! you pour your heart into your work, that is quite an admirable quality. sensei, could I be your disciple? ihihih.

Re: You are very disciplined, Gabbi

oh no, I could never, wic sama: it's ME who need you as Maestra!

I love the flow of how you have written 冬の風--it does feel like the wind in winter, bracing and fresh.

thanks, Yume Sama...I myself dare say I love this page,
although the mood was not too calm and refreshing...



Re: 美しい!


かもめ筆 ・ 鴎庵