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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

so once again, and I truly can't figure myself out the reasons of such a bad luck around
every Christmas time, this is a very unpleasant moment for me...once more, I won’t speak
of my troubles here and now, there's a place and a time for such things - but, as always,
I’m once again not sure as well that I’ll be able and in time to achieve the whole sending
of my billions Christmas gifts and cards...
...what I won't miss instead is my traditional habit of this Christmas post: this year, I have
chosen to write only one Word - although my too poor japanese doesn't allow me to know
the correct expression exactly saying what I'm meant... the Word (whose writing I found
in two and apparently both right forms, 「感謝 ・ kansha」 and 「謝恩 ・ shaon 」on all my
dictionaries) is simple, deep, truly felt and sincere: therefore, I hope that my dearest
friends and the whole LJ community will believe and accept this so little, so insufficient
expression of my heart and feelings...
...you all gave me the strenght and the Beauty of your presence, allowed me to grow and
become some little better than I was, supported my funny dreams, applauded to my little
unworthy things, sheltered all my uneasinesses...so I really couldn't choose but this Word,
to express my thankful heart and mind, to wish you and your beloved ones the most beautiful
Christmas of your life - the Word I have chosen and written by my whole heart is GRATITUDE.

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「感謝 ・ kansha」

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「謝恩 ・ shaon 」

(for sakuo 先生 and all my japanese Maestri and friends: どうぞ御免なさい, if my Words
are wrong in their writing...be quite sure that they are strongly right in my soul.)

夜かもめ ・ 鴎庵 ・ gabbiano


both are absolutely beautiful.
that is why i am in love with calligraphy - how just a letter form can be such a masterpiece in and of itself....and especially these forms - kansha and shaon!

I'm grateful for YOU and all that you have given to my life this past years and always :)

BIG HUGS, my dear gabbiano.

p.s. life will switch to good times for you. we must endure the pains of this world and perhaps see them as gifts for strength. and when i am in the midst of my pains, you can remind me, too. but most of all...i do feel your pains and acknowledge them always for they are real and so are you and your friendship. so know that i am always here to lend you a shoulder and to listen and to share in your joys. gosh, we are so lucky to know each other thru this great LJ world :)))

much love,

bette dear...you're able to ALWAYS leave me
without words - which could be also the best
of gifts, as you only leave me Words to say
and reply...thanks, by deepest my heart,

夜かもめ ・ gabbiano

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

O...c'est ton merveilleux sourire enfin,
qui vient se pencher encore une fois au
balcon de ma page...bienvenue, BELLISSIMA!


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

...si facile donc, que de m'oublier?...


(no subject) - (Anonymous)


「夜・yoru」 = nuit
「かもめ・kamome」 = mouette
「鴎・ou」 = ancien kanji original pour KAMOME/MOUETTE
「庵・an」 = hermitage


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Very beautiful!

doumo arigatou gozaimashita, asakiyume mita sama...sorry,
I can't type nihongo from this computer, I'm at a restaurant
with a friend, just asked the owner to allow me two minutes

夜かもめ ・ gabbiano

bello come tutto quello che tocchi con le tue mani...

YOOO...ricorda "la tua spalla", ne!
ih ih ih! (;-P

Finalmente! Era un po' di tempo che non si vedeva qualcosa di giapponese sulla tua pagina...

mmmh....stavo giusto dicendomelo
da me, quanto sono scemo a fare
'sti breaks idioti ed inutili!


Beautiful work and sentiment - it is always so when it is from the heart. ;)

yes, my friend...and all what one gives by
heart comes back to him by even more heart;
thanks as well for your compliments!


absolutely beautiful, Gabi.

not meant to get compliments, although I know
one cannot ESCAPE from that...YUK!, just tried
to say at my best how importamnt you all are,
and some among all MORE THAN ALL, MORE THAN EVER...
...by the way, I'm still waiting for YOU to make
up your "borderless mind" and organize that famous
trip to Europe/Italy/my Nest...next year, maybe?

Grateful to you

Well, your gesture of GRATITUDE to all of us deserved quiet reflection. I did not want to say much after reading your passage. A simple compliment to your calligraphy sufficed at first. But now... I shall open my LOUD mouth!!! ihihih.

YOU know U are very talented, very gifted, in more than one area of the arts, and in you lies an old fashioned romantic. A romantic to life. The way YOU perceive this world is of beauty. Sometimes, people ruin your delicate, passionate moments of observation. But such is life I suppose.

YOU have been a truly remarkable friend to us all. I too thank U for this friendship.

hahahahaha....MY borderless mind! YOu got that right. I refuse to believe in borders and boundaries. Maybe, Marco Polo had it better than we do now.

Yes, I would love to go to Europe and meet with Lera, Andrea and you. But this month I will be off to my birth country, Singapore. And I shall send you something my friend from Singapore...hmm...maybe, My sister!!! HEEHEE. the one with the Bachelor's Degree w/Physics as her major.



Re: Grateful to you


(:-D (;-P

and for the rest of your life...you will be doing this

N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L


Re: and for the rest of your life...you will be doing this



Thanks greatly for your compliment.
Your choice is quit right.
I love 「感謝」and 「報恩」 that are perfectly conveying your soul
to everyone in the world.

In return I will present you two of Christmas present.
One is Shyo of Ten koku (tenkoku no shyo,篆刻の書)written by Mr Furutani
whose seal has been sent to you.
This shyo enveloped has been sent to hoping it arrive before Christmas.

Another one is the plan of joint display in 2008 February in Tokyo.
I wish your joining as my fellow of Issa, as my poem friend.
The details will be e-mailed later.


どうぞ、高が知れて居るけど、古谷先生 (is His name correctly
written like that? unfortunately, I've never had the
pleasure of knowing and meeting Furutani Sensei) にも


18 of this month,Mr Furutani古谷 have Tenkoku 篆刻display where I
will go and meet him.
I will convey your good will to him.


sakuo sensei, please be again as kind to me as to also
pass to 古谷先生 all my thanks for the splendid seal that
he carved for me after your as well kindest request.


Yes sure.
I will convey your good will to him.






中村 作雄