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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

well, I seem to be missing herein since Jurassic!...paying today a due honour to the new-graduated Architect
("technical and creative designer of fashion and accessories"), my daughter Gaia, wearing here the dress that
she herself created for the occasion...followed by a funny micro-collection I sketched years ago, which she's
now "reducing" to technically suitable/correct designs...YUK!, isn't it a good collaboration? so, all the charming
Ladies whose friendship honour me as well are invited: some details about the fabrics, décors, accessories and
realization can be read below each image:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
grande soirée dress, PaynesGrey silk satin edged in Anthracite silk satin and plotted with silver threads; the
stole has a long silver/grey binge; "ballerina" shoes, also edged by a subtle anthracite line, are made of the
same fabric, with a flat lacelet strictly tied to the ankle; all accessories and jewels are pearls tied with silver.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
grande soirée, a transparent multilayered satin dress in all the lightest colors of seawaters; the high-chest ending
top with its "rose-like knot" and the bolero jacket are both composed by hundreds braids of NavyBlue velvet and
silver round-section lacelets, applied for both the items on a NavyBlue silk satin base.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
PearlIridescentWhite and Black silk satin for this grande soirée dress: stole and rose are in the same fabric,
as well as the shoes; the "nest" starting over the rose and completing the dress on the back, edged in the
same satin, is composed by micro-tubes of aemathite on elastic, to suit the body at its best.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
grande soirée dress in heavy velvet DeepMauve and DarkOrangeYellow: an extremely simple composition,
where the most glamorous item is the longest wig, done with Raven Black silk entertwined with gold threads
and decorated with semi-precious stones as turquoise, oxidiane, jade, coral, ending with small gold ferrules.


You and your daughter look so happy together :-)

Of your designs, I love especially "Lhasa"

...well, it seems you will have to fight with ALL other
Ladies to get it, LOL!, 'til now, every reply says the
same...shall we draw only "asian looking" things, LOL?


gosh! YOU are so talented Gabbi! Love them all. YOUR artwork, as U know I am struggling to draw now. YOUR daughter and U looks so happy together. The way families should be.

I especially favor the Lhasa design. It has an orient flavor and coming from Singapore I tend to lean towards the orient!

Very nice work.


Re: holymolygosh

oh oh...just phone lera and asakiyume then, they both like
the same! YUK, I would ROFL if I were there looking at you
Ladies fighting for a dress - or, even worse!, wearing it
ALL TOGETHER in the same soirée and place, ih ih ih!

by the way, U look great in those colors. my favorite colors ...grey and black.

...you know, I hate people "tangled up" in absurd SOI-DISANT
elegant clothes, in these occasions...and, by the way, your
drawings are EXCELLENT - already told ya in my reply to your
ABSOLUTELY NICE crane flight!...

WOW!!! tantissimi complimenti alla DOTTORESSA! :-)
(IO preferisco LHASSA!)))

grazie, Madame...allora disegneremo solo
per te qualcosa di SIMIL-RUSSO, hee hee!

per l'amor di Dio, NOOO! non russo, io odio costumi folk rusi! meglio un vestito tipo ucraino :-)))

YO...aspetta prima di vedere CHE COSA ne viene fuori,
da queste nostre agitatissime teste...hee hee hee!


too kind of you, as always...be the welcome
and invite all your Ladies to enjoy, LOL!

Not being an expert on fashion (or anything else really) I asked the resident fashionista in our house her opinion (she is 3 years old) . She said she likes the pretty smiley lady in the red dress - and I have to say I respect her opinion.

WOW!, absolutely the BEST opinion I ever happened to be expressed
about my poor works, LOL!...thank for me the expert FASHIONISTA,
and tell her we're planning a children line for the next-to-come
summer, hee hee!

How many talent do you have?
Beautiful designs they are!! Each brights in personality.
I am envious of your having daughter. All my children are boy.
I wish I could, I stand with a young lady, arm in arm like you.

Congratulation, happy Daddy and daughter!


deep thanks, sensei - well, this time the biggest "talent", as
you have so nicely underlined, is not on my page but holding my
arm - you're right, to have a daughter is truly a different
experience, and a unique one, for a good father: also thanks
by her side for the compliments - and my gratitude for your
kindness to my "skills"...too much of honour, 赤面していますね!

Ye~~~s your daughter 陽子 is cute.
I must let you show my grand daughter 美穂miho who is a champion of
hurdle race.
I will sent her video by another personal mail.
Let's enjoy.





Ouan sensi.
Thank you so much for your seeing my video.
Her running match will be open at very near future.
So Grandpa is expecting her very much.


How delightful!

My warmest congratulations to you and Gaia the Architect!
"Silver rain" is my favourite design, Kamome san. I like this subtle colors, like the color of smoke... And simple and elegant design I prefer to anything more elaborate. I just love this one.
Your daugter is beautiful, and she is wearing the cutest red baloon dress (skirt) one can imagine. I am glad to see you both very happy.
Thanks for showing all this beauty!

Re: How delightful!

YUK!.....I told her, she looked just like a "boer" - you know,
those round chocolates filled with liquor and a cherry, wrapped
like an Easter egg, LOL?! thanks for your more and more kind
compliments - sincerely, SILVER RAIN is also my favourite one,
for the same reasons you mentioned above...once again, welcome
to this "multi-function-atelier", LOL!

Re: How delightful!

Liquor and a cherry? Sounds good to me.
It's fun to wear something different adn to look a bit silly for a change.

Re: How delightful!

hee hee! (^ç^)

I in delight! Modest reflection of your holiday of a fashion:


I replied on your beautiful LJ "answer-page":
thanks for honouring us - and allow me to say
that it is rare pleasure to see you here, where
you are absolutely welcome!

eh bravo(i)!!

eh grazie(i)!!