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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
..."why, gab?"...


machi ni matsu ・ waga hontou no ・ haru o matsu
waiting and waiting - for my own true spring

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...I know, I know - this image was already posted, years ago I seem to remember, so the question comes natural:
"why, gab?" - well, I was seriously mumbleing since months about a book of my haiku, when our common friend and
haijin himself andreochka told me about the chance of publishing online and have the book printed, sold and sent
to buyers in a very simple way...therefore I made up my mind: this is the cover, I'm still not sure about the title - your
suggestions are welcome, and please consider this as an advertising, LOL! - here you are the cover, as it is in my mind
at the moment:

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Hello Gabbi

The cover is Exquisite and very elegant. The calligraphy is delicately written. You look serene. Marvellous job.

My suggestion for the title of the book are:

the mumbles of a haijin

the philosopher's shore

through my eyes

Meditteranean Ink

Hermit Crab

Re: Hello Gabbi

mmmh...need to MUMBLE more now about your suggestions,
all SUGGESTIVE (lol!) and - sincerely - whispering
perhaps more than my own title does...ok, it's still
a layout, no more...got time to REMUMBLE, thanks!

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A wonderful idea, gabbiano.
I like the cover design but would like to see more detail in the photo effects. I feel as if it is too blurry, imho :)

I can't wait to order one! How soon will it be ready?

oh, c'mon, bette dear...I'm still in the full middle of my POLISHING work, lol!
I'm honoured by your kindness, and I need to add that I WANTED to change the
photo JUST TO GET such a blurry, undetermined effect, as I wanted to underline
"both the impermanences", as wicapis would say, of the human figure and the
written Words...anyway, let me mumble about it!, although I think I will
leave it that way...YUK!

oh the shadow in front of U makes it all perfect!

WOW!....yuk yuk!

way cool. I like it as it is. ;)

thanks!...I too need to admit it is not a bad view up to now, lol!

waiting and waiting - the truth is, I'm waiting for my own spring

e ce l'avrai, questa primavera eterna, quando Lui te la dara (e lo fara di sicuro!)...
che bella idea, finalmente un tuo libro...mi piace TUTTO!!! ho gia visto un po quello che hai mandato a Andy :-) COOL!)))

ok, ora dobbiamo impegnarci seriamente per farli realizzare,
'sti due libri - io ho già cominciato a "mettere all'opera"
i miei due sensei, per la parte grammatical/linguistica...

You look marvelous as a samurai!

SUCH a compliment, to this poor lil' gaijin - LOTS thanks, yume sama!

...e chettelodicoaffare!

beh...mo' andiamo avanti - poi uno si dice tutto, NE?
ah, dammi un paio di giorni per vedere che posso fare
con la TUA cover...

book of your haiku that's good idea! :)
I like the cover in this view - it's your spirit ;)
but when the book will be published?? I can't wait! )))

thanks, allina dear...well, I still don't know, just a newborn
idea at present - this is a first preparatory phase, where I'm
trying to collect and select among too many works, UGH! :(((

I don't particularly like this impression as if the sword is piercing your body. Or probably it's nothing, probably I am too impressionable to be objective, and nobody else sees it this way.

I will be waiting for your book, Kamome san.

thanks once more - yes, I suppose...images, more than
every other thing, hit our perceptions differently...
sort of an imaginary, painted SEPPUKU? hee hee hee!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

t'es là enfin - ça fait combien de temps que je ne te lisais plus?
(...ah et bien merci pour l' INTÉRESSANT...hee hee hee!)