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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
SUCH A BLUE...こんな青ね!

is what I thought as I opened my window this early morn...actually, even if I am accustomed to my coast’s thousands
faces ad colours, I had never seen in my whole life such a TRUE BLUE! so I thought I HAD TO share with my friends, and
(while walking step after step downtown to the beach) I also tried to put together some words (understandable, these
could only be poor if compared to THAT!) to underline this breathtaking, eyespiercing, heartsoothing, unique experience
of Pure Beauty...:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

hareta asa
kugatsu no ikki wa
kanpeki no

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clear sunny morn',
such a breath of september
in its perfection

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che bellezza...pecchato non posso venire anch'io con Oxana...mi piacerebbe tanto ritornarci...

oh, io qua sto...quando ti pare!

Yes, a marvelous blue!

Scrubbed clean
The sea and sky together

yes yes yes!...

breathtaking! I am spellbound by the sparkling deep blue sea. Thanks for sharing your stunning world with us all. Deeply grateful.


musekaeru kugatu no umi ya sono aosa

hot smell of
September sea
and it's blue


together with you forever

One more thing!
Here is your original.

a little recommendation.

konpeki no kugatsu no itsuki amalfi

deep blue
September at a breath


grazie, sensei...as you can see, I have changed my ku,
according to your choice of correct words: I hope that
follows correctly as well your suggestions,


nice!, I will try and translate the text!

ААА! As I want on the sea! At us in St.-Petersburg autumn, rains and cold nights... And somewhere - such miracle!

so, steal some holiday and come enjoy it!

I do not think I have ever seen such beautiful sea. It is impossible, unbelievable blue. And the sea sun cocktail is so appealing. What a paradise, Kamome sun!

yes, a paradise...where God (the Being, the Mother, the Great Gull,
or whatever you may call Him/Her) has His/Her balcony and restplace...
and where I would LOVE to see all my dear LJ friends - oh, how nice
would it be to meet you ALL TOGETHER!...why don't we MUMBLE a little
about this proposal, and try mix all these beautiful Persons in such
an UNIQUE experience and journey?...imagine an appointment, and people
arriving here and meeting for the first time from all'round the world!

I am sorry, Kamome san, I didn't get this comment by mail.
It's a beautiful idea, really. But frankly speaking, it is soooo very difficult to implement! I guess vague possibility is part of its beauty. :) Because we all are not only from the different corners of the Earth, we also from the different lives full of different problems and responsibilities. To overcome all this one needs not only to know you and be attracted to your personality, but to feel the same to majority of your friends... When I travel to Italy again I will make every effort to see you by all means. How about that?

I can easily (oh, TOO easily, alas!) see what you mean by these words...but, although
not meant at all to "attract people by my personality", I like to underline that if we
keep on meeting herein, it is by as well FRANK choice, and after the likeness that we
all have - in some personalISSIMO way - found to those unknown far ones, with whom it
is so good to speak and share...your proposal is a very deep honour to me, thank you!