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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"beach haiku" ・「海辺俳句」

I've been very silent, I know - well, I'm going to have lots to post and say (hopefully, new works as well) and autumn is
probably the rightest time to...for now, here you are some 「海辺俳句」, "beach haiku": the first one, after the kindest
gift of an excellent green tea coming from the hands of the even more excellent sakuo sensei:

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「kuchibiru ya ・ tsukiyo ni amaki ・ tomo no o cha」
my friend’s tea, sweet to my mouth under this moonlight 

as for the other ones, well...I don't know exactly the reason for I wrote them in such a mood - maybe the simple summer ending, maybe
my new way of life begins to show its effects on my mind and soul - who can say?, I myself am still mumbleing about!...anyway, voilà:

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「natsu no gogo ・ nusunda ai no ・ kangae wa」
summer afternoon - a thought of stolen love

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「koi no yume ・ hitotsu ga owaru ・ natsu yogoto」
every summer night, a dream of love gets to its end.

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「natsu yoru no ・ saigo no hikari ・ iso niou」
...a summer night’s salt-scented last light...


「natsu hikari ・ warai no toki ni ・ toshi o totte」
summer light, gets older in the time of a smile.

obviously (as usual) my nihongo needed billions corrections and re-writings, so thanks once again to sakuo sensei for his sudden
and extremely kind help...anyway, this is how I felt to express myself and my world along these strange, lazy, thoughtful summer
days - this time, more than ever, your comments are absolutely, needingly, deepfriendly welcome.

Re: Gabbi...VERY nice

ciao, wic...UGH, tonight it's not a nice moment, as you can read above
in my reply to bette - I'm sincerely scared, at present, although I know
well I'm a serious "MALADE IMAGINAIRE"...but age carries such things and
reactions, NE? nice anyway to read you too, it was time to be back to LJ!