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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

("why ULYSSES, gab?", I can imagine your question...well, how would you all name such a FUNNY ENTRY?!?)

...something new, something fresh, something summery...it is time for a new post, so let's begin by some
"poetry" - I've always been a great lover of those MOLESKINE pocket notebooks, and I use to always take
one or two with me in my bags/pockets/etc, but it was some hard to fold its pages into the scanner, so
I only can type the following waka and the haiku - and, to make it summery, I'm adding a couple of pics
(ouch!, I can hear by now the comments...but I DARE do that!) to try and make lighter such a "culturally
overbinding lecture" - actually, the waka you can read below is my translation of a beautiful one freshly
and quickly written by a dearest friend of mine, alessandra/tsukiyo 「月夜様」 when she came here last
april to spend some days on the Coast, and I took her to see Ravello and "il balcone di Dio":


「nigete ima ・ boku no me ni naru ・ kamome ni wa ・ aoi no sora de ・ Ravello no kin e」

"escaping now
my eyes change to seagulls
flying through the deep blue
towards the gold of Ravello"

...and here you are the first "ulysses", in his "poet's summery look", YUK! :

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...hee hee hee! on, now, with my latest "newborn Words", an all-personal morning impression:


「natsu no hana, ・ kanojo no me iro ・murasaki ya 」

"a summer flower, her violet eyes"

...and ulysses' FULL IMMERSION, my daily "baptism" into fresh waters...YUK YUK"! :

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...then a sudden stormy weather afternoon, poorly caught by my "hude" on the same beach:


「kanki gogo, ・ hachigatsu no fuyu ・ sono you ni」

"stormy afternoon, just like a winter in august"

...and the "real ulysses" - wouldn't you take me for the Copenhagen Mermaid?, YUK YUK YUK! :

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Ah, lovely and summery! I can feel the warm sun!

Of your poems, I enjoyed your haiku about the girl with the murasaki eyes especially.

yes, beyond the nice lines by 月夜様, I myself
need to admit that I like more than all that
"quick photogrhaiku"...lol! どうも有難う、夢様!

so nice to see you, (Ulysses ;-) on your walk in town and your daily water mediation immersion!

in photo #2 -- you are spreading your wings to the warm sun!

lovely lovely poetry, dear gabbiano :)

oooh....THANKS THE GREAT GULL, at least ONE Lady
noticed my poetry, not only my glamourous charme!

hee hee hee! (;-P

Philospher's Stone!

"escaping now
my eyes become two seagulls
flying through the deep blue
towards the gold of Ravello"

beautiful poetry. eloquent!

ON image 3, you look like Moses on Mt. Sinai minus the desert robes! lol! did you receive any messages? lol!

excellent pictures of your city. a great escapade!

Re: Philospher's Stone!

heee heee heee!, poor ol' Moses, if he had stepped
down the Sinai with Law Tables wearing such a MISE!


oh oh oh! forgot to mention. YOU are in excellent shape coupled with a bronze tan! HEAVENS!!!

and I can see the tattoos too, in that philospher's pose.

thanks thanks thanks, my SPLENDID LADY!, accept my deepest BOWS!
(ya'know, Ma'am...THAT is ALL GOOD ADVERTISING...and GRATIS, lol!)


Gosh! What a body????!!!! What a tan!!!??? A bronze sea god! You have taken good care of yourself Gabbi. and plus the beard adds to your inner wisdom of sorts. Mama mia!

sometimes I am afraid to make such comments, afraid that I would be judge. but I don't think I should refrain from what I see in front of my eyes, is a thing of excellent beauty. so there too now. I love freedom of speech!

wow....KA-BOOOOOM!!! "excellent beauty" is for sure the very last consideration
I would ever imagine someone to express about me one day - you are free to speak,
of course, wicapISSIMA...but please don't waste your EXCELLENT TEASING SKILLS for
such an unworthy one...LOL!

unworthy one...

GabbiISSIMA! Stop it now. Don't keep saying you are unworthy!

and MaestroISSIMO, no teasing. I say what I see. My father taught me to be honest EVEN if it falls on harsh ears and read by wicked eyes.

Life is too short to hold our beautiful thoughts and wait till the person dies and then we say all kinds of sweet nothings.

YOU do look like a Native Indian too. Very Apache'ish and Navajo ish and and and....heehee.

Gosh, I have been having a biu ddi ful today on LJ, writing poems with Paul and now chatting with you.

and now I shall return to my waiting chair in the back deck and breathe in the pine scent.

YUM! Can't help it! Had to say it. ihihihihihih

you're totally right, wick...we should NEVER allow ourselves
to keep Beauty (no matter what form it has in our eyes and
mind) off of our lives, because of some funny or stupid or
self-protecting convinctions and behaves...I consider a BIG
compliment lo look like a native Indian: always loved their
deep culture and its ties to moon and water - as you know,
I also have an indian name and was "adopted" by a family of
natives, years ago...glad that you had such a biu ddi ful
one!, and to have given my tribute to your lovely peaceful
rest in the back deck!

l'ultimo haiku me piace un SACCO... e poi, chi e' questo Nettuno dimagrito? :-D

YUKKITY...hai ragione, sono ingrassato di ben due chili!


Oh my gosh!

Sei il mio ITALIANO preferito.

Re: Oh my gosh!

oh no...passi la moglie, ma IL MARITO!...hee hee hee!



Looking good, man! :))

Sorry, it was me

heee heee heee...YUK!

Lookin' good!!!

Ulysses sama
After long wondering on mediterranean sea, you have stopped on the nest of seagull in Amarfi that is called [鴎庵]


becomes a seagull
cool summer



「ou an wa ・ o tomo to issho ni ・ atsukunatte」

this gull's hermitage
becomes more and more so warm,
as I stay with friends

夜かもめ 「鴎庵」

Thank you Ouan sensei for nice haiku.
It is real haiku having 575 rhythm.
I will make up a little your nice work.


ouan ha
tomo to itsusyo de
atataka shi

atsuku 暑くis hot at temperature.
atatakai 暖かい is warm at heart,including warm temperature.

Nihon-go is delicate , I think as Italian is delicate.


very many thanks, sakuo sensei - yes, nihongo IS delicate
and EXTENSIVE for true! in italian (delicate language as
well) I only could count on the many MEANING nuances of a
same word, "calore", to say that peculiar warmth of heart,
so correctly and easily expressed by your appropriate and
different 「暖かい」...also thanks for the kind change of
my 「に」into the correct「で」!

夜かもめ 「鴎庵」

You are true excellent student!!
Quickly you have mastered Japanese mood,
Wonderful talent!




(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thanks indeed for the "effortless elegance and class", which I seem
to my eyes not to possess in such a big measure, NE!...as for the
tan, well, it was time to use "my sun and sea", I wasted'em for
an infinite time!...and I'm absthemious, my dear, totally definitely
unalcoholic at present, since about 20 years: even on new years' eve,
I ONLY drink Fanta...that one was an innocent straw-sipped oragina,
ne! (;-P