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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"my" St.Francis

...oh well, I haven't been ONLY "touristically lazying around"...

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the Franciscan Friar you can see in this pic created here in my homecountry a big "cappella choir" and
has been its director for 40 years: I was asked to realize an important HOMMAGE À in the occasion of
this anniversary...I am sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but I stupidly forgot to take as usual
some pics myself, so I had to ask the singers - anyway, it's a Cowley's goat vellum, about 26 x 34 cms,
gilded in gold leaf, where I first wrote the gregorian notation of a GLORIA: from the upper musical line,
a bunch of sparrows fly towards the capital letter, to be directed in their singing by St. Francis himself,
while a novice hidden behind a curtain stares incredulously at the scene...below, some dedication lines
and my signature: here you are the best image I have:

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wow.....this is absolutely gorgeous! what a lucky, lucky Friar :)

yes, it looks like you have been a busy one.

i love the colors and the birds and the overall piece is nicely executed.

busy for true, bette!...in summer it is VERY hard to
get to the right humidness and cold climate needed
to lay the gold leaf correctly, into a house!...but
I'm very satisfied of the work, it looks good to my
own eyes, I admit...thank you!

What beauty! You are a master.

as well as YOU are, my dear - I know your
nice works, lerochka introduced me to your
beautiful page...allow me to thank you and
to pay you back the same compliment.

super! come sempre!)))

...e scommetto che questo ti piace più di altri,
vero, fifi?...so bene che i soggetti religiosi
ti "catturano" di più!

Il tuo lavoro è bellissimo come al solito... e la foto con il Padre Francescano è veramente ben riuscita: i miei complimenti as usual!

...apprezzo moltissimo lo spartito in alto sul folio! Come omaggio al direttore di un coro polifonico mi sembra una grande idea!

mi è costato un po' di tempo in ricerche, andy,
per trovare la giusta notazione musicale...sai
quanto sono pignolo e perfezionista in certe
cose, soprattutto in questo lavoro - grazie!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I was sure I had friended you, FC...sorry sorry!
I will do it immediately! and many thanks for
the usually too big compliments!

amazingly beautiful! What dedication and mindfulness to create such a piece of work.....

warm wishes,


thank you, choshi 様...it is TRULY a work of dedication,
because of its own nature - I appreciate lots the word
"mindfulness"...this last one is often unrequired, but
I have seen too many scribes and calligraphers working
around their "art" with a too LIGHT MIND - and I don't
like superficiality, no matter whether the work is MINE
or done after the needs of anybody else...thanks again!

I read here Padre del Pizzo, don't I?
the native town of my friend Giovanni you had seen him that summer... a small town in Magna Greece where I was in churches and might meet all those people...

this August I am planning to spend in old Greece - not so far from you again :)

but I am here today to say you happy birthday to you and to wish very long flight to you, kamome!

oooh, it is finally possible to speak with you again,
at last!...your mailbox ALWAYS send me back my mails,
and LJ messages often go unheard...how are you? yes,
you read right, and it is possible that you've seen
the choir in southern Italy somewhere...it is good
to know you're going to come back - I'm not living
in town anymore, but on the coast as you know, so
maybe it is time to pass here and enjoy even one
day together...it is not so far from Magna Grecia!
thanks as well for your birthday wishes...I'm an
old (but NOT WISE, eh eh eh!) man now...

happy birthday once more :)

...if you could only know how often, walking along your lj-seashore, I think: thank you for being, Kamome, dear... :)

Re: happy birthday once more :)

...kindest words flying on this shore, sent by a splendid Person,
allina dear - you know how hard (nearly impossible) is, lately,
to read and reply/say/speak/communicate with you? I, too, think
about the same, and SO VERY often - I'd like to "see" you more...

Happy Birthday, Gabbi!

Hello my friend,

Let me be the first to extend Birthday Greetings to you. Wishing all the best life has to offer. Through ups and down, lets embrace the joys of life.

Many, many happy returns!


Re: Happy Birthday, Gabbi!

hey ya...you're back at last - longEST holiday, NE?
I was beginning to concern about your unusual silence and absence...deers?
sunsets? a pilgrimage to Pueblos? everything is possible if it is you the
matter, LOL!...but lots thanks for your kindest thought - I'd like to charge
you of two tasks: 1) unfortunately, the WORST part of my generally still
acceptable memory sadly FAILS about birthdays' dates: would you mind writing
a list of common friends and your own one, and send me it? LOLOL!...2) IT IS
ALSO SAKUO'S BIRTHDAY TODAY, what can we organize for him?...and - ya meanie
one!, I'm still waiting for your snail mail, GRUNT!


Happy birthday, Kamome!


ciao, Tsikori Sama!, grazie...we are missing you lately, you know?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

eh eh eh...an ALL ITALIAN gift, dear claudia!
and I had never heard "operatic", that sounds
(and makes me appear) SO VERY IMPORTANT, lol!

thanks thanks thanks! ;-)




Re: おめでとう、鴎庵さん

I hope you too will enjoy the small video that
I've posted on your beautiful latest LJ pages!


Belated: Happy Birthday to you!
I send you my impression of Nara.

thank you, DaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaaaa....ih ih!
and - I had already seen some similar pic,
maybe on your LJ - but I find it SPLENDID
anyway, that deer looks SO FAMILIAR with
those old people sitting - such a PEACE!