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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
new faces

my "new faces": this first photograph was taken yesterday at the "ANTARES BAR", in our Minori's
lovely small square, where I use to have my very personal "lemon coffee" a couple of times a day...:

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...the other one is recentISSIMA, only two hours ago: I had had my "logo" tattooed many years ago in its
previous shape, so that the weight of age took it to a true collapse - I decided therefore to cover it with my
current one, bigger (yes, some too much, I know, but that was a need) but finally in its actual form...now
wicapis and I share something more - at least, we both have a nice inflammation of our derma tissues!...:

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I came over here snooping :-)

fabulous tattoo!

care to add a friend to your list?
I can't promise to be very active in comments, but I do take time to browse.
My life has gotten insanely busy, and I'm grateful to be healthy enough to enjoy it again!

I'll add you as a friend, and you can peek in my journal - if you don't feel it's a good fit, no harm done, eh?

this really is great ink!
I've never even heard of lemon coffee!

Re: I came over here snooping :-)

you're the welcome, and I'm also glad that adding you
will allow me to see your splendid photographic works!
glad as well that your health improved - never mind WHEN,
but, as well as I'm taking my time to run over and back
your WHOLE LJ, I'd be very honoured if you would take a
little time to run mine back...I dare think that, beyond
such a funny "newspaper page", you might find something
more interesting and worthy...please feel at home herein!

Re: I came over here snooping :-)

I'm so happy to hear from you this morning!
I'll go snoop around some more now, I just didn't want to make too much of an intrusion...before I was invited to do so


Re: I came over here snooping :-)

glad once again of making your morning!...

I'm very curious...

how did you know of my health problems?
I'm so grateful to be feeling better, and living life again!

Re: I'm very curious...

YOU TOLD ME, anaya dear!...right above, in your first post
herein - sorry for mentioning, it wasn't meant to be else
but a healing and deephearted welcome!

Re: I'm very curious...

oops, silly me!
I may be healthy, but I'm still (apparently) sleep deprived!