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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
new faces

my "new faces": this first photograph was taken yesterday at the "ANTARES BAR", in our Minori's
lovely small square, where I use to have my very personal "lemon coffee" a couple of times a day...:

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...the other one is recentISSIMA, only two hours ago: I had had my "logo" tattooed many years ago in its
previous shape, so that the weight of age took it to a true collapse - I decided therefore to cover it with my
current one, bigger (yes, some too much, I know, but that was a need) but finally in its actual form...now
wicapis and I share something more - at least, we both have a nice inflammation of our derma tissues!...:

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arrivo anche io con il mio commento... belle foto Fernando! Ti trovo in gran forma in queste istantanee. Perdonami, ma dopo il mio ultimo post, ho scarsa voglia di internet... questo "mood" passerà! ;-)

capisco perfettamente, andy - grazie per il commento,
e ascolta: LJ è stato di grande supporto per me, e sa
esserlo per tutti i membri della sua bellissima comunità,
per cui tornaci più spesso...è un buon posto, per curare
certi momenti.