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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
new faces

my "new faces": this first photograph was taken yesterday at the "ANTARES BAR", in our Minori's
lovely small square, where I use to have my very personal "lemon coffee" a couple of times a day...:

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...the other one is recentISSIMA, only two hours ago: I had had my "logo" tattooed many years ago in its
previous shape, so that the weight of age took it to a true collapse - I decided therefore to cover it with my
current one, bigger (yes, some too much, I know, but that was a need) but finally in its actual form...now
wicapis and I share something more - at least, we both have a nice inflammation of our derma tissues!...:

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here you are, bette...its a double italian coffee, and you
have to put into the coffee machine filter a fresh lemon
peel PEELED to the bare yellow and thin - so that all the
essential oils are SQUEEZED out by the vapor and better
melt into the "miscela"...thanks for such a celebration,

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mmmmh...naaah, I use to have my coffee and tea
as they are, to keep all of their AROMA - just
some rough cane sugar, just sometimes, and very