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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
new faces

my "new faces": this first photograph was taken yesterday at the "ANTARES BAR", in our Minori's
lovely small square, where I use to have my very personal "lemon coffee" a couple of times a day...:

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...the other one is recentISSIMA, only two hours ago: I had had my "logo" tattooed many years ago in its
previous shape, so that the weight of age took it to a true collapse - I decided therefore to cover it with my
current one, bigger (yes, some too much, I know, but that was a need) but finally in its actual form...now
wicapis and I share something more - at least, we both have a nice inflammation of our derma tissues!...:

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wicapis and I share something more - at least, we have a nice inflammation of our derma tissues!...:

ihihih! Hi Gabbi! It looks great. ;-)

so I see the ciggy too! we share that habit too, same brand on top of it! and more legs please! more more more! ;-)))

I am smiling now.

"legs"...? omg, sorry...I only have toothpicks!

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OMG OMG OMG..."luscious, beautiful, biblical"?!?...YUK YUK!


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dear Chief Inspector...the Malta Knights Order was created and first settled HERE
(about the year 1119), and that is a Malta cross of the order: we all Amalfitani
ARE historically "Cavalieri e Fratelli del Sacro Sovrano Ordine Militare degli
Ospedalieri di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme, Antiochia, Rodi e Malta" - Amalfi
is the only town allowed to wear their cross in a blue flag instead than a red
one...and, theorically, as their first convent/hospital was one of the houses
facing the sea belonging to my mother's family since the Xth until the late
XIXth century, I myself should still be the only owner of the "wake chapel"
here in Minori, where the Knights used to spend in prayer the night before
a battle or the journey to "outremer"...the Malta Knight title and quality
is in heritage to both my families since the XIth century - although you
only investigated a napkin holder, LOL!

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Ouch, it must have hurt to get that tatoo, but it's very nice!

naaaah...I got asleep while Maurizio worked at
it, LOL - this is my official FAMILY KAMON, ne!


thank you! i loved seeing a new photo of you, dear gabbiano. and seeing your favorite bar hang-out. lemon coffee sounds good. i'd like a cup please :)

you have a fine looking yorukamome chop on your arm closest to your heart :) glad you did it!

[ celebration hugs ]

here you are, bette...its a double italian coffee, and you
have to put into the coffee machine filter a fresh lemon
peel PEELED to the bare yellow and thin - so that all the
essential oils are SQUEEZED out by the vapor and better
melt into the "miscela"...thanks for such a celebration,

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oops.....upon closer investigation that is your right arm! .. . .it is still close to your heart.

yapp, I also have one heart on my right side, SKREEEEEEEEEK!


figon, figon!)))))

lo so, lo so...ci sono signore e signorine che fanno
la fila, qua davanti, quando esco di casa...ih ih ih!

arrivo anche io con il mio commento... belle foto Fernando! Ti trovo in gran forma in queste istantanee. Perdonami, ma dopo il mio ultimo post, ho scarsa voglia di internet... questo "mood" passerà! ;-)

capisco perfettamente, andy - grazie per il commento,
e ascolta: LJ è stato di grande supporto per me, e sa
esserlo per tutti i membri della sua bellissima comunità,
per cui tornaci più spesso...è un buon posto, per curare
certi momenti.

Italian handsome boy!
What's a nice guy, You are.

If I say it in Japanese, 粋なお兄さん!!


I came over here snooping :-)

fabulous tattoo!

care to add a friend to your list?
I can't promise to be very active in comments, but I do take time to browse.
My life has gotten insanely busy, and I'm grateful to be healthy enough to enjoy it again!

I'll add you as a friend, and you can peek in my journal - if you don't feel it's a good fit, no harm done, eh?

this really is great ink!
I've never even heard of lemon coffee!

Re: I came over here snooping :-)

you're the welcome, and I'm also glad that adding you
will allow me to see your splendid photographic works!
glad as well that your health improved - never mind WHEN,
but, as well as I'm taking my time to run over and back
your WHOLE LJ, I'd be very honoured if you would take a
little time to run mine back...I dare think that, beyond
such a funny "newspaper page", you might find something
more interesting and worthy...please feel at home herein!