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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
a shot of love

"...amor, ch'al cor gentil ratto s'apprende..."
(Dante, CHOMŒDIA, Inferno, Canto V)

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...Words of love - what you all friends have written to me in this occasion: that's why, apologizing now with You All,
I'm removing the whole "quarrel-with-myself" and all the comments about Wikipedia's functionalities and functioning,
whether mine or Yours - please believe it is not meant to be one more presumptuous behave: I thought I only had to
be grateful and glad for the too big gift and honor I have just received, and simply leave here the link to "my page",
and my poor essay to reply to Your love with important Words - true, and beautiful, and deep as I could never
write...thank You, my splendid sweethearted honeyvoiced LiveJournal People.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

only if it is a silver precious dust, Madame...LOL,
don't tease me, doc! maybe you won't believe me, but
I have tried repeatedly to modify that text, that I
find TOO SELFCELEBRATING and totally POMPOUS...and
I'm also sure that wikification HURTS LOTS!!! )))

ps: ....I WILL ALWAYS remember the LITTLE PEOPLE, my
beloved elves fairies wizards and magicians of LJ!

BEH...!! Suppongo di "conoscere" chi sta dietro tutto ciò... ;-D)) mi dispiace solo di non essere riuscito a collaborare, ma come ti dissi per telefono, non sono molto pratico con Wikipedia... comunque uno spazio meritatissimo: Artisti come te è sempre difficile incontrarli. Onoratissimo.

mi confondi, andy - sono lo stesso di sempre, solo che adesso
anche gli amici sanno di me qualcosa più di prima...un guaio!


SUPER! te lo meritavi assolutamente! pero io non posso collaborare a scrivere - non conosco tanto bene inglese...potrei solo tradurtelo in russo se vuoi!)))

grazie, fifinette...ma, meriti a parte, tutta quella
MONTAGNA di roba è troppa già soltanto in inglese!


here I am ))

wow! that's great, dear! :))
at last, somebody's done THE RIGHT thing! :)
I'm not sure I can add or modify smth... but I'll have - for sure - a great pleasure of reading about you on those pages :)

(forgive me my poorest english - I miss SO many words and rules...)

Re: here I am ))

BLAH!, you have never had a "poor" english - and I'm not
sure as well that the THING was RIGHT, lol! )))

That's wonderful--do you know who put it up for you? So cool :-D

iie...zannen!, if I knew before him/her, I would say BEFORE that
this "intro text" (a semi-unknown booklet published about me back
in the years) was a "celebration", and suggest to change it at least
into something far "lighter"...it sounds, as I said above, so very
pompous and hypervalueing, ne?...

Sorry that I can't help. What a pleasant problem to have! It was great to see your (unverified) history, it must have been breathtaking to see all that written about yourself...
BTW, it was cool to see your haiku on your other site that is linked to the article, great stuff.

sincerely, my friend - the ONLY thing that everyone can
"verify" is my history as an "art operator", although
it mainly was in different domains back in the years:
the text you have just read is actually what can be
found in a booklet speaking of me, printed on occasion
of one of my earlier exhibitions...believe, I found it
cool as well!


gabiano san,
I have seen Wiki page.
I know you are a big man in Art field.
I could not understand why do you wish to be written in
such big dictionary?
I think you are enough to be famous and beloved man.
Is there any marketing idea or some of advertising idea?


(no subject) - (Anonymous)   Expand  
(no subject) - (Anonymous)   Expand  

wow! a wonderful write-up on you, dear gabbiano :)
i'm enjoying visiting the links, too.
lots of interesting information about you and your achievements that you have worked very hard for and well deserve the exposure and credits.


oh come on, bette dear - you know how we spoke about that as no
more than a joke...yet I don't know the origin of it becoming
true, and as you can read in the above reply to sakuo sensei
there are some things I'd sincerely like to modify...but I'm
very glad and proud, I admit again: thanks for your comment,
but the basic idea of some months ago was aimed to find you
all my friends on those pages, and MAYBE myself among you...



Congratulations. YOU are a man of many talents. YOU deserve noteriety for all of your hard work for the many years you have dedicated to the language of your heart. YOU are poetry in words, art, images, calligraphy and the discipline in martial arts. YOU know we are your fans. Some of us here have known you for quite some time, and I know that you will not let this change you. YOU are simple in your friendships and very true to your essence. For this I thank you and am grateful we met.

Now, when are you coming to pick cherries at my place? We are still waiting, you know the short people like Bette and I could use your pony tail to get a lift up the branches. ROFL.

Seriously though, Gabbi you are a good choice to be recognized publicly for your humbleness especially. That is what makes a person more attractive in life.

PACE my friend,

Wic without a stick today.

"without a stick"...?! you're teasing me, wic: such an endless load of
compliments IS THE HEAVIEST BIGGEST STICK you could ever bring here!!!
if I had ever (and "seriously"?...YUK!) thought I was but half of all
that, you could only find me hidden in the farest silent nest on the
highest most lonely cliff of this world - too much for a poor shy guy!


...but hugs and thanks to you - I'm trying to grow my ponytail stronger,
so that Lil' Cherry Ladies won't risk a BACKEND BUMP on the floor...YUK!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

toujours bien gentille, yulya chère...mais c'est Dante
qui marie si joyeusement ses mots avec la douceur du
cœur de Personnes autant belles que sa poésie...telles
que TOI, tu en es un example vivant - merci!

Everything about this picture is so lovely--the calligraphy, the sentiment, the flowers in silver, the wooden frame--everything!


夜かもめ 「鴎庵」