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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

"she walks in Beauty, like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies
and all that's best of dark and bright
meet in her aspect and her eyes..."

(lord george gordon byron)

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....yes, such strange a post, I suppose you all mumbleing - well, it is a moment carrying me years and miles back through myself,
where very new (yet very old as well) impressions/moods/sensations do pile (literally, I'd like to show how they "accumulate") one
over another in thick layers - and in unexpected spaces of my mind and heart....I mean, I'm finding it hard to get back to some
"normality", and I'm still under work pressures unallowing me to sit and watch at myself with enough ease: I came to LJ because
I had promised myself I would post something "saying me today" - and the only image that truly (and SO simply!, I myself was
astonished by how decidedly clear this object came to my mind) was able to hit my....I even don't know what to actually call
my mood at present, should I say "my mind" or "my imagination"?....was this piece: a very old picture I painted many years ago,
knocking down the western wall of a house I was living in at that time and BLUEING the whole scene and figure with the same
evening colours I could see outside the window - a real scene, yes, that's why I'm wondering why it comes now to have (silly?,
mysterious?, hidden?) ties with my today's life....oh well, no need to mumble too much about, I too: here you are "the thing".


Beautiful!!!! journying back through yourself to a surce....

thank you, choshi 様...so very nice to welcome you back
on these funny odd pages "journeying to the origins":
I myself don't know what path my thoughts are running
since some months...maybe you're right, it's sort of
"re-walking along myself" till a later past life very
similar to my "newer one" of today...

lo sai che e' molto forte sto quadro...

...e tu sai che non ce l'ho più? è dal mio amico del "BAR 52",
sperando che si decida ad appenderlo - io non avevo spazio!

very nice - i love it !
the woman and her bed seems to also be in the image of the sea and mountains.
the colors are beautiful. how neat that your art from the past returns to you so strongly.

thank you, bette dear - as you wrote in your latest post
(the "monkey" one), we sometimes need to recall things
and remind ourselves who and what we were when these
same things were born into our mind and taste and

Who knows how our subconcious works? Let's hope we never know because someone will market it, sell it and then any spontaneous work like this will lose its beauty and mystery! ;)

yes, who knows?...and you're totally right,
let it be like that, never allow any market
to IMPOVERISH our endless souls and zen-like
immediate minds - thanks for underlining that,
and for your "untold compliment" as well, my
dear friend!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

oooh...too a big and important comparison, dear claudia:
but I can say I have been having so very many "BLUE"
periods, LOL!...it is true instead that since I've moved
back here, this "revisitation travel" is taking my mind
and imagination far more than I ever might suppose...so
thank you for both the compliment and the ILLUMINATING
zen saying - I often happen to forget these sentences,
lately...must be age?

There are many meanings to draw from this paiting. The things I noticed the most other than the obvious, is the window slightly ajar where the color of the sky can be seen, the lamp (like a Tiffany lamp) beside the bed, shows it's reflection on the night stand (table), and the book, and two letters still in the envelope with seals on them. By the way, is that book a bible? ROFL?

A parting lies ahead...

that is what I get from this beautiful woman's face. As if she and her lover are soon going to go their seperate ways.

Tastefully done.

once again, what a Sherlock Holmes you would have been!...it WAS a tiffany
that I myself had (poorly) crafted at the atelier of some friends, true
Maestri in the art of glass - the letters were real and mine to her, both
still unread that day, the book (THE BOOK, I mean!) was - and IS today,
and will always be in the future - my beloved I CHING, whose company and
teachings and help I treasure since more than 30 years...and yes, we were
unfortunately going to be separated soon, as Life is often very mean to
her own sweeter side...thank you indeed, wic (ROFL too, by the way!)...

Non posso dire che mi piaccia... però si fa guardare! Ma non sono sicuro di avere capito bene... era dipinto sulla PARETE della tua vecchia casa?

devo dire che spesso, pur tenendolo come uno dei miei "importanti",
ha dato perfino a me stesso momenti e sensazioni di - come dire? -
"sgradevole impermanenza"...ma ho sempre amato raffigurare luoghi
e avvenimenti reali della mia vita, e allora è rimasto com'è nato
e dov'è nato per anni...quanto al muro, intendevo dire che questa
era realmente la mia stanza, che quel pomeriggio era proprio così,
e che per far ENTRARE IN TUTTE LE COSE il bellissimo blu di prima
sera che tingeva il mondo là fuori ho mentalmente e pittoricamente
BUTTATO GIU' la parete ovest...

Sometimes past things just speak the present better than the present.

I feel for you... it is hard after a loss, you wander around, wondering what to do, how is the world the same world, where did that person go?

I like the stained glass lamp, the letters, the ocean beating against the cliff.

Is she sad? or angry? or thoughtful? the woman in the picture?

oh, well...I know for sure she was LOTS grumpy, for she didn't
like me to draw sketches of her - one of the very few times I
happened to ask somebody to "pose" for me like a true painter,
which I am not... ;-D
...as you can read some replies above, I've just explained the
whole situation to wicapis - you said a great truth, therefore
I'm doubtful and surprised after this strange choice: what is
there of similar between these two moments, what pushed me
to post right now right THIS image?

なるほど, I understand.

As for why now... some things are a mystery. I am imagining, though, that you are still feeling bereft after the death of your mother, and maybe one sort of loss makes you recall another sort of loss, even if the separation from this lover no longer has any sting at all...


(どうぞ、こんな絶対に BLEACH! 日本語をご免下さい:

hey appreciate the comment about nimue. I read the short story about it and when I have time, would love to read more about the subject of that lore. I think your comment's gonna be deleted again though lol. heyes said that comments can be in tanka form only.

thanks for explaining that, I was just wondering
WHY I couldn't read my own replies...and glad to
know you enjoyed - the book is SEVEN DAYS IN NEW
CRETE by Robert Graves, the great english historian
now disappeared...I thought you knew well it, and
it IS worth reading...thanks for the compliment,

夜かもめ 「鴎庵」