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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]



haha no me ha ・ amasa o itte'ru ・ shashin kara

my mother's eyes, saying Sweetness from a photograph

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(Ma’ at the age of 19, 1937)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(Ma' at the age of 86, 2004)

...you dearest friends suggested me to write something about my mother – well, we often say as poets that we all happen many times not to have Words...and, although Poetry is the real key, the very true underwater main stream to all our arts and skills and features, this time it is not poetry for me: I don’t want this to appear like sort of a "celebration", but Ma’ is at present in very bad conditions, and I need to say how I’m living in a continuous suspension stress, awaiting for "the bad new", the "sad phone call"...

...I go see her even more than once a day in the Rest House where she is, but I can’t be near her all the time: sure, I've been told "Ma'had a good life, Fer, and you've been a good son" - I try to realize these words in my mind more and more, but I'm afraid I only can remember my BAD SON's moments...I hate to "caress" myself, and find it hard as well to calm my soul by such a soothing and consolatory position...

...so this post, as I was saying, is just one of my lonely moments – when billions images and Words and moods and feelings come to my mind, to my inner eyes, but I don’t know if I’m going to feel as strong (and shameless together) as to write and post such a page later, "when" ......you know, NO-POETRY is often too a private thing to feel easy at sharing with the whole world.


I understand how torn and troubled you must feel, for so many reasons. I am sending friendship and support your way!

Your mother is a beautiful woman, so full of appeal in 2004 as well as 1937.

Take it easy, seagull-san.


Mi dispiace di non averla conosciuta durante la visita a Minori... vi assomigliate molto, specialmente nella sua foto di gioventù. Sia io che Valeria ti siamo vicini.

grazie, andy...soprattutto per il "vi assomigliate".

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I don't know what culture is yours, claudia dear - but such things
also exist in my one, although it traditionally is not a male son
to do that...and knowing myself I suppose I would do that too, but
I know as well I couldn't: as you nicely said, heart is wiser than
head...neither can I say now what I will do "when", Words are too
often too poor - allow me now to thank you for your understanding
and sympathy: you too know well how to express yourself in a truly
touching beautiful way.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

...I had supposed the pict root because of almonds, and the celtic
because of flannel, dear claudia: your Mum too was lucky to have
her whole family, and her daughters to devotely follow your
traditional ceremony...thanks for your good words - be quite
sure that I don't share anything with the Mersault's attitude,
but admit such feelings to hit everyone's mind in such moments.
and yes, Ma' was a very beautiful woman, which adds a deepest
sadness to my daily seeing her now...thanks again.

I just came home Gabbi, mon ami

Hello Gabbi,

I just came home my friend from a trip so I am sorry I did not respond as of yet.
It is SO great to see you honor your mum, this moment. While we have this moment. There is a deep bond between mothers and sons as there is between fathers and daughters. I am touched by your feelings for your mother and also admire your courage to share your deepest thoughts with us. After all, before- we all came to know you....there, in your life, there WAS MOTHER! From the begining, no one CAN ever replace her. A mother who knows YOU better than anyone of us could EVER imagine.

By the way, she looks VERY biu ddi ful, very sophisticated! She has biu ddi ful eyes. She has also aged well.

By the way, in the second picture, below the desk, there is a picture of you...yum. Very handsome bloke. Who is that woman next to your picture?

Re: I just came home Gabbi, mon ami

yes, I had noticed your LJs were not updated within your usual delays...thanks for
sharing my moods of today, and let me say it's NOT courage: you know, wick dear,
I was one of those totally convinced that internet and its contacts were the
perfect spot for all the OUT-OF-HEAD of this world, so that I used to be very
careful and far from such relationships...but I know now that it all depends
on one's IN-OF-HEAD and choices to live so well and pleasantly herein, right
after meeting such splendid people and excellent souls: no courage at all,
just the courage (and maybe some pride?) to say my NON-POETRY...

...YUK!, what a detective you would be! that pretty woman was a girlfriend
of mine years ago, she took that photograph of me: that's why the images
were put together and remained both in that folder for years - they're
still there, I could never separate nor move'em anywhere else, just a
"romantic" behave - sort of things we all carry along our lives, NE?

still there, I could never separate nor move'em anywhere else, just a
"romantic" behave - sort of things we all carry along our lives, NE?

YOU are such a romantic Gabbi. Now how old were you in that photograph? Also, where is that pretty woman now? YOU don't have to respond if you wish not to disclose. I am just a nosey one. LOL!

Well, my friend, I am so glad you poured your heart into honoring your mum. YOU will be happy you did it, one of these days.


Kamome San, I was the first son of my mother who loved me too much.
I was weakly boy, so she always had to take care of me.
I have a mark of skin burn on my belly that was made by my mother.
She warmed my stomach with hot towel so that it made my skin burn.
She has gone now.
I remind her ,looking on my mark of skin burn with tears.

Oh my destiny

tears and laugh

with my Mum



heso to kizu
haha no syomei ha,
hukai ai.

a wound and a navel, my mother's signature - her deep love.

夜かもめ 「鴎庵」

doujyou no shi wo arigatou

ana to no shi ha watasi no kokoro ni fukaku tatsushi mashi ta

Thank you, Kamome dono殿 for your sharing.



夜かもめ  「鴎庵」

Edited at 2008-12-15 10:40 pm (UTC)

dear gabbiano, i am so glad you posted pictures of your beautiful mother. i saw your likeness in her immediately. the picture of her pretty face has been in my mind ever since i laid eyes on the photograph.

and then in the 1937 photo, i am reminded of that certain glamour of that time....not often seen today.

claudia has given you some most beautiful thoughts and comfort in her words. she has comforted me, too! knowing that your mother is close to her last days is difficult to face. i still have both my parents and so i cannot know the exact deepness of your sorrow. but try to celebrate her life and your good memories as much as you can now and even later when you will need them the most. photo albums, memorabilia, etc... help us to grieve.

what is your mother's first name? what is her favorite color? when i pray and send healing thoughts i like to know such things :)

my thoughts and Spirit go out to you constantly.


thanks, bette dear...but I need to send you back to the main page
of this post: so strangely, as if I had known before - Ma passed
away today, about noon - and I'm just back home, organizing for
funerals (thursday morn) and sitting here with all the strangest
sensations one ALWAYS feels in these moments...you know, my old
people slowly TAUGHT me their death along their paths of suffering,
but to REALIZE the thing when it lastly happens is so very different...
thanks again - by the way, Ma's first name was an unusual ELVIRA,
although everyone knew her as RAFFAELLA, and I don't know much about
the colour - I suppose the deep blue.


oh dear dear gabbiano.....i have no words but just love for you right now. tears in my eyes and heart.

beautiful Raffaella
the deepest of blue
surrounding you...
wings of angels and gulls
return you to Universe


Hugs and Peace to You.
stay in touch as often as you can.
i understand that you will be busy.
take good care of yourself and your family, dear.

sorry, that was me above. must have timed out my log.

Bette :)

I knew it was you, bette dear...even before reading the
whole reply: what a beautiful heart you have...thanks.

Peace be with you.

thanks by heart, my dear friend.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

grazie ancora, Claudia...I'm back on this post nearly
oneyear later, but my heart is still so sweetly soothed
by my friends' Words and Thoughts...thanks again, truly,


So sorry for your loss. Ah, there's nothing to say in the face of death. Sending you lots of love.

thanks for your "no words", 浅き夢様...it's life, ね?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

merci pour TES mots, julie...oui, il n'y a pas de mots,
mais derrière il y a le coeur, que tu exprimes si bien...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thank you, claudia dear...I'm not being able to come online
too often lately, as you can understand: I missed work for
a very long time, and we are nearEST to the schools' closing
term of june - so that I'm in the need to restore every HOLE
in my work path with my five classes before the end of may...

...UGH! :(