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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...after writing a reply on a b_oki page, I decided to share my funny face of a goofy "monk" with all
my LJ friends: you must know how, on our yearly Lay Member's Day Exhibition, the Society of Scribes
and Illuminators always propose a parallel, smaller work for the calligraphers to present: this year, the
project was a LETTER TO THE HISTORY to be imaginarily addressed to some famous historical name,
so I sent one of my parchment paper envelopes - trespassed by a long toothpick that I had shaped
like a real arrow, and "middleage way" roughly handwritten - that I had addressed to the


hee hee!...but one of the previous years I had sent - for THE WALL OF CAPITALS - my own F, joking
on my earlier youth's cartoonist experiences and my real scribes' activity, and you can see here the
result, LOL!...the piece below, absolutely made within the same original middle ages' techniques as all
my other works, was actually sized 8x8 cms...enjoy then!:

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SUPER, super bello!!!! ma allora, ti ha gia risposto Robin Good?

naaaah, non ancora - sarà impegnato a MENARSI con lo Sceriffo di Nottingham, hee hee!


heehee! The floating Robin Hood to Sherwood forests!

YUK!....I knew YOU would enjoy TRULY, lol!

i love this piece. your self-illustration is very good. and i love how you seem to be cradled in the sickle-moon.

it so colourful :)

thank you, bette, hee hee!...but THAT is not a sickle moon:
if you pay a closer attention you'll realize that where I'm
sitting isn't but the lower arm of the golden "carolina" F!


shreeek! oh yes...the carolina F! of course :)

how comfy you look, sitting in the sickle moon stroke of the carolina F :)

there....i still snuck in my sickle moon ;-) hee hee

YUK!...you're funnier than I am, bette! let's go swing together on the
next-to-come sickle moon...we'll be two CHILDREN OF SILVERWHITENESS
laughing and teasing and picking up all the stars we can grab...YUK!

This is very interest picture that en charm me much.
You said the real size is 8 x 8 cm.
What kind of paper is most favorable ?
Please let me know.


thanks, sakuo sensei...well, I made it on my
usual heavy parchment paper - there are many
good producers of that, best papermills have
their own kind and quality around the world:
as for me, I'm now buying a normal one and I
can sand you some samples - I used to do it
in my friends papermill but at present she's
abroad on business travels, so I need to buy!

There is good stationary shop in Ginza that is named Ito-Ya,
I will ask them about your said paper.
May I ask them " Do you have parchment paper? "
Or "do you have paper for printing calligraphy ?"

thank you, sakuo.

sure you can - just memember that parchment and similar papers
are made with a particular glueing, so that inks are often and
randomly "rejected"...I mean that the surface is NOT absorbant
everywhere the same, so I often need to lightly "scratch" with
a lancet or a THINNEST abrasive paper, then press with some
very smooth object, then try my brush/pen again, paying closest
attention not to allow ink to be sucked by my scratched area...
yes, you should ask for parchment paper, and the best quality:
remember, sakuo sensei - not always THE THINNEST IS THE BEST,
for if glueing is too light the paper won't be of good quality!

The scribe looks just like you!

It is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece of work. Such a pleasure to see!

...but IT IS me, hee hee!...thanks, such a small thing!

only 8x8 cms? Vorrei vederlo nel suo "original size"... è un bellissimo lavoro Fernando... anche sullo schermo del pc riesco ad apprezzarlo! p.s. sbaglio o è in "leggero" rilievo?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

un'idea MOLTO simpatica!! :-)))

sì, ho usato granito sintetico vero per le "arcate" che decorano il bordo
e un bel "gesso" levigato a tondo per il gilding...mi spiace non poterti
accontentare, ma non lo possiedo più: sai, alla fine del Lay Members' Day,
questi FUNNIES vengono spediti "random" agli stessi creatori, così ognuno
avrà una testimonianza del lavoro degli altri - è una cosa simpatica, no?

All jokes aside, I am very impressed with the details on the outfit. At the bottom of the pants and around the wrists. It reminds me of Islamic artwork. Most Islamic architecture has such details. Perhaps, I should just say, very mediterrenean.

all jokes aside...I drew it that way by joke, LOL!
but you're right, there are many similar samples of
decoration in all our mediterranean art styles.

It is very graceful! You use what materials?

oh well...embarrassing question, I use LOTS!, but you can
have a look around my previous pages and get an idea of
what my items are like...thanks for the kind compliment!

Than you work (a water color, oil painting, distemper)?
I see at you medieval tradition of a miniature,
and would like to understand, whether you use ancient technics.

yes, I make use of ALL the ancient techniques to realize and craft
all my writing/illuminating items...as I said before, if you don't
get bothered in scrolling back my LJ pages, you will know far more
about that - I use to list all the techniques and items below every
work I post: you will often find also compositions of inks and colours.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thanks for coming and for the comment/compliment, dear
pilgrim 巡礼者様....well, I AM a medieval one, ne! and
the "funny me" was supposed to be EXACTLY sort of such
an illustration: although a joke, it's really an image
of me at work...LOL!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)


夜かもめ  「鴎庵」