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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the bridge is a rose


well....I have right now posted this song on a wicapis page - but it immediately came to my mind how it was time for me
to thank all my splendid LJ friends by the poor gift of such a jewel: this wonderful, unique song has been the comforting mate,
the sheltering refuge, the adult lullaby, the beloved soundtrack all along the years of my youth...and I'm proud to say now that
I consider YOU ALL to be my new found youth, my warmest cozy shelter all along the hard paths I'm running along through these
last years: you are for me this song and all its meanings, today:

so from deepest my skies, by deepest my heart - thanks all you FRIENDS,

夜かもめ ・ gabbiano ・ 「鴎庵」


and i am grateful to be this song and its words for YOU.

you have good timing, dear friend, for it is what i needed the most lately and especially today.

thank you for being a jewel to me, too :)

i hope my thoughts and friendship bring cheer to you :) !!!

very glad to have met your needs and inner deep wish,
dear bette - we all need SO OFTEN to know we are not
alone...thank YOU for being here again,


Thanks! :-)))

...you're welcome - and THE welcome, andy,


Just the right song--thank you, thank you! As it was for b_oki, it was for me too, just what I needed to hear right now. Yes, someone to dry each tear.

Thank you, 夜かもめ-sama.



Grazie Gabbi.

YOU are truly a special friend. A gifted one at that. I will always treasure our friendship.

Ganbatsute ne!!

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Good timing and good song that will encourage you much.
Cheer up, Gabbiano San!!
Bridge over troubled snow.


Re: Ganbatsute ne!!


夜かもめ  「鴎庵」

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: for gabbiano

thank you for coming and BEING here, now as well as ever, claudia 様.

夜かもめ  「鴎庵」

I watched her for years,
now she grows in my heart -
invisible rose

beautiful poem saying wonderful treasure:
thanks for the precious gift of your Words

夜かもめ  「鴎庵」

Thank You for your kindness, dear Gabbiano!

Somehow I mised this post.
A true classic and one that my 3 year old daughter likes as well!
I have met Paul Simon and he is a true gentleman and very generous with his time and advice.
Thanks for the memory1 ;)

never mind, you're here now...and I'm a luckiest one to please
also your little Beauty's enjoyment! it's nice as well to know
of you and Mr. Simon, a true genius in my personal opinion: you
were lucky too!...very many thanks for this kind reply,



Domo Arigato


yes, choshi 様, beautiful...you're the
welcome - and it's ME who say "thanks".

夜かもめ 「鴎庵」

Thanks. Fine rose, wonderful song, magic Камоме.

thanks indeed for your compliment, so much bigger than mine!


Ciao Gab!
Come stai?Che si dice a Minori?
A presto!

ciao, 愛子様 (perchè sei tu, vero?)...bentornata!
quando vieni a farti un giro da me? io dietro la
collina sto, mica in giappone, ね!

sorry, dear,
my Net do not allow me to listen to music
but I'm sure this one is smth very special... thank you for it! :))

oh, easy to find that out, allina dear: just search
SIMON AND GARFUNKEL "bridge over troubled water"...


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

bien, ne le sois pas, jalouse, ma chère...il est vrai,
c'était TA ROSE - mais il te faut admettre que les amis
méritaient en rejouir quand-même: aurais-tu su trouver
un "cadeau de cœur" aussi beau et "sensuel" pour leur
exprimer ton affection TOUTE HUMAINE?...souviens-toi
que je suis une mouette, pas un bipède: ma personnelle
"sensualité" est bien différente que celle des humains...

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