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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

none of you would ever believe that – we had the most incredibile hailstorm on man’s memory here, and it was
the first spring’s day!...you can see it coming from west, and these (notice the haildrops on my camera) are the
only photos I could take – it was totally impossible to do (even to go out!) later, and in the end we had some 30
cms of frozen snow/hail, all roads blocked, traffic bottled, car accidents, no power no phone lines no water (the
tubes got frozen too, and SO quickly!)...it took me more than half a hour to drive downtown: by my car I had to
literally WALK the steepest 200 mts way down from home: believe me, NEVER seen such a thing, my whole life
long – back in time, I can remember how this strange crazy country of mine offered to my eyes snowfalls, sea
tempests, terrible storms, true floods, enormous waves covering the distance from shorelines to central squares,
conchshells and seaweeds on the churches’ steps, 200 mts from the beach...but nothing like that!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Current Music: billie holiday, "stormy weather", 1933

gosh! What a weather experience. However, as you know I LOVE the snow! YOUR city is VERY, VERY, Very beautiful.

It's hard to fathom the sea and snow all in one image. That is just fabulous!

ok, fabulous...but WHAT an "experience", wick!...and we've
got since two days cold water dripping everywhere - roofs,
windows, steps, balconies, lemontrees and everything seems
to be LIQUEFYING in a dirty icy endless river of mud, GRUNT!

beh! Questa mi giunge inaspettata... vabbè che per scelta concordata io e Valeria viviamo senza Tv, ma proprio non ho sentito nulla ne su internet e neanche sui giornali! Il mondo sta cambiando, è evidente! E noi che ti pensavamo al caldo... ;-))

seeeh.....ai tropici, me ne vado!.....

...trovo comunque SPLENDIDE le sfumature del cielo...

vero....ammetto che era affascinante, come del
resto ogni burrasca, qui: uno spettacolo unico!


infatti...avessi sentito qualcuno raccontarlo,
non ci avrei creduto io stesso - grandine, non
neve!, e non parliamo delle strade ghiacciate,
immagina com'è guidarci ADESSO, in costiera!...

ohhhh... unbelievable!

i hope, it's over now... ?

thanks the Great Seagull, it is over...although
Madame Spring seems to be very lazy, this year!

...Madame Spring is visiting us here... :)

I know, I've seen your pretty pics - although my personal warmth
does generally not include INSECTS etc (I know, this is truly a
"non-buddhist" feeling, but it's not my fault, I literally HATE
them) I appreciated THIS one anyway...YUK! (;-D

only these ones are my favourite :)
others I like as a photo :)
(my brother is born entomologist - so I have a great immunity)))

i definitely would! seeing as there was a marvelous hail 2 days ago here in rome! those are some wicked pics though. :-)

mmmmmh, I heard that on TV - oh well,
"the times they are a-changing"...YUK!


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

too kind as usual, dear - but this time it was not "my" work, LOL!

So now you, too, have some of the snow--and here in springtime too! Life is strange! In your photos I noticed the citrus fruits in the first picture--so strange with snow!

sure, dear Yume Sama: this is known as THE LAND OF LEMONS...just ask
sakuo3903, la_tisana & andreochka WHAT SIZE
they can reach (bigger than my head!) and HOW SCENTY our early mornings
are among all these trees...I can STEAL them by my window, hee hee!

Oh terrible scene!! I couldn't suppose that warm Amarfi is covered with much snow.
How inconvenient is your life. I know well your road is hard everywhere you may go.
Please take care not to slip on ice road which should appear after big snow.


そうです、作雄先生は分かる気がします! あい、この道が困難のだ・・・でも、



When you couldn't go up the road where is so hard, you would better
use backward gear, after turning your car.
Take care not slip on icy road, especially in morning.
I am in anxiety much because you are born in warm Amarfi just like me born in warm Shizuoka.



などです・・・。 (^_^)

夜かもめ 「鴎庵」

jyubun tyui site kudasai ne!!
I have tried new style blog on my site that is referred to andreochka's vodka.
Please come to see my site.


It's Autumn here in Melbourne and it reached 37 degrees today!
I remember a hailstorm in Sydney that smashed my car and destroyed about 1000 roofs of houses.
Sometimes we forget that nature is so powerful...it puts us in our place.


37° in late autumn?...UGH, you lucky man! (;-D
...but you're right, this world is definitely
settleing upside down - wonder WHERE is "my place"?


please read my reply on your own LJ page...and be the welcome!


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

malheureusement, ce n'était pas neige, mais une terrible grêle...de toute
façon, je dois le dire, c'était absolument fascinant et féerique, tu sais?