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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...hee hee hee...for all our lazy LJ friends to know, and finally make up their minds,
get a plane a lorry a jeep a car a camel a no-matter-how-moving-anything and come
here...while "cleaning" her camera, Madame Fifi has just found this short video she
unexpectedly took of andreochka and I, while sitting to enjoy a coffee at the whole
world through most renown "Sal De Riso Pasticceria"...so warm, to be in november!

PS: yes, I know...the toad-faced guest is not inviting - but the place, at least,
could tickle your wish of holidays - and your palate, if not your busy minds...!
so, just to be more "inviting", I'm adding a better (well, I hope!) soundtrack to
the images above...to say the whole truth, this comes after a repeated and as well
inviting/tickleing request by Sakuo Sensei, who has just taught me how to use of
YouTube to post my own musics: so, for once, my guitar Selvaggia and I are playing
for our LJ friends a Vinicius de Moraes' song, "euridice", after the version by a
young and excellent guitar player, whose arrangement I have "stolen"...:

PPS: I know, again...BLAH, I'm such a goofy at manageing with these things,
I had to move to my beloved Photobucket - yes, it sounds too weak, I hope
your PCs are tied to good speakers...and that it is worth listening!


Oh my gosh! Donnie Brasco is a film that has setted a fashion: "FORGET ABOUT IT"! ROTFL!!! LOL!! ;-D)))))))))))

...e "chettelodicoaffare" te lo dico pure io! Bella sorpresa, mi hai fregato (oppure mi sono fregato io con le mie mani...)! :-D)))))))))))))

ih ih!...con buona pace di Donnie Brasco, vi ho fregato tutt'e TRE!

That sneaky Madame Fifi!!! I'm soooo glad she was sneaky so we could see the two famous calligrapher and haijins chatting away!!!

oh btw....i do not see any toads in this video! only duo attraente gentlemen!

i am saving my money for a trip to see you and this one lazy girl is going to learn Italian!

yapp, sneaky one...and I'm glad to hear about your italian,
it will be good to have you as a pupil here sometimes, LOL!
("due attraenti gentiluomini"...but it is evident how you
still don't manage too well with my language - there only
is ONE gentleman - andreochka...LOLOL!)

Oh, c'est juste beau. Oh, si beau!!!! I loved every bit of it. Especially the coversation between you and Andre. The scenery is spectacular. Gosh, it's like watching a movie.

Very tempting to go and see your lovely, country.

well, there's more ( and FAR better, YUK!) to see here
around, wick - come soon have YOUR coffe and sweeties!

How fun! I like the sound of the Italian--it would be fun to be where everyone was speaking it! And where the wind is rustling in the fronds of those palms!

...come and have all that, Yume Sama!

I see the paparazzi have found you as well! Or was it Scorsese? ;))

...hee hee hee!...


Yatsu ne~~ やつたね~~Kamome chan!!
Wonderful video that you have uploaded.
Come on your music that you played or is your favorite.


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my guitar Selvaggia and I are playing
for our LJ friends a Vinicius de Moraes' song, "euridice", after the version by a
young and excellent guitar player, whose arrangement I have "stolen"...:

OH! MamaMIA! Gabbiano! Your gifts are beyond measure. I want to marry YOU. Heehee! MY GOD!

You paint, you do caligraphy, you play the guitar, you do martial arts w/swords...you write poetry...endless your talents. And all of this you accomplished in one lifetime?

That is it. I am flying over to Italy and we are going to the registrar of marriages TODAY. NO need for rings and all that BS. Okay, ladies I get first dip. I made the proposal first. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!

Oh, I own some excellent speakers so I could hear every string strum...the tune is very evocative. There's melancholy in the melody as well. Ok. If I were to describe the sounds, it sounds like listening to the waterfall...very serene.

mmmmh...you're right, mate - I often pray to have an at least 48 hours'
long day: too many things, and no one of' em well done!...as for the
(SKREEEK!) marriage proposal - I don'think to be all that excellent
choice,LOL! and YOUR HUBBY wouldn't be so happy about that...YUK YUK!

Just came back to hear the guitar--so liquid and lovely! wicapis is right, you do so many things--talents for all the senses! A true Renaissance man--which makes sense, as you are in the birthplace of the Renaissance!

アアー・・・赤面してるよ! but my own renaissance is due to you all friends,
and to my being here on LJ - believe, I'm not joking, 夢様, neither this
is a "captatio benevolentiæ": if you all could know me and my daily life
some deeper you would know how true is what I've just said...


la tua musica e' bellissima. mi dispiace TANTO di non aver avuto il tempo di ascoltarti da vivo...(((

YUK...preferirei "daL vivo", hee hee! "da vivo", detto
così nella frase, vuol dire QUANDO ERA ANCORA VIVO...
...quanto al tempo di ascoltarCI, io e Selvaggia siamo
sempre qua, pronti ad accogliere gli ospiti...YUK YUK!


Kamome san, you are real professional musician!
But I think you are more skillful and heart-warm than pro-musician.
I couldn't listen your guitar without tears dropping.

I am very satisfied to get your heart beating by your guitar.
I am in confusion because I don't know how to convey my excitement!!

Many thanks to Kamone great musician as well as heart warm poet.


Re: Sugoi!!


夜かもめ 「鴎庵」


better one time see when 100 time hear.
and better one time hear when 100 time-------@

welcome and thank you, ellisha...although I must admit that
I haven't exactly and completely understood what you wrote:
please forgive me if, in my presumption, I dare suppose that
to be a compliment...

I believe that one glance from you in my direction....would leave me breathless.

I AM breathless right now, after reading THIS!...YUK,
are you sure that your health improved also after your
optometrist's judgement, LOL?...every time I look at
THIS, I think "why did I allow myself to post such a
horrid movie view of me?!?"...