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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
sempre più vivo...

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more and more red more and more lively the afternoon on my seatown - these golds and reds and
blues, the highbeam sun reflexing to the pavement of a small road bound west...that piazzetta I love,
down there, is now a globe of goldorange light – the gentle waves are a path of splendor, the horizon
a violetorange fire of Divine purple...this way, it is easy to measure the road I have been running, yet
to understand the distances – this way, I learn the rout to get back to myself.

- support: vellum (ram), approx. second half of XVII century;
- size: irregular, ca. cms 18,03 x 23.09;
- quills: swan, turkey (left wing medium rowers);
- colours: sepia, brown;
- ink 1: "ferro/gallico" (with nerofumo & oak galls);
- ink 2: "tannico" (with wine & olive cenders);
- gilding: raised gold (leaf, 23.1/3 kts.);
- hands: gothica pristina, "false-uncial", capitalis rustica;
- bottom left, embossed with the "night gull (yorukamome)" seal.


this way, it is
easy to measure the road I have been running, to understand the distances – this way,
I learn to get back to myself.

Very nice! It falls in the dynamics of Philosophy. running to understand the distances............MY! Bellisimo!

"the dynamics of Philosophy"...? WOW!, I'd never
believe I had reached such heights, hee hee hee...
but thanks lots: I knew you would enjoy that!

" No man was ever yet a great poet,
without being at the same time a profound philosopher.
For poetry is the blossom and the fragrance of all human knowledge,
human thoughts, human passions, emotions, language. "

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

thanks by heart - I often happen to forget that the most beautiful
Words ever said about Poetry can only be written by true Poets...
and I luckiestly happen to count some of them among my Friends.

Vous êtes un grand philosophe, Gabbiano.


oh...vous le croyez vraiment, Madame?...ou bien
n'êtes-vous pas en train de vous moquer de ce
pauvre poulet tout blanc?...ih ih ih ih, YUK!

Let me know if my french is wrong...

Oui, Monsieur. Je le crois vraiment. Votre art est plein de la philosophie, mais pas n'importe quel poulet.

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Re: Let me know if my french is wrong...

no language can ever be "wrong" when it is understood,
wicapis dear - what better evidence of this statement
than my "speaking so many"? it is once more obvious how
barely and horribly I manage with ALL of them...but, jokes
apart, your french seems to me very good - you probably just
need to get some more accustomed to, some more daily practice!

(by the way...I'm a chicken, ok - but NOT ALL THAT FAT HARLEQUIN!)

WOW! Beautiful EVERYTHING - writing, lettering, gilding, inks, etc.

my favorite from your writing is: "...violetorange fire of Divine purple..."

will this piece be on display in april also?

to think that this vellum is from the 17th century just blows me away.

I'm confused again by such a comment...no, bette dear, SSI's
members are only allowed to exhibit one piece that Day: this
was the "other half backend" of my dear old ram, and I tried
on this folio a work with some new items - already "tested",
obviously, for it would be a true shame to risk and destroy
an ancient piece so hardly found, although the conditions of
such objects, when they come to my hands, are often truly a
pity, and the hardest work is always to take them back to an
acceptable status...I need to say, I myself love that sentence,
it sounds to my ears as the real CLIMAX point of the whole page.

it appears i am the confused one, dear gabbiano. i have forgotten that you can only exhibit one piece :) sorry :)

i am glad that you also like this same line as i do :) and yes....CLIMAX is a good choice word for this.

lol...naaah, you're right, it's ME who wrongly suppose
everyone to know my stories, and who act goofily because
of it - but it is true, CLIMAX seemed to me the correct
definition to point out the central meaning of my whole
speech...thank you again!

...tutti noi siamo persone con pregi e difetti, questo è ciò che credo...
un'altra cosa è la genialità. Questo lavoro ci mette tutti a confronto con la TUA genialità: lampante e indiscussa. Ogni complimento può essere superfluo... grande folio, grande scritto, grande lavoro. Ogni millimetro trasuda sembra volermelo ricordare.



...ed io conto di me largamente più i secondi (i difetti, intendo)
che non i primi...anche se mi sento onorato da un tale commento,
non posso permettere alla vanità dell'artigiano di spingere da
parte la piccolezza dell'uomo: tu mi conosci "live", per cui
sai che non è altro che un po' di talento, parecchio studio,
e doti avute in dono tutto il resto...ma grazie comunque!

So very pretty! As always, I love your little animals.

非常に親切な、浅き夢様、どうも有難うございます...they all were born in YOUR
existence, for dreams are the birthland of our fantasy and heart...ね?

I bow your composition.
The basic color is 渋い sibui that we call nezumi iro 鼠色 that was
used in Edo era. The sibui color assist the red of letters.
Highlight is top mark!! 
I found your seal mark very interest that located at the top of
I wonder how can you make it glitter with gold color.


I bow to your kindness, sakuo sensei, you always pay
me the greatest honour...sorry if I underline that you
haven't noticed some of the "items lines": what you call
a "glitter" is NOT an ink nor a colour, but a true thin
leaf of gold laid on a basic support traditionally called
"gesso", whose recipe is VERY PERSONAL and sort of the real
(and NEVER revealed!) secret of a scribe, because its more
or less rigidness/elasticness status makes the quality of
"gilding" better or worse...and the technics are obviously
very ancient - no teachers in that, more than all for me,
I use to ONLY follow original infos and recipies dating
back to middle ages - I consider my true Maestro to be
Cennino Cennini with his "LIBRO DE L'ARTE", dated about
1275, as well as many others and totally unknown scribes
who wrote real treasures in crafting and writing.