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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Jonas and his Monster

you all happened very often to read me speaking of Ravello, "la città della musica", the splendid town
(we call it here "il balcone di Dio") that you could see lying on the ridge of the hills facing my house’s
windows - and I’m sure that many of you know far more than these few words about it (anyway, you
can check http://www.ravellofestival.com or http://ravellotime.it and their related links)...
...well, I have been thinking for my nearly whole life that I had to pay sort of a "heart tribute" to such a
Beauty...which is an impossible task to afford - but while working to my latest folia I thought the right
time had come for me to try a small first essay to that...so, here it is:

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the image of Jonas swallowed by the marine monster (“pistrice” its medieval/after/latin name) mosaicised on
the main church’s AMBONE - the rised marble/wooden support meant for the priest to speak to people during
the rites and liturgies - in its original and in my personal interpretation…

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vellum (goat) approx. first half of XVIII century;
turkey, major and medium left wing rowers;
ink 1, dark brown, "ferro/gallico";
ink 2, deep red, "carminium";
colours: terre verte, outremer, lead white, emerald, cobalt, shell copper;
hand: uncial;
silver leaf 925% on "armenian clay (bolo) green”;
size: slightly irregular, ca. cms 17.02 x 24.03;


Your talent is BEYOND is measure. My words will not do justice. This style of artwork reminds me of [American] Native Indians' works/painting/pottery/ & jewelry. There is precision to the details.

I wonder how your mind handles the stirs of your thoughts? Is this one way to release your inner dialogue? Did either of your parents paint?


sincerely, I still don't know whether my mind is good or not at "handling" with what you call
the STIR (and I the CHAOS) of my confused-too many-too silly thoughts...neither
do I think I have ever RELEASED this screaming-yelling-shouting BABEL always boiling
in my pot-head...and I can't remember anybody in my family painting, although most of relatives
were peculiarly known for some strange-some way "artistic" skill or hobby...music,
for instance, all the males (father grandfathers uncles), and excellent sewing and embroidery
all the females, but never seen a brush around me, neither anything drawn-sketched...thank
you once again, wick, I will tell you something more on our seashore!

mi ricordo di averlo visto in anteprima questo tuo "Giona e la balena": sullo schermo del mio pc è molto più grande che nel mio ricordo... molto bello veramente. Mi piace molto come il tuo Giona ricalchi quello del mosaico pur distaccandosi notevolmente, in un tripudio d'argento...

seeeh, lo so, forse ho esagerato a RICAMARE con l'argento...troppo
"leccato", come dire, "piacione" - però non mi è parso male, alla
fine, ed ho deciso di postarlo lo stesso...grazie, NE!


You captured it perfectly! In fact, I think I like your Jonah even better than the original (though the original is very very lovely too...) I love also all the curls and arabesques in gold on the blue, around your initial letter.

kind of you...TOO kind I'd say! that mosaic (and the church around it)
are in my heart and mind one of the most beautiful and untouched samples
we have of that era: please, check Ravello online, it DESERVES a visit but
once in life, believe me!...by the way, the curls are made of copper powder
(metal powders were once kept into real shells, that's why these powders to
glue on a piece are commonly said SHELL GOLD/SILVER/etc)...浅き夢見た様の非常

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

bien, c'est tout à fait personnelle...je suis désolé de ne pas
ajouter quelques traductions en français, mais tu sais, il en
est de même pour tes pages en russe - beaucoup d'amis qui ne
partagent que l'anglais, donc...voilà, je crois enfin que le
sens d'avoir posté tous les deux (le VRAI chef-d'oeuvre et ma
LECTURE) soit clair quand même: j'espère qu' au moins les mots
aient eu une traduction de ta part...et merci bien!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

ah, je le sais bien, chérie!, comme tu peux le voir,
j'ai répété plusieurs fois "translator/traitor", c'est
à dire TRADUCTEUR/TRAITRE...la chose la plus impossible,
je crois, que de traduire des vers en se tenant à leur
signifié - mais surtout à leur ARMONIE DE SON!...

This is hard to understand for me because I am not christian and didn't
know about Ravello that I thought it is the name of famous composer.
I have researched them around web dictionary.
The things that I understood are Jonas and Ravello.
Jonas appeared in the Bible who was idle student of Christ.
Ravello is the famous city far 7 km from your Amarfi.

Oh suddenly i can read and understand your poem!!

This is not my death
for I was born in your breath
of silvery divine seadawns.




well, sakuo sensei...you're right, beyond its
most beautiful position dominating the whole
Coast, Ravello is widerly known after Richard
Wagner's staying here, where his "Parsifal"
was composed - the musician used to say of
this place "Klingsor's magical garden is
found now" - but the smallest ancient town
is also renown for its history and monuments:
and I was not meant to relate my post to any
"tradition" nor "religious" path (as you know,
my personal belief lingers to many different
forms coming from many different "religious"
thoughts)...I like very much your translation:
sumimasen, gakkoo ni desu node kono pasokon de
nihongo no kaki IME SYSTEM ga jya nai, ima ha
watashi mo kurasu he ikanakereba naranai...
taihen doumo arigatou gozaimashita,


this is very beautiful :)


thanks, dear...I thought you had already seen that,
but always a pleasure to read you, no matter when!