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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
光 ・ hikari

...as promised I'm adding here the pics of the lamps I’ve made at
my friend’s ceramics atelier...here you are, hope you’ll like them:

- on the entry small terrace:
「光 ・ hikari 」 LIGHT;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

- in the kitchen:
「水 ・ mizu 」 WATER, 「永 ・ ei 」 ETERNITY;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

- in the living room:
「道 ・ dou 」 WAY,PATH,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

「刃 ・ ha 」 KATANA,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

- in my nest:
「巣 ・ su 」 NEST, 「思 ・ shi 」 THOUGHT, MIND;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

「書 ・ sho 」 WRITING, 「夢 ・ yume 」 DREAM.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(by the way - in this last one, FEROWNO the teddybear and GOO the gorilla say "hi y’all friends!")


gorgeous! )))
you knew I like it! ;))

yes, I knew...now I can say a better BE THE WELCOME!

Thank you for inviting me in! I loved the tour--so nice to see your calligraphy and paintings, and the sense of light and air in your home is wonderful!

thanks for coming, be the welcome!...私の巣へようこそ。


OH MY! I 'm happy to see your cozy and artsy place :) love the ceramic shades you've made - very nice, gabbiano. especially the Japanese characters you have chosen and their placement. so appropriate, SIMPLE and MEANINGFUL.

thank you for sharing ;-)

meant to also say that i enjoyed your art gallery tour as well.

thank you!

I just happen to have a few square meters of walls, so that
ALL my things are concentrated in this smallest room...YUK!

very comfortable feeling with the lightning signs!
I like it

...be the welcome, have a book chosen from some shelf,
just sit and enjoy, reading and sipping my coffee...LOL!


J O N A T H A N! I'm breathless! speechless! Beyond mesmerized. You are an artist in more than a million ways. It' just unbelievable. Now, I really want to go to Italy. Of course I know I cannot stay at your nest but I can visit right? Mygoodness. Gabbiano...It is decorated with taste. Simple, elegant...such a touch you have for interior decorating. Fantastico!

Re: Speechless!

mmmmmsseeeh...."BLA BLA BLA", but I'm still waiting
for you to ring at this door and say YUK, HERE I AM!

by the way...the nest can guest two people, just as
it was for fifi and andreochka...if it's in the summer,
I will hang an amaca off the terrace for me to "SWING・LEEP",

In the last image I can see your phone. Ah...gonna call you NOW! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! Rrrrrrrrrrrring...answer the phone, Gabbiano. LOL! Also, ehem is that Marlboro's? WE smoke the same brand. See you did not know that huh?

YIPPEEEE!...are you coming here on a horse and wearing
your funny DavyCrockett's hat, with the "marlboro man"
and a conestoga filled with OUR BLONDES?...YUKKITY YUKK!
EXCELLENT NEW!...you must know that I turn on and happily
FORGET billions marlboros (flip-top-box) a day, as I dive
into a work a discussion a reading a no matter what...then
I turn back to the ashtray to collect my BLONDE, I realise
it's over again and I turn on one more - which means I only
enjoy PASSIVE SMOKE, lol! - at the end of every "session",
my room needs to be whitened again and guests come in with
a torch and a gas-mask....hee hee!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

et il est accueillant aussi...merci pour le compliment à
MON goût, qui semble être en tout pareil au tien.....NE!

The Stylish house. A cosy nest. :)
Камоме sama, you are a Wizard all the same!

I like your japanese works in frames on the walls... a bit more than those old european... and these new ceramics with your light calligraphy!

well, please place your second half of that photo as I have placed mine in Norman's Map of Haikai Friends.

I really was very happy to visit you at your home!.. I was very happy to see all of that in life...

and I need to learn japanese a bit a lot more! :)

btw, have you downloaded my TV-rip of that performance in russian and japanese?
the time becomes to be expired and I need to remove the bigger file(s)...

ciao, diev...welcome to my new house! sorry for your
performance, but it didn't allow me the download, don't
know why - I will try again after achieving the settings
of this new PC I had to buy (the previous one decorously
got to its end) - I have joined the Map, but I had not
understood "my half" and I put there a different photo:
as soon as it'll show me too among friends I will also
correct my mistake, NE!

Oh Kamome san your room are decorated with many Shodou that are all nice and
well fitting to your room mood.
They are ceramic Lamp that we ,Japanese couldn't create this type of art.
Very fine!!

thank you for sharing.


先生を前に招待しなかった御無沙汰を致しました。 作雄様は私の


kzzarola! come mai? non ho visto questo tuo post! l'ho scoperto solo adesso! che bellezza, mamma mia! ci voglio ritornare)))) bacioni, hai una casetta BELLISSIMA!

...mi unisco a Valeria! Come mai non l'ho visto prima? Cosa ci combini, eh? Le lampade sono superlative! Complimenti!!

beh...ve le avevo anche spiegate - non è cambiata poi
molto, la casa, solo un po' più "vissuta" e curata...
grazie dei complimentONI, esageratONI! ;)

it's ~all~ so beautiful!

yes...we use to think too often that paradise is elsewhere, NE?