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yorukamome [userpic]
a strange Christmas time

this is going to be a strange Christmas time…oh, I won’t mention once again herein unpleasant troubles and so on,
not like me boring friends by endless moanings…unfortunately, I’m not sure that I’ll be able and in time to send all
my wishes/cards/gifts etc, so I’m trying with this simple page to prevent any “off time” or “missed delivery”…I said
myself that nothing would suit any better to say my mood than these two hyperused, too common, too often unheard,
always superficially understood Words...HEART 「心 ・ kokoro, shin 」 and FRIENDSHIP 「友情 ・ yuujou 」...now, by deepest
my heart, from this sea perfumed, lemon scented, light whitened "nest/scriptorium", may you dearest all keep in your
own souls and hearts the Music of the Spirit, the Eye of the Being, the Caress of Being Toghether, and please accept
my best wishes of a warm, splendid, peaceful Christmas with all of your beloved ones,

夜かもめ ・ gabbiano 。

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Current Music: bing crosby, "white Christmas"
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...neanche il tempo di lamentarsi...

Questo lavoro è bellissimo! Amo il suo ASSOLUTO minimalismo...
Perdona la mia forse sciocca domanda, ma... il "logo" rosso in alto a sinistra (che ho già visto su altri tuoi lavori, certo...), posso considerarlo il tuo
"japanese-ex libris" [??]

Re: ...neanche il tempo di lamentarsi...

beh, no...è il kanji per KAMOME, gabbiano, nella sua scrittura originaria
(si legge OU), ed è il sigillo che ogni shodouka giapponese usa per firmarsi:
me lo sono inciso da solo, e ne ho fatti anche per i miei amici, a volte...
è una cosa un po' dura da fare - ed esiste anche un' "arte dell'incidere
sigilli", nella tradizione sino-nipponica...lo so, mi è venuto proprio
maluccio, ma mi accontento!

спасибо!счастливого рождества!

to you too, lenesyan sama - also thanks to lerochka!

dear dear gabbiano....

you have chosen the two most important words for your heart-brush to stroke for us!

such beauty in your heart is seen in your art.

i am saddened to hear that you have to experience difficulties at all and now especially during this Christmas season.

but if i can add the slightest happiness to be added to you, i send it in my thoughts and prayers! :)

i am very very happy to see your brush and paper have met by the sea and thank you so much for sharing with us and for your Christmas message!

Peace, Love, Friendship always,
Bette :)

too too too kind of you, bette dear - Words are worth,
but nothing without Ears and Hearts to keep them...let
me THANK you not by simple typed lines, although "big
and important"...but once more by deepest my Being,


ps.... I LOVE these words of yours!!!!!

"...now, by deepest heart, from this sea perfumed, lemon scented, light whitened "nest-scriptorium"

so beautiful. i am breathing in these lovely aromas right now :)

oops...me again :)

this morning i am not quite awake yet and my brain is slow, but i meant to add my humble wish to your lovely words:

"A Blessed Christmas to you!"

I hope to be posting a special greeting for my friends at my LJ some day soon !

LOL! ))) never mind...and I CAN'T WAIT, do that the soonest!

夜かもめの書度はとってもすてきです!「友情」の 「友」の字は 特に 大好きです!


I like to experience this beauty this way--intangible (I can't hold the paper), but so moving! And this way, you can share it with all of us so easily...

Thank you!



those are very beautiful, thanks for making me come over here and read up. get my head out of the petrarca for a moment. i hope my mother told you that she framed the haikus that you gave her as well as the shakespeare. they are proudly hanging in her office! as for mine, well, i have to have a permanent place in this world before i think about such grandiose displays, but i keep them safe and cherish them.

i'll be in italy for a month, my cell number is the same as it was when we came to visit! and obviously, i'll be around online from time to time. only 6 more days til my flight!

...and I'm PROUDER as well because of the attention that you
and Paula are paying to my poor things, KinaKina...let me know
when you're here...and come see me with Emanuele!

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je sais, eh eh! ))) pas de problèmes, julie chère, de même je
sais bien que tu vas être encore online, un de ces jours...merci
de tout mon coeur pour tes voeux - à tout à l'heure, donc!

NO PRESENTS FOR US? tsk, tsk, tsk!!!

Whaddaya mean? You mean you are not SENDING US all presents? I am making a report to Santa Claus. LOL!

Thank you for your thoughtful wishes & greetings for this season. And wishing you much tranquility. May the sea breeze evoke poetry & creativity for the days to follow.


Re: NO PRESENTS FOR US? tsk, tsk, tsk!!!

I've repeatedly asked you for your snail mail address,
but I always happened (maybe) to post my unkind request
on pages that you don't open anymore, perhaps...shall
I ask again, or will you be as kind as not considering
me a too intrusive and bad elevated one, to have presented
such a direct DEMAND to a kindISSIMA nicISSIMA Lady like you?

Just beautiful Gabbiano, Heartfelt Friendship.....Lovely sentiment and images, thank you for the invitation.

Warmest of wishes



warmestEST of thanks, also for accepting my unkind "invitation"...LOL!

da Marianna

SALVE PROF! (è più forte di me, uffa, ma non ci riesco come devo fare???)
come vanno le cose? il Natale porta gioia o depressione? per me è una festa stranamente ambigua, in quanto avendo una famiglia poco unita, vedere la gioia delle altrui famiglie mi mette il dito nella piaga ecco, però se lo passo in maniera piacevolmente diversa, magari posso dire che è un "magico" Natale.
Io preferisco PASQUA, forse perché adoro la primavera, quell'aria speranzosa mi predispone diversamente verso il mondo. Ho sempre detestato l'inverno...penso che le mie energie positive o come diamine si chiamano, scendano sottoterra in quel periodo o funzionino ad intermittenza...come certe luci natalizie (beh si adeguano forse, ahahahah)

io spero che la la luce di queste energie positive sia sempre perfettamente funzionante per lei...
un abbraccio a presto!!

Re: da Marianna

UFFAAA!!!...con 'sto "lei, prof" etc etc!!!
quanto all'inverno, escludendo poche immagini
più da "sensazione" e da foto che da vita reale,
pare che abbiamo un'iradiddio di cose in comune,
aldilà della nostra (magra, povera, ormai bruttina)
professione, no?...aaah, aprile!

quanto poi alla "maniera diversa", beh...salta in
macchina, regalati mezza giornata di BASTA A TUTTO
e vieni a goderti il mio thè verde e i miei silenzi...

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Re: da Marianna - (Anonymous)   Expand  
Re: da Marianna - (Anonymous)   Expand  

Dear Kamome sama, thank you for the warm greeting coming from the deep of your heart. The writing in the pictures is both beautiful and elegant.
I wish you the same. Let the magic of Christmas be with you, and let you fly as high and freely as you wish.

...and allow me to express my unchanged wish, that
you and our friends can join this fly the soonest,


Merry Christmas, Kamome!

Let your new home be always full of friends and loved ones

yes, tsikori様...that's why I'm planning to


I could hear

Thank you for your Christ mas Greeting.
I could hear Bing Crosby, "white Christmas" that bring us happy Xmas night.
And ,,, what splendor Brush work are they?
You are really great Syo-dou sensei.
Your Syo looks to have very naive feeling.


Re: I could hear

now I am VERY embarrassed, sakuo sensei: coming from you,
these words are not only a simple "compliment, but a great
honour you pay to this truly "naïf" shodou eternal student...
sonna suteki na sanji o doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

white Christmas -
the time of red gifts
a time of me

nice, diev...for so a PERSONAL way to say the "inner christmas"
and the gift of ourselves that we can every day make to others!


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