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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...well, it is true that humans only look at us when they need to feel some free...

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...SKREEEEEK!, you all - I AM BACK!...nobody noticed that?
(and I have some pics of my new nest: click comments' page!)



well, I have noticed)))

and I'm coming with a BIG BAG! hihihi (per i regali, ecco!)))

sto scherzando!

LOOOL!!!! ;-D)))

Mmm, I can feel the water around your toes, kamome! Good old ocean....

and such a clear sky and sea, for being
the end of november...we still have 20°C
here, and there are people still swimming!


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I didn't know that Seagulls had nests!

BTW, I won a bottle of red wine in a haiku contest in Melbourne last week. When I open it I will toast your new home and Andrea and Valeria's marriage (maybe I will need to open two ...) ;)


I'd say THREE...


Your new castle

I found your residence that has wonderfull veiw that I could see
behind three bonsai!!
And your daughter is cute like as bon sai!!
I watch firstly your working desk on which you place excellent
pens and brushes.

I hope you must put a cup of japanese tea (yu no mi tyawan,湯飲茶碗)
beside the desk.


Re: Your new castle

作雄様はミノリへ行くの時に茶の湯を錆びます・・・! ;D


Wow; I'm glad you're back! and in that great ambiente! You can see the sea from your balcony! I envy you deeply :-)

Actually, I haven't much time to support my 日記, 'cause of a lot of studying (hehe). Strange, isn't it: I've finished my studies, I'm Magister now, but this is not enough. So I visit an graduated course "Book- and Media Praxis", really interesting, but - alas! - very time-thieferish.

But I don't give up!
P.S. By the way, do you like Tommaso Landolfi?

oh, don't mention me study, please, DaDaSama...I kept
on doing it for years, and still I am now: the strangest
is that I discovered I'm doing FOR MY PLEASURE, lol!...
..about landolfi, I only read years ago "cancroregina"
and "a love of our times" - and I found him one of our best
and less known modern authors: I hope I will find some time
to read more and increase my knowledge, he deserves that.

Hello, dear Kamome san! You've almost survived that chaos of moving - good for you! Your home looks like a very happy place - at least it is happily situated, and I would like to think it will have the very same effect on you.

I like that beautiful old wall that can be seen from behind the balcony (terrace?). It's presence is really comforting to me, for I have fear of heights. The view is grand, I should say... Exactly what the doctor ordered for the birds of a particular kind.

Gaya looks happy and lovely! Does she live nearby?

Did you grow those bonsai trees yourself?

ciao, welcome back, vash 様! nice to read you right HERE,
and nicer to hear you say you noticed my bonsai: no, I was
gifted all of them in various moments of my life, and always
been told about their presumable age (they're OLD, you know?).
thanks indeed also for all your compliments: gaia lives at the
moment a town near her university (she's 22 y.o. and she studies
"Architecture and Technical Design for Moda anf fashion"), but
she will be hopefully graduated around next march, and she'll be
back to amalfi (4 kms west from here) to work and live there...
well, "hopefully" again: her specializing is very peculiar, few
have followed this new Universitary Fac. (at present, only some
80 people in the whole Europe, I'd dare say)...
...about old walls nice panoramas etc...come whenever you want
and enjoy: it's all yours, Beauty hasn't got any owner nor landlord!

da Inserra Marianna (e chi è???)

Carissimo prof Lembo, ma come mai si è assentato così a lungo?
trasloco? il mio inglese è pessimo, quindi lascio un saluto in italiano...
ciao ciao

Re: da Inserra Marianna (e chi è???)

ciao, Marià - che so benissimo "CHI È"!...non solo trasloco, benchè
questo sia stato (e SIA ANCORA!) una faticaccia senza fine, perchè
son da solo a fare tutto: ho purtroppo serissimi problemi familiari,
e per mia sfortuna reagisco a tutto questo accumulando su me stesso,
così non è malauguratamente solo stanchezza, ma anche un'altrettanto
serio problema di salute, una brutta depressione...ti sono davvero
grato per il bellissimo pensiero, e per il sorriso tutto TUO che fa
risplendere molto di più quello della vita.

(ps: "il mio inglese è pessimo"...? mah!)

I meant - "sea birds"!

...LOL, I KNEW!...


Kamome, such a lovely place! it looks like it has been specially designed for seagulls )))) I love the view from your balcony! And the white walls, and wooden furniture...

Your daughter is beautiful, why don't we see more of her?

and your one is as well...and far more, as children always
move to DEEPEST emotion! my daughter says thanks for the
compliments - and you both are invited!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

ben....j'aime m'habiller en blanc, mais je ne comprends
pas ce que tu veux dire, julie chère: BON à cause de mon
appartenance à LA FAMILLE DES BLANCS, je suppose?...
...étant si évident que je pourrais choisir n'importe
quelle couleur, et rester toujours l'ogre que je suis...