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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
from the new nest

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...my first connection from the new nest - please forgive my long silence on our
LiveJournal's pages, and have once again my best welcome, all of Thee Friends...





Your kamome flies across a molten, firey sky that nevertheless doesn't consume him!



gabbiano forever - each fly as new as the first time

lov u!


grazie, fifi...sì, ogni volo è il primo volo, sempre e ancora...

love you all - gabbiano

You're back gabbiano... :-)) Hoping to see you soon in Amalfi...!!

here I am, hope to see you both the soonest!

Fine photo!
Bless you the God, dear Камоме.

welcome back, sweet dearest Irisha...may the Being bless you as well,



Jonathan...I nearly bolted out of my chair when I first looked at this image
with my mouth wide open! It took a while to respond, as if words would lessen
it's impeccable beauty.
I find it hard to describe a Satori moment. I think you know this.
You are VERY gifted. I am so glad our paths met.
looking at this image reminded me of the song sung by
B. Streisand..........somewhere, someday...somehow.
One of my favorite songs.
Grazie, Gabbiano.


do you sell your works?

Hmm...YOU left me speechless!

Of which that is old, of which that is familiar..

sojourn to the immortal sky, the seagull.

Nirvana! Satori! Euphoria! Truly a masterpiece.

Re: Hmm...YOU left me speechless!

too kind of you, dear wick....come fly - and seriously, now!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Good Morning.. Jonathan. :-)

the only GRAZIE to be said is MINE, dear wick, to all of you - because
of your unbelievable trusting in what you all call "my skills", and
for the unpayable amount of hearts' depth and friendship's (although
I'd better say BROTHERHOOD) warmth...thanks, by heart.

and...yes, I sell my works - not all of them, I love some more then
others (we all happen, hmm?) and use to keep my favourite ones for
myself - but most of them are obviously on sale: I hate sales online
and so on, therefore I prefer to sell to people that I know...let's
say directly, personally - I have done that several times, and I think
that the best way is taking previous accords VIA-@MAIL, and be paid by
a direct bank accounting charge or via International MoneyGram, with the
only possible damages/dangers/time losses of a direct expedition through
the International Post Services...but my things always arrived where they
were meant to till now, and money as well (lol!)...the only request I have,
in these cases, is to get an anticipate payment to protect myself against
any "trick" - and I assure the substitution/remake/totally sure delivery
of the piece when/if it may be damaged or undelivered, or go lost.

Re: Hmm...YOU left me speechless!

come fly - and seriously, now!

hold my hands and take me there...oh, in this case, cuddle our wings? lol.

Re: Hmm...YOU left me speechless!

I use to WING...but my Winged Beings guests
are asked to choose themselves their treat...


What a beautiful and fearless bird!

thanks for that nice FEARLESS...and welcome back!

Happy new starting

go-shinkyo he buji otituki, omedetou gozaimasu.
To settle down at your new residence, congratulation.

atarashii kadode, o-iwai mousi agemasu.
Happy your newly starting.

Sincerely yours,

Re: Happy new starting



Re: Happy new starting

I will wait it with great expectation.


Re: Happy new starting

and so will I, sensei!...come the soonest!

Flight - contemplation
harmony in the Heart(kokoro)

very beautiful!