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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
coffee square

...THERE'S A CHANGE IN MY NEW ADDRESS (see previous post, it's updated now) - AND...

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…so the time has come – on saturday morn I’m moving my half caravan of furniture, and books,
and clothes and writing items and unuseful billions things…ouch, I feel so very much a true junk
dealer! – and who knows if my phone landline will really be ready and installed for the day I’ve
been promised by Telecom (next tuesday, nov. the 14th, they said)…I do sincerely hope to settle
in a very short time – and maybe get some better, and begin to have more of what you see above!

I’ll keep waiting since next week for you all: my gull’s micro-nest hasn’t too much room, but I’m
sure it can guest a whole swarm of Flying Beings…once again, please be and feel the welcome,



Mama, Mia! That's a tempting invitation. Let me get my wings. Ah, so you smoke?

YAPP, dear wick, I smoke - and enjoy doing, and lately
I begin to feel part of a highly RACISTIZED cathegory!
but never mind - ok, go take your wings off that dusty
wardrobe, clean'em up and SAIL!


Re: NOPE! LOL! - (Anonymous)   Expand  

you look relaxed and a peace in this quaint street cafe.

i'm happy for your new move. even though your nest will be small, you can stretch your wings over the waters which will be so close to you!

I'm just back from my BIG moving, bette dear...these
are the worst and saddest moments, you know (and the
most confused as well! WHAT A MESS IN BOTH HOUSES!),
but we had a truly glorious day - I will post today's
pics as soon as I can settle some better, still don't
know how long the phone society will take - and leave
me dumb, GRUNT!...

also want to tell you how adorable looking you are in this picture!
thank you for sharing it.


WOW WOW WOW....THANK YOU!....you'll be my
favourite guest (nobody else tells me such


That's a brilliant photo! I will daydream about coming to visit you one day :-)

....here I am, thanks and be the welcome! although
"brilliant" seems some too much for my coffee table!


Oh, Mamma Mia!! :-D))))

benvenuto...e cerca di arrivare almeno
quando non è burrasca o inverno pieno...

figon! figon! eheh))) ci vedrai e presto!

oh oh....seeeh, dovresti vedere quando poi mi
TIRO A LUCIDO sul serio, allora sì che diresti
"FIGON!"...lollity lollity lòòò!


New adress

Did you move on to new adress?


Re: New adress

well, sakuo sensei, I AM moving - as you know I'm doing
all that alone, and it's not an easy job...for instance,
I need now to get the phone but still wait for the plumber
to set my heating, and the ceramist to achieve the lamps
I have designed for myself...such unpleasant things!,
so that it will take at least one week to say (and feel)
definitely settled there...and I'll keep waiting for your
visit since that moment!


Ah, street cafes... Not many of those in Washington D.C. So sunny in the street. And here as if the Sun didn't came up today, and the issued a tornado alert.
Nice picture!

so come have your coffee here....ooh, how many times and
how many friends shall I have to repeat my invitation?!?

Hi, Kamome

Looking good!

One of the best things I did this year was giving up smoking. If you decide to do the same one day, let me know - I'll give you some tips :))

thanks, vlad, and welcome back...but NAAAAAAH!,
I am in perfect harmony with my cigarettes, lol!
just do another better thing - allow yourself a
pretty LOOOONG stop at work and come here to get
a nice rest......ne?