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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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Current Music: simon&garfunkel, "homeward bound"


I love your stationery--I love all the animals in the margin.

Congratulations on your move. I hope you settle in soon.

it is the "rough" of an old folio I did some years ago:
I liked (for once!) the work I had done, so I decided to
keep it for eventual future needs...here it is, and that's
why I have typed and not handwritten - no time enough...


Do you mean you drew this? It is **lovely** I do love Celtic-style knotwork, and medieval manuscripts with the animals, flowers, and people. What a wonderful talent!

And it's a fun font you have, that lets you type in Gothic letters!

for the fonts, just try a free download italian site:
and for my "skills", well...just have a rapid scroll
back through my LJ and enjoy - so I hope you will!

Oh, this is a treat I saved for this evening, when all (hmm, almost all...) work was done. It has made me so happy to look back through the pages of your journal. So many different styles of calligraphy, painting, and drawing, as well as poetry. How lovely to add so much beauty to the world. I'm so very happy to have the pleasure of sharing in it!

too kind of you once more - feel again the welcome!

Moving home is not the worst part, renovating it - that's a bugger :)))

Anyway, enjoy your new home!!

YAPP.....you're totally right, such a FATIGUE!
thanks lots for your kindest wishes, come and
enjoy with me the soonest - it's a long time
since when you first promised you would!

che bello, sto ornamento...tu sei come una persona dal Medioevo...sai creare tante cose belle che oggi non ci sono piu...sei felice di essere cosi dotato! quasi quasi ti invidio, ne! :-P

ti ho mandato i miei tanka DA CORREGGERE LA TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO se hai tempo, certo, se no - lascia stare, preoccupati del trasloco...vorrei vederla un giorno, sta casa...

sono troppo scema di non averti mai chiesto come stanno i tuoi...shame on me(((

beh, mia madre lo sai, come sta...non bene, purtroppo - quanto
alla casa, "vorrei" non è un po' troppo lontano? io già vi sto
aspettando da due mesi, NE!...più tardi darò un'occhiata alla
mia posta, e vediamo se ha funzionato, stavolta!


lerochka...je crois qu'il doit y avoir quelque chose ne marchant pas
dans TON nouveau internet/mail: t'es sure que la ligne "tienne" bien
la connection, ou que les accounts en ton outlook soient correctement
configurés?, comme je ne trouve encore rien de tes choses parmi mon
courrier en arrivée...et j'en ai beaucoup!

wonderful work!

It is a beautiful folio.
I could not read it but feel something secret.
Is this your handwriting?


Re: wonderful work!

thanks, sensei, but this time I just typed on a rough
folio I had scanned and kept years ago...here you are:

"my dearest friends,
as everyone knows, moving to a new house is something absolutely terrible:
no phone for days, there's our whole life packed on the floor, our days are
upside down...the reason for I'm typing this short note: sure, at work, I can
use computers to keep in touch with this community of Beauty and Hearts,
but it can't be as easy as to sit at my own keyboard in useful moments and
right times...so I apologise in advance, for the unpreviewable lenght of
my absence herein...for all Thee, my cell phone is turned on 24hrs a day,
and I can as well access my mailboxes, so the only change is in my new
address and home phone

fernando lembo di Pino
via petrito, 95 - Minori (SA) - Italy
mobile line: +39 339 3905574

I will carefully let Thee know my new landline number, as soon as I'm
given the phone line: it shouldn't take so long, but I'm sceptic about...
I keep anyway waiting for all Thy e.mails, posts, replies or eventual
normal mails, and I'll do my best as well to be here and enjoy all of
Thy always beautiful, heart-and-mind widening LJ entries"

Re: wonderful work!

When we changed adress, we deliver the notice of moving on.
We call it tenkyo tuuti、転居通知.


go-teinei na go-aisatu, arigatou go-zaimasu.
sinkyo de no o-siawase wo o-inori moushi agemasu.


Re: wonderful work!



With many happy thoughts...

Eloquently written. I am captivated by the closing caption, the crescent moon with the gull.

So, can WE all call you on your mobile at the same time and have a conference. LOL.

Well, in time, you will be settle in. Until then my friend.


Re: With many happy thoughts...

oh my...that would be the TRUE Babel Tower, wick!...

Re: With many happy thoughts...

TRUE Babel Tower





Sélamat Pagi


heehee. Gutén Morgan, Herr Gabbiano.

Re: With many happy thoughts...

おはよう ・ salut! ・ ciao ・ ¡hola! ・ bom día! ・ γία σου! ・ !ﻬﻸ ﺃ ・ hi!...

hee hee! boa noite, senhora wick!

nice :))

hope you'll be lucky in your new nest! :)

so do I, allina....but NOW, packing choosing
moving throwing getting crazy among such a mess
and so on, AAARGH!, that is the real FATIGUE!...

all that isn't for long, dear... :)


Spero riuscirai a 'sistemarti' quanto prima!

PS:Che vista da casa tua, eh!!



Can I write in Italian language on your international blog or I must use the English ?

I know it a bit...and I pretend to learn Nihongo....I'm crazy!


you can write and say whatever you like, Aiko様: no matter
the language you choose: here, on my pages - but I'd say
through the whole LJ, the only fee we all ask for is just
RESPECT and HEART DEPTH, 愛子様...be the welcome and feel
at home!


ovviamente, attesa e graditissima ospite,


Dear Kamome, moving is such a chore! But everything settles afterwords, and life comes back to normal. When we moved to the place we are living now, I had to go to Japan for three weeks. I came back to the chaos with a substantial jet-lag. Well, that was quite an experience.

I wish your home be a nice healing place for you - cosy, tranquil, and full of good spirits.