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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...I often happened to say here on LJ that I’m trying since years to move from the town I live now
to my pretty little town on the Coast – well, that time seems to come, and I should settle in Minori,
my birthtown, about the beginnings of november: the house is the smallest nest you can imagine,
where three people can barely find room to sleep (I wonder where will I put all my bazaar of things
books papers and so on!)...but please, have a look at the view, east to west...800 mts.from the beach
(or some 300 steps, if you like), eyes hands and heart a few inches from the sky – ah, the town on top
of the hill westside is the magical Ravello, "la città della musica"...shall I add invitations to you all?

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WOW, what a view! What beauty! Is your new home built on a cliff or down in the flat village? You could ask your daughter to store some of your stuff. Or just sell everything, keep your art supplies, books, bare necessities, and be happy and simple!

I've always wondered that if I lived near the beach, if it would lose the 'charm' I feel when I visit there. hmmmmm......

bette dear.....the photos were taken a couple of hours ago,
FROM the small terrace at the door of the house I'm saying!

oh, I want to live there

be and feel the welcome, my friend:


my dream land

Kamome san,
I could find my lost land in your pictures.
My native village is quite same landscape that is front to ocean, having orange mountain.
I have been to your Amarufi, so I really can recognize the similarity between
two place.
Our mandarin orange farm has been destroyed by poison gas from Aluminum factories.
Once all mountains had became boldly. Now it recovered again, but
orange trees never come back again.
When I look your pictures, I am very pleased with dreamy memory.

thank you for sharing,


Re: my dream land

what a shame and heart pain, sakuo sensei, my friend...if such a horrid
thing would happen here, I'm sure I could die after that: once, back in
the '80s, I remember when all the people here moved to immediately stop
a petrol Company that was allowed by government to search in our waters
and under our cliffs - that was a real battle, and we were so very proud
to win against them!...I repeat, sensei: you MUST feel the most honoured
guest, whenever you may think of coming back to Amalfi - it will be like
being back to your birthtown as it was in the past, ne?・・・作雄先生も、


Thanks for sharing these photos. How gorgeous.

ain't that, Dkol?...thanks for coming - although I suppose
there was a small misunderstanding: I invited you because
you wrote me about your interests in "japanese-like" works,
so it was perhaps referred to the previous post herein, LOL!

E' una località incantevole e le foto sono molto accattivanti. Non vedo l'ora di poterti raggiungere con Lerochka! Thank you gabbiano for sharing these photos with us...

hee hee.....guarda che "ufficialmente" ci sto dal 1° novembre,
ma sarà un luuuuuungo e faticooooso trasloco, da ora in poi...
non è cosa di un giorno o due, e sai perchè: la mia "nuova"
situazione si è creata rapidamente, ma non si risolve con
altrettanta rapidità, GRUNT!...e cmq, no matter when you
come, always guested and always glad to meet you both!

I'm SO glad dear you've finally find your nest! :)
hope one wonderful day I can visit you there... may I? :))

GRUNT.....no, you can't!...you MUST! (;P

The view from your home is realy something out of this world, Kamome san.
I can imagine how dear this view to you. It is super to live at such high altitude.

I haven't moved yet to this "new" location, vash 様...I agree,
but the whole Costa Amalfitana is (believe sakuo 先生 if not me,
lol!) something out of this world: I'm taking the permission to
also reply to this comment by a mail to your own @box, and
I have attached some pics of my old house there...forgive
their bad quality, but PC didn't exist at that time, and
scannings were horrid even later...

What marvelous photos to look at on a dreary day.
We are made of air and water so to be so close to them as to be actually a part of them brings us closer to home, to our essence..
All you need is some mozzarella di buffala and some basilico from my Zia Tina's giardino and you will surely be in heaven!

oh oh....we shall match an excellent "caprese" salad,
if I add my tomates, origano, olive oil and sea scent:


amazing! you know emanuele and i will have to come visit! :-)

ciao, bo-bina - come ti butta? YUK YUK, seeeh,
lo so, che prima o poi sbarcherete qui da me...
...BTW - you know you should "go into movies"?.


Majestic view! Magnificient location! One surely could lose themselves in this exquisite beauty. May your days be filled with tranquility and poetry.

always so kind of you, wick 様...thanks for your wishes - I need to get
out the soonest from this struggling moment I'm going through lately,
and your good words are once again a strong and welcomed support to
my essays of changing this life...thanks again, deep of my heart,


How lovely and fulfilling to be able to return to the place of your birth, especially such a beautiful location.....your feelings must be deep and true....~P

Paul様...when I first stepped into this smallest house,
my first thought was OH!, MY LJ FRIENDS WOULD TOTALLY

...and my second thought was WILL THIS SKY BE LARGE


You live in a lovely place, Yorukamome! I have taken the liberty of adding you as a friend!

...and I have done the same - forgive my very bad nihongo,
I'm no more than a presumptuous student trying to appear
a better one than he truly is...それでは、朝木夢様をようこそ!


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

...j'admets que je n'aime pas la neige (ni la montagne, le froid, les pluies
incessantes, et l'hiver en général, ma plus-que-bienvenue Amie...mais il m'est
si facile que d'imaginer autour de toi un rêve tout blanc, au milieu duquel
brillent tes yeux, ces deux pures grandes profondes étincelles qui disent
ton âme...permets-moi de te répéter ma bienvenue dans mon nid,