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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the twin peonies

this peculiar post comes after a page by Sakuo 先生, http://sakuo3903.livejournal.com/71184.html , one of his
beautiful comments/renku on Kobayashi Issa’s works…I myself dared a renku and Maestro Sakuo kindestly
replied, making me once again gift of his compliments, and suggesting a change in my last line – then, 先生
sent me by mail the basic drawing of his beautiful female figure with peonies, asking me to add my own colours
and writings…and I was totally embarrassed, as I could NEVER touch any work by any artist without a sensation
of real RAPE on him/her and his/her opera – so, I wrote back to 先生, and told him I would preciously keep his
nicest sketch, and dare try my own interpretation…here it is, in the ŌTANZAKU style, vertical sheet sized about
16 x 28 cms.: the figure comes after the so many BEAUTIES of ukiyo-e classical tradition – more than all the ones
by Katsukawa Shunshō and Chōkōsai Eishō, both mostly active about the second half of the XVIII century.

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fuku yonde ・ botan aida ni ・ boku no yume

my dream, to call for fortune - amidst peonies

splendor congratulation

Kamome san, thank you for your sharing.
This is new born international collaboration.
This has happened by going over Time and Space.

The first original haiku was written by Issa in Japan on 1824
The second English translation was made by Tr. David in New Orleans.
The third haiga is painted by Sakuo Japan on 2006.
The last ukiyo-e and haiku are created by Gabbiano in Italy.

What's splendor thing, supper collaboration.


Re: splendor congratulation

私の軽率なぺーじへようこそ、Maestro 作雄。


Very interesting! Thank you very much! My Japanese friends like your page as well -- I introduced them to it on my last trip.

thank you for coming, yuryc様!...and for your "advertising"
about my pages - you know, it always is embarrassing for me
to be introduced to japanese public, because of my very bad
nihongo and the comparison with authentic japanese works...


Yes, what a great collaboration!
A very nice haiga, gabbiano.
and if I understand correctly, this is your own haiku?
I like the haiku very much. am fond of peonies.
The design on her fan is Yorukamome's signature image! :)))

yes, it's my own haiku, bette dear - maestro sakuo unintentionally
drove me to sometimes "answer RENKU-ing" to his nicest posts...
and I'm so glad to know that you've noticed the REAL SIGNATURE, ne!



I'm very glad to see A.midst again! :)

eh eh....but she isn't, missing since LOTS!


Sono dispiaciuto della ma assenza da LJ, e sono (siamo) in attesa di ricevere la visita del tecnico Telecom per l'installazione della linea in casa, ed inanto bazzichiamo gli internet points cittadini... BTW ottimi lavori, sia questo che il precedente!

Re: Internet-point...

grazie - mandatemi il numero, quando vi attaccano
la linea, NE!...e btw, dov'è il tuo nuovo post?
non ho trovato niente!...


great! great! great! great! great! :)))
welcome http://radion-sveter.livejournal.com/31781.html

grazie! grazie! grazie! grazie! grazie! :)))