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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

one more of my poor works "scotchtaped on a wardrobe’s shutter" since years (and I’m literally meant
that: just have a quick look at the signature’s date, AUGUST 2003!) - the text is the same of another
folio I had previously posted on my back LJ pages - a well known CANZONE NAPOLETANA, "passione" –
and I bet you all will ask some translation, after such an encouraging Word...ok, I will try that later,
I promise!...the folio is quasi totally gilded in pure 925% silver and 23.1/3 kts. gold leaves (once again,
I need to apologise for the very bad quality of my scanning) and sized 20.06 x 31.04 cms:

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TY TY TY....ouch, sounds like your phone...eheheh!

be-Auri-ful... sounds perfectly! inDEed :)

LOL!...I agree! ;D

BELLISSIMO Gabbiano, I saw at fifi_sibusian your work. Since then acquaintance to your new works unusual pleasure. The most thin handwriting transfers утончённость of your soul. And in a combination with the text - magic treasure. Your works heat soul and heart. With sincerity …

The Words by a the necklace
the Corals fragile beauty....
Warm breezy the wind

thanks, YamaSama...my russian does'n get to
also understand this "утончённость", but its
sense, as well as your always too kind words,
is so very clear to my vanity...THANK YOU!


Thin taste, style, handwriting, feeling...



Ru: утончённость - It: 1) finezza, raffinatezza; 2) raffinatezza, ricercatezza.

親切な翻訳をどうも有り難うございました、dima 様!


oh dear, i commented from the wrong journal. hmm, must remedy that.

"TE VOGLIO" is the most striking thing because it reminds me of the first time i heard it, though in romanesco, not napoletano.

ogni tanto riesco a leggere. sto lavorando tantissimo, e sono stata malata, ma ogni tanto vengo qua :-) come stanno gaia e eugenio?

so benissimo che non stai bene, Nomi - leggo OGNI RIGA del tuo "bollettino"
quasi tutti i giorni...non commento perchè sarebbe sciocco parlarti soltanto
su LJ - but I'm VERY concerned about you! please take the best care, and don't
mind exams and all that stuff: HEALTH before all!...
...e mo' che ce sei aritornata, ahò...'mbè, e fàtte sentì più spesso, che te
costa? tanto, stai sempre a smanettà cor PC, d'a tosse, der gatto, de l'amici...
...stanno bene, stanno - gaia sta rincorrendo un prof. un bel po' stronzo per un
esame (credo/spero l'ultimo!) e non la vedo da un paio di settimane...perchè voi
due non vi sentite mai?...chiamala, dille di chiamarti, no?


PS: gaia è sotto pressione per questa cosa, e poi non è esattamente
un'innamorata del PC...inoltre, ha internet soltanto quando sta a casa
sua o di euge, quindi non accede troppo spesso al web - mi ha detto di
aver ricevuto la tua mail, e che avrebbe risposto, ma non so se se n'è
ricordata...le telefonerò io, SORRY!


Thou shalt not promise - is it one of The Ten Commandments? :)

also I see one white rose on the left whenever every other is a heart and red. what does it mean? a blue snake near... well, no further words about the scanning :)

...and if it wasn't one of Commandments, they should
immediately add it - I would be the very first sinner!...

...yes, this page was born along a mistreated love story,
and (ok, I won't mention the scan!) I painted our two names'
capital letters in red (bottom of the pages, then a blue snake
holding a white rose on the left one, a heart trespassed by a
sword on the right...I said, it began YEARS AGO, ne!...

so so so beautiful. i love red and turquoise together.
it is refreshing to bring out an old piece of artwork, isn't it? :)))
perhaps i will retrieve some old art to show you too.

and I (we all!) can't wait, bette dear!...I would love
to be as skilled in carving wood as you are - and your
choices are always so very nice!...thank you,


How beautiful! I like it how the colours cooperate.

thanks, vash様...an old piece whose colours have changed
by the months passing, right because of its longest being
exposed to light on that wardrobe's shutter...lol! it was
very hard to "get them again" and achieve the folio!

Oh lovely! So very glad you told me scroll back through your journal. What a delight!

...what a too big compliment and Words you wrote,
my dear: "you add Beauty to the world"...meeee?!?