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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"for my eyes only"

...in that meanwhile (still ink-stained, glue-sticky, gold-glittered) I thought it was time to finally achieve,
and frame, and give an acceptable future life to some of my countless never ending works, hidden since
months (sometimes years, alas!, I admit) in my desk’s drawers, in some forgotten folder, or scotchtaped
on the shutters of a wardrobe...this is one of them – childish, very old text I happened to write centuries
ago (must have been about 1976, I remember how we all were so university-conditioned by all those "new
poetry tendences") and calligraphied far later, "for my eyes only"...the whole page is 16.08 x 11.09 cms:

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ascoltami, ti prego, ・ io sono qui, a cantare
davanti alla tua porta, ・ ti prego, fammi entrare...
che occhi, Dio, che occhi ・ duri come diamante,
certo, ti sei affacciata,  ・ ma sei così distante...
e che stupida notte, ・ che sciocca serenata,
stavo per dirti "amore"  ・ e già te n’eri andata...

I know, it’s only in Italian...but please don’t ask me to translate THIS: I am sure that someone among our
LJ friends will be far better than I am at it...oh well, I’m not pretending my poor lines all that worth, we all
know what a hard essay it is to keep a rhyme’s sense and rhythm when trying a different language...


well, Q.E.D., days later and repeatedly asked, here is my own poorest essay:

please listen to my voice ・ here at your door I'm sittin'
facing your door I'm singing ・ allow me to come in...
God, what your eyes are like ・ diamonds they could decay!
sure, you leant out the window ・ but they're so far away...
and what a stupid night ・ so silly a serenade
"my love" was still untold ・ yet your figure had faded...

Current Music: di giacomo-costa, "serenata napoletana", 1896

In any language, beautiful work!!!


...no matter the language as well, always
kindest of you, choshi 様...welcome back!


such wonderful work! and in 1976 you were probably still in high school. your calligraphic passion has remained with you and for that i bow to your faithfulness.

such a nice display case, too.

I was ending my first graduation, bette dear...ouch, I got so very old,
GRUMPHT!...but it wasn't calligraphied then, just presumptuosly written,
for we all think ourselves to be poets when so young, NE?...worse than
that, later I thought I could use of this short text to do a small work,
as I still was an unexperienced scribe: "FEW WORDS TAKE LITTLE ROOM",
the silly idea every scribe needs to pass over, as I myself discovered,
along my further WRITER'S years...thank you, my FIRE-PASSIONATED and
always kindest friend...he he he!

wonderfull work

kamome san.
This is so dramatic calligraphy that hits me much.
As I told you my young sister loves the same art and she can
write Japanese calligraphy as well as Western.
She has no computer.
If you would appriciate, please sent me image files of your works by internet that will be printed and
sent by me to her.


Re: wonderfull work

I've immediately tried to reply to your kind request,
sakuo sensei...I hope the materials I mailed you will
be some useful for your Sister Sensei - I also thought
you may appreciate something else, so please wait and
see...and thanks for compliments, I'm glad you like
this little joke!



oh, I still remember these lines... :)
nice work, dear! the sound is clear enough without any translation... so tender...

nice to hear you saying that, allina dear...welcome back!

a Russian freelance translation by me, not Shakespeare:

услышь меня, прошу тебя, я здесь, чтоб петь
пред дверью, прошу тебя, вели войти...
глаза, о Боже, что за глаза
твердей алмаза и на столь же далеки...
как ночь глупа, как глупа серенада,
я был, чтобы сказать тебе "люблю", и ты уже ушла...

here I am :)

>>> is it any far from Ukrainian? welcome back! :)

ok, much-more-freelance translation into Ukrainian, not by Taras Shevchenko, by me :)

под девизом "піду втоплюся я в річці глубокій" или "в общем, все умерли"
видимо под влиянием фразі "я был, чтобы сказать..."

чтобы прочесть правильно, достаточно вспомнить, что
"и" читается как "ы"
"е" как "э"
"є" как "е"
остальное должно быть понятно :)

мій спів у ночи, благаю я, почуй, я під дверима ―
молю тебе, дозволь увійти, не відбирай надію...
мій Боже, нащо тим очам ти дав блиск діаманту ―
із неприступністю його та кригой? прощавайте,
дурепа-ніч, мій спів дурний... єдина річ ― востаннє
прошепотіти „я коха...” але ж кому? все марно...

It is so beautiful!
I am so jealous I can not read Italian or Russian. :(
But I feel it's soul.
I just love it.

mmmmh...I knew I would have to translate, after some
request: I need to admit that these old compositions
always make me feel very shy about...but I will do
the soonest I can - thanks indeed!

It's a very beautiful piece of art to look at and, besides, one of the best reasons to learn Italian :))) I mean my growing wish to understand the precise meaning of your poem

thanks once more, JJ...well, some comments above
you can read Diev's and Alla's translations: shall
I add any different languages?...I've just added my
poor english essay in the post itself: have a quick
look on top of this page!

Dearest Kamome-sama, please, forgive my long absence. I am not quite well these weeks, and I am behind in almost every respect. There happened 2 deaths in my family within 6 months, and many other troubles.

Your beautiful poem made me deliberate on how literary tradition always so very pronounced in the creations of young poets.

my dearest vash-sama...I can perfectly understand you:
as you know I too am through a very bad moment, and
I'm unwell too, obvious consequence...thanks for your
kindest words, it makes me feel better to know that
even in a minimal measure I was able to offer you
some "pause"....hugs hugs hugs, better soon both!