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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
for the "BATTENTI"

...many reasons to my long silence - one is here, under your eyes: horrid photos, I know!, but it was
impossible to scan properly such a work...I promise I will try and change them (if I can take new and
better done ones) as soon as I can - or maybe when this work will be gifted to the Brotherhood whose
name you can read on the piece...let me now say what it is:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

such objects are called CONCERTINA BOOKS - a long multi-folded sheet generally tied into two wooden covers, and usually kept in a leather bag:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my own one was born from a very ancient tradition strongly alive in my birthtown: on Easter week, a company of
white ghost-like-dressed men slowly walk the whole circuit of little churches and chapels from up the hills to the sea,
and finally to the main church of the town lays, acting as if that path was the Golgotha Calvary Procession, and singing
these ancient texts - ONLY MALE VOICES – at every "stazione", as each stop of the so-called Via Crucis is said...but the
main and most peculiar thing is that these texts are sung (unique, in the whole Mediterranean area) on melodies built
ONLY on greek and arab musical tune scales (pentatonal).

...I played very often the Christ in these procession, when younger – and, although I do not consider myself a catholic,
through these summer days I happened to get once again near to that company and meet again these Persons who work
so very hard (and not paid!) to keep the tradition alive and the ancient items in good conditions...so I’ve been paying
my own "hommage à" to all the excellent mates and Priory of this ancient "Arciconfraternita del Santissimo Sacramento"
in Minori, the small town where I was physically born.

the work is 25.3 x 126.9 cms. sized, and ALL the materials I used of are absolutely dated back to about the second half
of XVII century or the full middle XVIII (colors, inks, leathers and wood)...excepting, obviously, the gold, the silver
and the parchment paper sheet.


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great book

I am very glade to see you here again.
This is very precious book and your best treasure.
I couldn't find same book in Japanese culture.
How should i say in Japanese?

Gokui-syo in kendou?
Kaden-syo in tyadou?

Those are written on the secret of know-how of Art.


Re: great book

thanks for the undeserved compliments, sakuo sensei...I only repeated
(with my own style, sure) an object widely diffused along centuries in
the religious and scribes' tradition - and THERE ARE MANY samples of
similar (although not religious) object in japanese tradition, i.e.
Hokusai (new year's eve in a "green house", 1881 - Chicago Art Institute,
Clarence Buckingham Collection) or the views of "willows'world"
(anonymous, Osaka Shiritsu Bujutsukan, 1640)...I'm sorry not to
understand what you mean with your two sentences - I'm afraid that
my nihongo has gone very worse through these months, NE!

This is an amazing story and an even more amazing piece of art. I have never been exposed to much art in my life but I have to say that I am completely enthralled at the various, original (in my eyes) pieces on your page.
My wife (Italian parents) and I spent some of our rare time together one night looking at your work (my wife translated what I couldn't manage). We were both of the mind that we have missed out on something extaordinairy in our education.
Perhaps appreciation of art comes with age and the slowing down to the pace of nature, whatever it is, I am pleased to be introduced to this fascinating world of yours.
I see you are a humble man so please don't be put off by my gushing..;))

oh well, my friends...at least allow me to say (and feel!) I'm TOTALLY CONFUSED:
I'm no more than a scribe who was born with some gifts of the Being (the Kami,
or whatever you may like to call It/Him/Her)...and let me add a shy THANK YOU!

oh gabbiano!
you have been a hermit-scribe secretly creating this beautiful concertino! i want to touch it :) you say the leather and wood is from the late 17th century? where did you find it? you are fortunate to have this treasure to create with.

bette dear...BEFORE beginning each piece, I bother my friends and all
the people I can contact to get in possess of the things I need - you
know, I once had a wife passionated with shoes, like many Ladies: but
the difference with her was that she went around whole months in search
of THOSE shoes she had dreamed at night!...and I'm the same with items!
...thanks, my piece will be hung into the Brotherhood ancint church, so
you can come and see and touch and enjoy it whenever you want: I can't


E' un lavoro molto bello e dai significati molto profondi... come suppongo che la sua creazione abbia richiesto un'intensità ed una attenzione fuori dal comune.

...andrej, credo di esserci riuscito soltanto grazie al bruttissimo
periodo che sto attraversando...concentrazione e silenzio sono già
il mio pane abituale, quando "lavoro", ma ultimamente ne avevo da
vendere...intanto, vi sto ancora aspettando: sai che a giorni ricomincio
il maledetto lavoro "normale", e mi sarà più difficile farvi da ospite e
da buon cicerone? datevi una mossa!

I'm glad toy've finished that work - it's excellent!

you know, the main preciousty for me is the fact of your work - through that bad time... it's a thing that make you alive... that inspiration let you (and all of us) breathe easier...

sorry, I have some problems with net at home - so can write only when I'm at work but it's so unpredictable process :(
about that photo with Dima and you: I've cited one well-known beautiful russian song... so, common sense of my words was: there's a place for me between you and him /and it's being implied that you both [and may be me, too] are cranes :)/
I'm glad you've met... and missing you both... :)


sure, there's a BIIIIG place!...thanks for the comment, allina: if you could
read italian (but I suppose you will understand it) I would tell you to read
my reply above to andreochka, where I say about the same, "through bad times"...

thank you for showing more pictures up close! i still want to touch it! i think you have done a marvelous work. i wish i could come to visit you soon :)

find the time...desires mustn't be wasted, if we have even
a minimal smallest far chance to realise them...come soon!

Wow! I don't remember seeing such kind of concertina books. Actually, the only one I remember resembling it a little bit were the very first books for children in Russia of my childhood, but those were quite simple, and on cardboard to resist children's tear and wear.

Bless your heart, Kamome san, it is book-art in all it's splendor and sincerity.

But the man in a hood with a lantern brings me association with the KKK. Why is he dressed like this, Kamome-sama? I've never seen Crucifixion like the one in the book. Where is the Body? The ladder, etc. - this kind of symbolism is not quite common in our Church.
There is strong feeling of tragedy and mystery in what you created. I am impressed.
That beautiful bird - the seagull next to the Moon - is lovely. I was delighted to see it.

thanks for coming, Vash 様, and for the compliments: I'm glad to read that
the sense of tragedy and inner pain I wanted to show (and which can be so
deeply felt along the celebration of these rites on Easter Week in my town)
is truly GIVEN by my work...I need to add that, if I'd illustrate the whole
package of sacred items and symbolic objects, that would become a TRAIN
BOOK, lol!...that's why I chose to add only some of the images filling my
mind and emotional world, and I tried as well to choose the ones FAREST
from the better and worldwide renown "spanish tradition": the Procession,
the statues etc. are undoubtably moments and images strongly hitting the
target of "filming" the "Christ's Passion", but these ones are the real
OBJECTS pregnant with its pain, in my opinion - the simple cross where
only wounds are shown, with a towel to dry His Blood, the hidden-face-man
already repenting what he has done but still shameful and terrorized by
his own "justice"...and, if you look at it better, you will notice that
no apostles nor people: nobody else but the CHRIST and the MAN...


:)) - a__ya   Expand  
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

This is some panel, dear Kamome san!
I like it how detailed is the drawing - just look at the bedding - the lace, the carved wood... It is so homely, and all the more touching. Now I see from where the hoods come - from medieval Spain. I like cobolt ceramics, too. (I've got a collection of Russian one, it's production started not long ago by Peter the Great after the famouse Delft.) I like it that the faces look so contemporary. Probably, they are real - those of the artisans themselves?
What a treat, Kamome sama, thank you for bringing tradition and culture of your hometown to the right place - the post is very enlightening. Of course, it is the most saddest story replayed, but stoicism, and belief in the eternity of the human soul is right here, in the tradition.

what a huge and extraordinatry project this tile mural is! is the painting fired onto ceramic? hopefully it will last hundreds or thousands of years.

and the unrobing of mankind reveals that Sin has not changed in today's world from when Christ was crucified. i am anxious to see the final tile painting put in place.

yes, bette dear, the tiles were put in ovens by the day, and positioned
along the wall very slowly and hardly: as you can see, it is the border
wall of access to one of the most ancient churches we have, so its shape
and irregularity, although re-built, have been a BIG problem to achieve
correctly this opera...which has been completely settled now: be quite
sure that I will change these photos as soon as I have time to go there
and take the new ones, where you'll be also amazed by the ONLY coloured
two elements added - one in the space where the ancient broken column is,
showing a goldfinch bird (symbol of Passion) and a dog (symbol of Fidelity),
the second to the end of the BATTENTI theory, showing a child angel (symbol
of Heart Purity) who holds the painter's signature and seems to wait for all
these newly-purified men, now CLEAN children as well as he is...

Your work is incredible. I appreciate the detail that can be seen on these photos.

thanks for coming...I supposed you may like these things,
and you make me blush again with compliments...welcome!

From shore to a shore
via centuries - the game and the miracle
art-dexterity by a hand's...

nice lines, Boris...and, please, do not consider me
a presumptuous one, as I say that after a ku speaking
partially of me - I really like the idea of a "divine"
gift kept along centuries by some men...and it seems
I sometimes am one of these privileged beings!

my mother being in Italy few years ago had shot same men were processing in Pizzo (VV). she couldn't explain to us what was it. you have done it.

I wonder (having known about Magna Grecia) those greek and arab tunes. also it is known (as I can read) the orthodoxes (late greeks) do not make the Passion stagings. it is really unique!

I wonder too these blue painted people. the colored goldfinch and dog are hidden from the first incoming look during onebody's own procession/walk through. just then, after few steps inside they will become visible. I think the final colored angels do same, do not?

and, returning to your artwork, it do samething, step/page by step, introducing into. and finishing with a crescent... I cannot say is it right or not - I am no real catholic (nor orthodox, nor...) too.

if you have heard (yes, Marina has told you!), the Trinity Cathedral in St.Petersburg has been partially burnt (its dome). there are two versions investigated for now: one is a negligence of restorers with the welding, another is told by priests: they were threatened by unknown bad persons for the hexagonal stars on the dome...

so things I have to say friendly looking at this nice work of yours, at these impressive photos below. I cannot explain better that I do not know myself - my languages are poor to speak about old religion questions of dogmatic scales...

thanks, Dima...but I only wanted you to see the finished work:
when we met, it was glued and hidden under scotchtapes!...no
matter speaking about "religion questions" at all, I just
thought you would be curious to see the final result!

grandioso!!! (?)

i very very like it :)))
and pictures and story...


...thank you,rad - nice to see you back!

I was away in the mountains. What an amazing gift to come back to!!!!
You honor an ancient tradition and religious custom with your gifts....



thanks for coming, Paul...too kind of you, and no flattering at all: you know
how highly valuable I consider your opinions and how precious your advice...

Wow! My congratulations to the great works! Incredible is the using of ancient materials. It allow to turn the time off, or to bring the past into the present. Very very interesting.

thank you...oh, how nice it would be, being able to turn off time!...

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