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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
YUP...Dima's here!

I'm missing on my LJ pages since july the 30th, so that many friends are repeatedly asking me about
my health...which is not excellent, I'm under a serious pressure lately - but I had a very nice day,
as one of our LJ friends, diev (the first I happen to meet in real life) came to visit me during a
trip to Italy to meet his sister who lives not far from here: the photo below was taken last monday
in my "wizard's cavern"...ciao, Diev & Anton, and please give my greetings to marina & Gianni!

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Current Music: "with a little help from my friends"

dear gabbiano!
glad to hear you had a nice day because a LJ friend visited you :)
i will continue to send you thoughts of wellness and joy.
big hug....

I'm now waiting for you, dear bett! come the soonest!

...mi è già capitato di percepire un "mood" simile in certi nostri post... :-D sono contento che tu abbia ricevuto questa visita! Aspettatene un'altra (credo a breve) mia e di Lerochka... così potremo parlare tutti in italiano (o in inglese... anche se il mio inglese si sta arrugginendo, come sempre quando non sono in viaggio...)


...e noto con piacere che ANCHE tu sei un fumatore senza vergogne di esserlo... ;-)

Re: smoke

seeeh, fumo come DUE turchi...e vi aspetto - insomma, datevi una mossa, NE!

ciao, gabbiano! we all were (un)really enjoyed our meeting!
have you read that hieroglyph on my shirt? :)

currently I am completely at work with the full backlog of business for those two weeks I did not remember about it, but some later I will write you much more words because my written English has nothing of those problems as spoken one... btw that moment I was understanding more Italian than English :)

your greeting will be phoned soonest, of course.
they have missed us (me and Anton) just since we had flown to home...

grazie di cuore, gabbiano!

NEVER say "grazie" nor "prego" between friends, don't you remember?
I hope my shodou is now hanging on the wall you wanted to put it on,
and that you keep a nice souvenir of my CAVERN...eh eh! the kanji is
「龍」"tatsu", also said 「竜」"ryuu", DRAGON.


one photo
one shaggy friend
one shorn



eh eh!...welcome back, Rad - come the next post!