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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I like to add here this haiku which I wrote as a renku/reply to one page of Sakuo 先生, as it seems to me to be
strictly according to the mood I was and am in after the kindest caring replies of you all, and sincerely saying
my feeling as I see myself surrounded by such a company of excellent Friends, Persons and Artists:

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tomodachi to ・ ukime o minai ・ ku o kaite

my hard times flow easier, as I write haiku with my friends

…I will as well add some photos of a night of pure Beauty - one of the fewest I have been having lately, one of the
most enjoyable and beautiful ones I have ever had…it is in Minori (my small birthtown/nest on the Amalfi Coast) with
my dearest friend since 35 years Mrs. Paula Stevens Washington, a splendid viola player, her nice daughter Naomi
(il_bollettino) , my daughter Gaia and her boyfriend Eugenio: I need to say, last time we all had met in 1998,
here in Minori as always - Paula first came here as a member of a youth Orchestra in ’71, then she was back more
and more along the years to this magical microUniverse - and this time it seemed to me like being gifted back such
a big part of my past life, and for once to be physically with "my" LJ people…

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Current Music: "you've got a friend"

è la prima volta che guardo un tuo post e non mi soffermo sul tuo lavoro... queste due foto sono molto belle: sembrano nate sotto una bella luce, ma si respira soprattutto serenità... ;-)

grazie...il "lavoro" è molto sentito ma, benchè scritto di cuore,
sembra poca cosa anche ai miei occhi, se paragonato all' "aria"
delle foto - era una vera notte d'estate, per una volta...ma tu
pensa, se ce ne fossero con tutti gli amici di Live Journal?!?

In handwriting of hieroglyphs
And in a photo
One general music

Surprising combination of Colour and Internal accord of soul...
Large thanks Yorukamome - sama.

thank YOU for compliments, YamaSama...and yes, I agree, the
combination of outer and inner music was PURE JOY AND BEAUTY...

its me! muahahaha! we all had a great time and i'm so glad that we got to see eachother again!

yeah, muahahaha! it's right YOU, bo-bina...yes, that was so very good!

Happy kamome san

I am very glad to see you who are heartly enjoying with your family and friends.
Thank you very much for your preseting Haiku and Renk that were written
in japanese style.It surprised me much.

In return, I will send you my newest Sumi-e, here it is.


Re: Happy kamome san

your sumi-e is very nice, sakuo sensei, and it's me to thank you for
allowing me to edit this ku also on my LJ pages: but, as you can see,
it seemed to be born only for these latest issues - where the whole
LJ friends community is coming to spend some moments with me and you,
and wish the two of us all the best - will we ever be able to thank
them all for their kindness?...

A taste of European get-together! Spectacular.! Mrs. Paula must be the very attractive lady in the black/white skirt no? Tell her she exudes inner-peace & wisdom in her beauty. All the women look charming no less and of course Mr. Wiseman adds to the elegance....

Very touching haiku, Gabbiano. Friendships are to be treasured.


yes, Paula is a real source of inner energy and peaceful wisdom:
she told me lots about her taking part to Ceremonies with her
Cherokee group (she also has blood roots in it, as well as in
Ireland, beyond her so nice natural evidence...such a strange
and incredible mix of words moods cultures beliefs, ain't it?)
and I could once again realise how deep she is and how deep she
can read me and us all...by the way, that Mr.Wiseman above is ME?


thank you, dear...but the real writers of this ku are YOU ALL.

Lovely, lovely, images and energies of family and friends gathered together...

its in the depth of silences
that the heart speaks...

thanks for coming, choshi様...I bet you all friends would've enjoyed
lots that night, and made it far more precious with your presence:
it's my hope that one day one among you all will "enterprise" the
trip to my homecountry (it's good touristic area after all, as you
can see by reading sakuo先生, fallen in love with my Costa d'Amalfi!)
and collects a whole plane/ship/train/bus/gipsy caravan of poets...

The pictures exude a lot of love and joy, Kamome sama, and I am very happy for you to have had such an enjoyable get-together party. Thank you for sharing this warm and happy atmosphere with me. Let you have more of such beautiful nights!

thank you for coming and sharing, vash様: I'd like it was for real,
having you all on "such nights", as you can read above - I believe
that you all long for the same, I dare trust as well that it is going
to happen (and not all that far!) in my mind and heart...ね?

glad to see your smile, dear (especially thru that nonsimple time)!
moments of happiness... let them be :)

oooh...I can see you back at last! thank you,
I wish you too were there, to smile together...

the best thing in the world
warm family evenings
moments of happiness

late reply, rail, but by heart as well: thanks, beautiful
words to underline such a simple but so a deepest joy...