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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
a truly peculiar birthday

today, july the 20th, is both sakuo sensei's and my birthday: as I did not know
about such a nice and strange coincidence before, I'm posting these lines some
later...but let me say all the pleasure I feel, as I realise now that there is one
more reason for us to share so many interests...so here's my all-personal gift
to sakuo sama, an old elaboration of Kobayashi Issa's MOST BEAUTIFUL haiku:

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utsukushiki ・ tako agarikeri ・ kojiki goya / RARE BEAUTY, A KITE RISES FROM THE BEGGAR'S CABIN

(where the kanji 美/utsuku is the kite, the し/shi is its wire and the rest a cabin facing FujiYama)

...and let me now add to my goofy surprise, with all my heart, my deepest

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAKUO SENSEI・・・お誕生日おめでとうございます、作雄先生!


Current Music: ♪...happy birthday...♪...to youuuuuu...♪


greatest love to you]
love the sun, song and wind :)))

/Kamome, your picture is very very beautiful :)))/


thanks, rad...just a joke!

delicate & elegant

Very elegant, delicate painting.

Happy B'day to two talented individuals --Gabbiano and Sakuo san.

How do you say peace in Italian?


Re: delicate & elegant

we say PACE, wick sama...and let it be PACE to you
and all of my deep splendid friends herein - thanks,


Very very beautifully!
Happy Birthday, dear Камоме!
Wisdom to you!

thanks by both sakuo sensei and me, dear irisha!


I am pleased very much.
Your present is the best one through my life.
Can any one suppose that I have been given birthday present from
warm-heart friend in Amarfi that I love best in Italy.

taihen arigatou gozaimasita.
kansya, kangeki desu.


Re: your kite

This is a kind of E-Moji (emoji)
Fine arrengement!!
Fuji mountain is also good looking. I think complete brush working
like Ukiyo-E.

The last signature is better to change as follow,
 original かもめ書いた
correct かもめ書

one more addition,
kanji 小林 一茶


Re: your kite

thanks, sensei...you know, it's an old work, as you can see
by the date signature - in 2004 my nihongo was far worse than
it is today (and still SO BAD!): but I will try and do again
this folio and correctly write Issa's name like 「小林一茶」
and my own signature with the usual formula saying "brush/fude"
that my sensei zumi sama suggested me, the classical 「かもめ筆」
"kamome hitsu/gabbiano brush"...


Re: kangeki



What a beautiful and clever illumination of the kite haiku, dear Kamome-sama! I am very impressed with it, and I hope Sacuo san wil be very happy with it, too. What a coincidence for the two good LJFriends to be born on the same day! Let your friendship bloom. My very best and warmest wishes to you both!

...always so kind of you, vash sama - always too
big compliments to a too little man, NE!...but I
agree, the coincidence is absolutely peculiar:
I'm sure that we ALL could find something alike
if we spent more time together...you know how
similars do attract one another!

Life in hands
The lines are crossed
Calligraphy from the God !

very beautiful lines, YamaSama...thanks for them and for coming!


happy birthday!

Kamome... Proprio adesso ho visto sulla friends list che era il tuo compleanno (una cosa che non faccio mai e che sarebbe l'ora di controllare qualche volta...): AUGURI (anche se in ritardo) a tutti e due (what a coincidence!)!! Il dipinto è bellissimo... adoro la sua essenzialità... p.s. shame on me, shame on me.... :-(

Re: happy birthday!

...YUK!...never mind, and lots thanks!


what do I see here?
- a pine?
- a kite?

your painting is so nice I have no words to say more!..
of course, I read what it is below, but I still looking and looking for, having no Japanese understood, but just graphics pleased.

I would like to have this work on my home wall, so grateful it is! it is wanted to see and see on it, having looked in every stroke. it is absolutely wonderful!

my best regards to you both for your birthdays!

...and I again had written about my presents to you before any reading you have the real date!.. :)


thanks, diev - listen, as you can read above, I'm
doing that folio again...oh well, I'm trying, but
the basic idea is the same - so, as this one is my
gift to sakuo sensei, I will be very honoured if
you accept the next one, to hang on your wall and
watch and feel well...it is good to hear that my
hands'crafting can give such happiness - THANK YOU!

thank you, kamome!

...that's what I have done - well, you know, when a "second version" is tried,
it doesn't unfortunately offer the same freshness as the very first one...but
I saw it was not all that bad, and I thought I may offer the new one to you...

I take the permission to post here these two nice "hommages" by our friend tellik:

dear kamome san! let me try to translate for you these two haiku:

against the wind
two seagulls flying to the sea
not moving at all

empty beach
noisy seagulls coming to dinner
to a garbage can

many blessings for your kind words!

warm hugs to both of you...
sorry, I'm on line only for 5 minutes...

**beautiful calligraphy, illustrating the haiku in such a marvelous way**

My husband loves your Japanese calligraphy, by the way--he reads classical manuscripts, so his tastes are very particular, too! (He isn't Japanese, though. As circumstance would have it, he's English--but he learned how to read manuscripts while in Japan.)

...and this is maybe even a bigger one: how can
he compare my poor student's kanji to classical
pages?...I'm feeling truly embarrassed, NE!