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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
summer sadness

dear LJ friends,
I apologise with all of you...oh, how long I'm missing on LJ and
my own pages - how long I haven't visited you all on your ones!

...I'm going through a very bad moment: having very serious problems
with my family, my work, my daily life itself - and, last not least, with
my own health, consequently going worser by the days...I know how
you all keep a little thought for me inside your minds: please send me
it NOW, together with the splendid warmth of hearts that you all have
so often offered me before, and that I need more than ever in this
moment, along this hard path of destiny - the hardest night I've ever
happened to fly through...and please accept my thanks in advance, you
all my dearest, beautiful, deepest, diamond-pure-like VOICES & HEARTS,

gabbiano - kamome

I'm adding this some days later, after reading many of your so caring
replies...don't know how correct nihongo, but this time I don't care:


umibe de mo, haha ni inotteru - natsu no gogo.

even on this beach, I'm praying for my Mother - summer afternoon.




forgive me, please, all words I can't find now...
but I hope you're hearing me without them...

...I know, allina - this is a new side of you that I'm learning
right now: I thought therefore it was better to WATCH AND WAIT,
instead of getting more and more INTRUSIVE - till to risk and be

Caro Ferdinando, sono assolutamente dispiaciuto di sentire queste notizie... il mio pensiero è effettivamente corso a te negli ultimi giorni... un caro e sentitissimo augurio da me e da Valeria (tutt'ora off-line...)

vi ringrazio di cuore, andreochka e fifi...e dire che mi aspettavo
di vedervi arrivare qui in vacanza, per qualche giorno almeno!...

fly through...to back, in Italia
in agosto 10-24

that would be so good - I'm hardly finding this shortest time
for myself, here to answer and speak once again to you all:
but when you're here try a call, I will send you my phone
numbers, if I can find an @mail address on your profile page.

Dear Kamome

Please accept my words of support in this difficult moment in your life. Let god be with you and your family.


The moon
in a way around of sun
eternal satellite

dao is way
of harmony...
with universe...
and yourself...

my wide (or wild) smile to you :))))))))))))))))))))

not to foresee...
As will turn a wheel of life
The heavenly mechanics


Aroma of roses
Is floating by streets
Music mandolino solo

...I spent one of these last nights with a dearest closest friend,
a Lady who plays viola and is Director of a youth orchestra at the
Metropolitan in NY: she came to my country first in 1971, and since
then we never loose one another's presence and soul vibrations, all
through the hardnesses of both lives - we played guitar and sang as
we used to do back in the years, and that was the ONLY moment, along
these months, when I felt WITH MYSELF...you offer me now a second one,
and you can't know how enormously I'm appreciating your sweet roses
and your mandolin concert to soften my weary, dark night...thanks,

The loving kindness I send you comes not only from my heart but from the universe where everything originates - it is yours already. Sincere regards, your work is an inspiration to all that see it. :))

how many THANKS shall I send you back to reply such a kindness?...my
"work" comes itself from universe to all of us - I'm only the first
to be reached, touched...I'm only the HANDS and the WINGS,

It will pass...
And all will be good!
Keep, dear Kamome!

how sweet lovely and practical you sound, irisha!...and
how good to see you back and SEE you smiling at me...
thanks by heart

The life is something
hard like a storm at sea,
but always follow
the starry skies

the life is something
like dark winter,
but always follow
the warm spring

yes, dada sama...you're right - I was born seagull and UOMO DI MARE,
so I should learn at last to make the correct use of my sails and
wings - it is so easy forget the polar star and loose the way!...
thanks thanks thanks

my dear gabbiano...you are always in my thoughts...even while i'm away on vacation at Siesta Key, Florida. i hear the gulls praying for you with their cries. i pray along with the gulls.

i don't check my email everyday, so i will be back soon. may you feel the strength and love from all of your friends.

love and prayers,

p.s. i will meditate on a special poem for you while i sit next to the gulf.

my precious bette - not to be unkind to other friends, but
WHAT PRAYER could ever be nearer to this silly SKREEKY one?
I hope you can hear the voices of MY white family, around
me here now, to SKREEEK their THANK YOU to your sweetness...

Ciao, dear Kamome! May god give you strenth to overcome all your bad moments: the good ones are coming soon!

grazie, tellik sama - I need strenght more than
ever, and you all more than everything now...

That thought is yours, along with well wishes!

thanks indeed, so very kind of you...and welcome back,

Dear Yoru Kamome!
Happy birthday to you!
May the warmth be always with you!

thanks once more, dada sama...who knows what that splendid
friendly deer may think of a SKREEKING white winged one?...





THANKS LOTS......ne!

38,53 КБ

Thinking of you...

you are ALWAYS special, vash....grazie, di cuore,