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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
granddad's page

my first idea was to entitle this page NO COMMENT - but, but...I’m "made of Words", at last, so:

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my grandfather was born in 1872. this old daguerrotype and his mandolin hang on the wall facing
my desk...oh, I can’t find now the sounding bricks I’m built with, to tell you my thoughts!...well:
my family is one of the most ancient and "noblest" here, decayed - shall I say "dethroned"? – so
that the whole inheritance I got by this sad-sensible-mystery-eyed man was (beyond, obviously,
my hands my Name and myself) a big rotten wooden chest filled with papers, a razor, an english
leather tobacco bag and a mandolin...the man you can see above had become a barber to survive,
but even being just a provincer unknown one, he was the favourite player and collaborator to the
most famous composers of songs NAPOLETANE, and his presence along the whole beginning of
XXth century can be read in those papers...all "cartelle", which was the name of printed songs
(the equivalent of a modern LP, CD, whatever) and music publications – and two small notebooks
where, in his regular graphia "hand", he wrote his own musics and love Words...so, can you all
see now what I feel my TRUE legacy to be like?

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utawanatte ・ natsu no mezame ni ・ shinu yasui

easy to die, without a song, while summer awakes

Current Music: ...so sweet, ah...so many!...

Isn't it charming! Yes, I do love old prints and vintage of all sorts, it's so full of compressed time... We do not have many of these things survived at home because we had to change so many houses - but still... some photos, an ancient scarf made of silk ever so thin, an empty perfume bottle...

...I could read all your words before you wrote them, mushi 様!...yes,
so very few, these really SURVIVING things - and they will survive to
us as well, if we don't allow our world to loose their memory...thanks!

Sir, it's beautiful and perfectly! Probably my words only modest hint on It's Your deep feelings...
" A the progenitor nest "
a song and the His mandolin
and I find the house...

Forgive me mine English...

never mind - and thanks lots for compliment, but
it seems this time only the "total work" is some
good, but my japanese is some wrong...after done,
bad luck...I will have to re-mount it after the
corrections come!


Hard to understand



It is quite difficult. I could not understand what you mean.


Re: Hard to understand

well, sensei...you know my nihongo is poor:
I tried to say "when there are no songs, even
through a blooming summer it is easy to feel
like dead"...I hope you will find an useful
suggestion to correct me...thanks, gomennasai!

Re: Hard to understand

I thought...would UTA JYA NAI be better? like that:


Re: Hard to understand

OK! I have got the answer.


natsu no sakari ya
si wa yasushi

Please try translation, i think you do it easily.


Re: Hard to understand

I don't know if I have correctly understood what you mean,
sakuo sensei, but I will try as well sort of a translation:

easy death, a summer blooming with no songs...

Re: Hard to understand

Nice rythum, Good sound.
Haiku is important to have readablity.
Your translation is easy to my feeling.

Kamome san, ganbatsute kudasai.


Re: Hard to understand



Oh what a treasure you have found... I love looking at old collectables - papers, writings, photographs. I find them so interesting... and to find actual ones from your own family archives.. is especially a treasure. My parents items was all lost in a fire. Photos, papers, everything. I have such an interest in historical letters, papers that I have even bid for them on Ebay! I recently won 6 old love letters from a man in the Phillipines who wrote to a woman in Mass. USA - early 1900's. So charming! It is so nice you are able to express yourself, your emotions... with this most recent find.

thanks...old things always are so charming and fascinating!,
and it would be a true pity not to try and give them back the
enormous value they have been keeping only for us thru years...

Nostalgic! You resemble your grandpa. These images are classic.

really do I?...oh, thanks, I generally see myself a total toad!

hmmm... the same eyes!

and summer is so short, you know?..



...yes, I DO know, so very short...!

Very-very nostalgic post.
Your grandfather's picture is super, his look is meaningful and noble. Thanks a lot for sharing, Kamome-sama.

thanks for coming, vash様...my page missed you! ;D
but I see you've been around for some times...yes,
it made me feel truly nostalgic and thoughtful!
thanks again - from my grandDad's too!

Thank YOU, dear Kamome-sama for being so sweet, so gentle. See how slow I am to respond. I am sorry, I hate it but I cannot control it very much. Sometimes I just sink in work (words, words, words...), and all kinds of responsibilities. I call it being knocked down by the tide of life. I am knocked down this way all the time, as if in some stupid movie. You are lucky to be a swift bird...

vash...as you have perhaps been realising till now, I hate to moan about myself
and the vicissitudes of my life - but (and please forgive me for saying this) I need
to thank the Being for having made me such a bird...my LJ friends, as well as many
people I meet and to whom I'm a strange one crossing their life - could never imagine
WHAT my life has been like along these last 15 years - neither I am meant to say,
nor to appear any pitiful...but I do PERFECTLY understand your Words above: that
"stupid movie" you mention is the strongest pressure one can feel, and to survive
and stay alive (which are NOT the same thing!) is the greatest and most silent
success one can reach...thanks for touching the matter: sometimes gulls, too,
need to "yell their 'YAWP!' (oh, ok, their SKREEK!, lol!) to the world"...

Thank you for understanding, Kamome-san. I can almost feel why you are capable of it. I've been thinking about it too, and have come to the same conclusion that this IS the real meaning of human life - to be strong enough to resist "stupid movies" with reasonable grace, the one only the actor and Him can appreciate.

trovo la tua creazione con il biglietto di ERNESTINA TAGLIAFERRI ed il giapponese, veramente MOLTO riuscita e MOLTO delicata... chiedo venia per essere scomparso da LJ, ma ho viaggiato ed ora sono sobissato dalle cose del mio rientro in ITA: un "torto", questa mia assenza, che comunque conto di riparare al più presto...

grazie, andrej様...è stata una di quelle "idee ballerine" che ti vengono
in testa proprio mentre pensi a tutt'altro - peccato che stavolta il mio
giapponese sia stato "impreciso", perchè ho usato un oggetto originale
(e suppongo anche alquanto raro e "di valore", per un collezionista) per
mettere insieme il folio qua sopra: ma tant'è, sarebbe sciocco cercare
di aggiustare una cosa che pare ben riuscita, ne?...e poi, sakuo先生,
come sempre gentilissimo, mi ha offerto la sua versione!


time passes,
song or no song,
what does summer know?


ku o utatte
jikan ga sugiru,
chinmoku de.

singing his haiku Time flows by, through the Silence.