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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

「 時々には、かもめも根を下ろせたい ・ even a seagull may sometimes wish to take roots 」

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I’ve been thinking many times that I should pay a due and felt "hommage à" Ōshima Ryōta (1718/1787),
maybe the most charming and charismatic among the unique Matsuo Bashō disciples...well, so it seems
that time has come, as the following haiku is a real photograph of my bad mood through all these last
months, and more...I hope you all will understand, and forgive me the quasi-childish poorness of this
quick, ugly, unpleasantly disturbing, quasi-sumi-e sketch...:


meigetsu ya ・ umarekawaraba ・ mine no matsu

"if I could be born again ・ I’d like to be a pine tree ・ on top of the hill"

Current Music: night wind's whistle through pine trees

as I see, our moods are quite similar, dear...
there's nothing between pine tree's head and starry sky. nothing...
except the desire to be born again.

top of the hill
pine tree's roots and branches
hug the starry sky

...as I hug you, allina: there's room for the souls of us both on this hill, tonight...

as the following haiku is a real photograph of my bad mood through all these last
months, and more...I hope you all will understand

ah. You are but a product of nature. the wind stays not calm all of the time, the tides in the ocean stays not gentle all of the time, the sunlight stays not soothing all of the time, and on and on..........Oh travler of this planet why then question these elements within.

and now for more funny thoughts, I wish you will be born a pine tree so I can be the bird that poops on YOU. LOL

lol, wick, I AM THE BIRD UP TO NOW!...maybe I'm too a
big one to sit on a pinetree, but to POOP....lol! ;D

love the colors and image in this one. nice haiku to meditate on, gabbiano.
peace to you.

...and smiles to you, bette dear - I like when
you say I'm making you feel happy and well!...
the haiku is from the mind of a great and little
known one, as I wrote above - deserves a reading!
about the technics, just read further on this same
page, I explained to Wicapis how I managed with...

if I could be born again
I'd like to draw and write
like humble you

(as long as nobody poops on me...);))

I have accepted lots ENORMOUS compliments to myself, but
allow me please NOT TO ACCEPT such one: this is really
too much to read - and please again, do not consider
these words of "false modesty": I'm absolutely serious.
...about the POOP, well...a tree needs to accept his
nature, like all of us, and a bird (even big, like me)
usually pretends the whole world belonging to winged
beings, so that they can mistreat no matter who/what...


A I K A R A M B A!

A I K A R A M B A! Phenomenal work.

will the moonlight ease the battle within the warrior? oh tell me, philosopher beyond the seas.

Re: A I K A R A M B A!

thanks, but AY AY CARAMBA, SEÑORA!...the "battle within"
is the hardest one to fight, and ALL helps are welcome,
more than all hearts moons waters and sincere smiles...

...by the way, the "phenomenal work" above is NOT exactly
a painting, as in the common acception: the drawing was done
with a transparent, incolor fluid before covering the whole
sheet of handmade paper with 3/4 strokes of a big working brush
(the ones you paint your walls with!), and after drying that
mask was erased with bread crumb first, then the sheet cleaned
and polished with a hard brush...big work for a lil' thing, AY!

Entering... but being very watchful where I step!

I love the haiku and the sumi - and see nothing childish in it...

It is very descriptive and so right on - you are always so right on when it comes to describing detailed emotion.

thanks, 50/12...well, I find my profile looking too much
like a "cartoon" in this folio, although this could also
be considered in the best tradition of many hai(ga)jin...


It is rather than Zen-ga, 禅画ですね。





Re: sugoi!!

thanks, sakuo 先生...but I need to admit that this time
I haven't exactly understood the sense of your comment,
and more than all the last sentence: 済みません! 


I'd like
to be a pine tree -
No Words at moon

of course, I highly respect every of your spoken words!
but you have here unvoiced ones too, haven't you? :)

right, diev - "unvoiced", nice Word to say THIS silence...

salute, Kamome!
here you like to the Indian-maya :))) only in hakama for some reason:)

your second poem is very nice :)))

the pine at top
recally waves and waves
by branches


YUK!...that's my real silhouette, as you know by the pics
seeded all around this LJ - and the "2nd" poem is (if I
understand what you meant) only the translation of that
ryouta's haiku...the third is, I believe, a version known
by sakuo sensei, slightly different from the one I knew...

I just LOVE this picture! Thank you very much for posting it here!

thanks, my friend, such a compliment...this was born in a very strange way:
I had done a new ink, and my friend owing a papermill sent me a new handmade
quality of paper that I should test to inks and watercolours - so I thought
to sort of a "graffiti", and went searching for my masking gum liquid, but I
had finished it...I took then my hair gel (transparent, therefore invisible!)
and sketched the first figure coming to my mind...then I layered with a BIG
brush of ink, waited it to dry and erased the gel/gum by my finger and a hard
brush...I myself couldn't believe what I was seeing - it was far better than
I had imagined, LOL!