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yorukamome [userpic]
kakitsubata   ・ 「かきつばた」

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yawaraka ni ・ tsubame ni utatte, ・ kakitsubata.

iris, softly singing for the swallows.

I felt I had to pay a truly due "hommage à" one of my favourite
artists and Maestri - to whom I know I am a very poor disciple:
the magical and unique Katsushika Hokusai Sensei (1760 – 1849).

Current Music: no words, nor tunes...just spring sea breezes
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my favourite flower...
my favourite bird...
(one of))

oh oh...thought I WAS your favourite one...SKREEEEEEK!

oh my.... so BEAUTIFUL...

どうも有難うございます、fifinette 様、

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Image of dreams
In petals plays a wind
Intimate flight


I like lots this INTIMATE, YamaSama...it sounds so very
near to what I was meant to say with my poor pencil!

yes, dear gabbiano...no words nor tunes...just quiet. as i feel lately, too. very peaceful drawing. my iris are blooming in my gardens now too. yellow, purple, rust...such brave beauty. reminds me of one of my favorite haiku that i have written:

still visited
by a white butterfly
shriveled iris


I won't waste too many words, bette dear...just one: BEAUTY.


correct sketching

You have strong power of sketching that would be obtain under
hard training.
It gives me easy feeling to see sure touch of pencile.
Nice irise and nice spallow, they are great.



Re: correct sketching



I can feel the masculine strength of the flower in your sketch. I just love irises for this particular kind of both strong and sensual beauty. I think the German kind is the strongest, and Japanese ensata - the most elegant. I mean the whole plant - stem and everything.
Thank you, Kamome-san.

I agree, ENSATA are the most beautifully elegant...thank YOU, vash dear.

there is something very elemental about your sketch, it's got under my skin somehow. Bravo!

If I may ...

coy iris ~
swallow slows
and turns

nice to have you here and read this...obviously,
you can!, lots thanks for your nicest "renku".

this flowerses to goddesses Lakshmi

such an offer can only be shared, teengu: allow me to join you in it.

lovely shodo as always. hokusai sensei would be very pleased and would make a woodblock print to add to his flower and sparrow series! i especially like the exceptional similarity between the sparrows wings and the iris blades...excellent!

...I myself hadn't noticed this particular, bette!
isn't it strange, how other eyes can turn on lights
on our often misty paths?...thank you, but sincerely
the compliment to shōdō is exagerated - not so good,
to my eyes and mind...well, a stimulus to do better!

beautiful sketch and beatiful pictures!

Bellissimo disegno Kamome, e altrettanto belle le foto postate da te e dagli altri amici...
Si respira tutta la grazia e tutta la forza di questi iris... uno dei miei fiori preferiti di sempre.


Re: beautiful sketch and beatiful pictures!

sono contento che ti piaccia - l'iris, a causa
della forma delle sue foglie e del suo ergersi
così dritto e arrogante, è da sempre il fiore
simbolico e preferito dei samurai...un grande
complimento, che considero mio soltanto per
questa ragione: grazie davvero.

Dear Gabbiano, this pair is beaitiful! My favourite irises... Resilient wings and tender petals!

precious courtesy and kindest words - glad that you too
have such preference: flowers' tenderness joining to the
samurai's proudness and a Lady's sweetnes...

japanese irises... and a swallow
my syster is flying these hours back to Italy, the country of swallows as I think

I will be back a few later... and I will visit Italy this summer again, may be...

thank you for these just spring sea breezes

good!...and let me know when you are here, I would be totally pleased
to meet you and enjoy some italy together - and thanks for coming!

What a beautiful flowers. I can breath their power!

thanks...I have often thought that iris, too, are DADA in some way!


in the spring morning
violence of color


very very nice picture
i love it...


hi Rad...I knew that you like best colours,
so I thought you may dislike such a "mute"
couple - your lines instead are a splendid
"pendant" to it!...thanks once more

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